Fox News Channel's Year/Year Daytime Growth Topped by Megyn Kelly

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May 2nd, 2012

We don't usually see data for the cable news channels from 9a-5p, but in April FNC’s news daytime lineup saw big increases in the advertiser coveted adults 25-54 demographic over the same time period last year (April 2011) with Megyn Kelly posting the largest year-to-year increases. America Live with Megyn Kelly saw hefty increases  -- up double digits for the two hour program versus last April: up 30% during the 1pm hour and up 35% during the 2pm hour  in adults 25-54.

Happening Now, co-hosted by Jon Scott and Jenna Lee, was up big -- 34% in 25-54 during both the 11am and 12pm hours.  Studio B with Shepard Smith continued the daytime growth trend for April – up 32% in 25-54.

America’s Newsroom, co-anchored by Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum, was up 9% in 25-54 between 9-11am.

P2+ A25-54
APR'12 APR'11 AA (000) AA (000)
M-F 9A-11A AMERICAS NEWSROOM AMERICAS NEWSROOM 1,272 1,212 5% 290 265 9%
M-F 11A-12P HAPPENING NOW HAPPENING NOW 1,062 981 8% 251 188 34%
M-F 12P-1P HAPPENING NOW HAPPENING NOW 997 902 11% 233 174 34%
M-F 3P-4P STUDIO B W/S.SMITH STUDIO B W/S.SMITH 1,113 1,089 2% 259 196 32%
APRIL'11: 03/28/2011 - 04/22/2011
APRIL12: 03/26/2012 - 04/27/2012


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  • suikostinger


    You mean when Hannity tried to link Bill Ayers and Obama together back into 2008? You mean when E.D. Hill called Obamas fist bump to his wife a “terrorist fist jab”?

  • twins fan

    @suikostinger have a muffin and chill

  • Joan

    @ Ralph Hahn
    Once again well said

  • d.d.

    I love Megyn Kelly ! She’s bright ,engaging, zippy , funny , & , down to earth. Not often , do we see a commentator’s personality shine through doing the news. Megyn’s viewers are lucky to be privy to it. She doesn’t take herself too seriously , for, I’ve see her poke fun at herself.

  • betty

    to Mickael… are a Sad Little Man…..and very Jealous and Envious too

  • a p garcia

    Go Megan, go FOX and miss ED Hill

  • DB

    suiko, when Hannity tried to link Obama and Ayers?? He did link them– don’t ever remember Hannity calling Obama a terrorist but he did make it quite clear that Obama hung out with this guy and Ayers is a terrorist so make whatever simple minded conclusion you are able to come up with and then have a muffin. You can deny your muffin obsession all you want but it was your thing back in the day whether you can admit it or not.

  • DB

    Michael, what do you agree with Savage on?? The rest of your post makes no sense. The only ones who have to suffer fools are those reading your posts. Try to get off the one issue train– hopefully there is more to you than being gay.

  • Johnnie


    Having read your poorly composed and factless commentary, I can only conclude:

    1) That you don’t really watch any of these Fox shows, since you continue to spout personal opinions and commentary from other non-Fox people.

    2) You clearly are incapable of differentiating actual examples of bias from third person accounts that you were told of while in the gay baths.

    3) You are an overly emotional and profoundly illogical person who spends his time “getting down” (or should that be “going down”) with like minded mental midgets.

    From all this I can only conclude that your opinions are worthless and based on left-wing hearsay, garnered from Media Matters or some gay website.

    Alternately, you present the possibility that promiscuious gay sex leads to stupidity.
    Perhaps its all the brain bruising from the oral sex. Fill us in.

  • Suikostinger

    The people of TVBTN really need to IP ban people like Johnnie…..

  • Anne Marie

    Megyn Kelly has brains, beauty and personality…since nobody’s perfect, I would love to know her flaws?!?

  • Wayne J.

    So? And?? This proves there are more ‘stoopid’ people in this country more than ever. It was already shown that Fox News has the most misinformed, ignorant viewers…they all voted for ‘Dubya’ Bush TWICE, and look where THAT got us.. *shrug*

    Faux News is synonomous with Reality TV = ‘The Dumbing Down of America’..

  • marco

    fox is the best news organization, fair and unbiased

  • Aaron

    Megyn Kelly was talking about Elizabeth Warren being welcome to come onto the show anytime she wants. Kelly said, “She is more than welcome to come on the program and I already know exactly how I would begin it.” She then raised her hand and said “how”, mimicking a a stereotypical Native American greeting.

  • Aaron

    They got into the topic of Native Americans cause Megyn mentioned Elizabeth warren listing her native american ancestry.

  • Max

    You people that claim that FOX dominates crack me up.. FOX is the only hardcore conservative network in the list. The Liberals are spread out among st many networks. Where else are the die hard conservative people going to go to watch news… I know.. the only source Faux News.

  • Brad

    As much as the haters of Fox jump around and continue to hate it, it growing in multifolds. Hate is not the solution! Hope haters get it.

  • War Eagle

    I am a 74 year old cancer patent who has TV time on my hands.I really don`t know how Conservatives would surivive in this country if Fox News did not exist.
    I monitor MSNBC, CNN, HLN, all network news even National Geographic, Discovery and OWN. These programs are Liberal directed.
    If you listen to the spokes person or monitor they ALL bend torward the Left.,
    Fox News and TMC is the Salvation of my house.
    God Bless Bill O`Reilly, Hannity,Greta, Megan , Neil and other Fair and Balance friends.
    Last, when is the last time you have witness a debate with a conseravtive on the right and Liberal speaking from the left on any of the above except Fox?

  • Aaron

    War Eagle, how the hell are OWN and Discovery news networks? Do you think Discovery is liberal because it actually touches upon science? (omg!!! They mention evolution! Dem liburuls r messin’ up r minds with prop’ganda.)

  • Rod D

    @War Eagle

    What on earth leads you to think the National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel are “liberal directed”?

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