Lifetime Unveils New Iconic Logo and Tagline to Tap into Cultural Shift Among Women

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May 2nd, 2012

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New Network Positioning Your Life. Your Time.

New Look Connects Momentum in Programming And How Time Shapes Women’s Lives Today


NEW YORK, NY (May 2, 2012) – Reflecting the dramatic cultural changes occurring among women, Lifetime evolves its brand with the launch of a stylish new look, message, tagline and brand campaign across multiple platforms starting today. The new iconic logo and tagline “Your Life. Your Time.” are the cornerstones of the Lifetime brand and evoke an aspirational tone and bolder spirit connecting Lifetime’s brand and growth in original programming. The announcement was made today by Nancy Dubuc, President and General Manager of Lifetime Networks.

“Nothing is more valuable to women than time. A moment in time can be an experience that becomes memorable and Lifetime creates times for viewers to laugh, cry, or be inspired. These aspirational moments and life experiences will continue to be the essence of the Lifetime brand,” said Dubuc.

The new tagline “Your Life. Your Time.” reflects how women value and experience time and reinforces the network’s triple threat programming strategy to provide original scripted series, movies and reality shows offering a variety of genres to meet the different needs and interests of women. The rebrand is part of an evolution for Lifetime that began over a year ago with the aggressive expansion of up to 350 hours of original programming.

Lifetime’s newest scripted series, The Client List, has become the network's most-watched series launch in nearly three years, according to Nielsen, and was the number one drama on cable last week.

By the end of the first quarter in 2012, for the first time in seven years, Lifetime posted first quarter growth with nearly double digit gains across all key demos, A25-54, W25-54, and W18-49. The network was gaining momentum with series and movie hits, such as Dance Moms, Project Runway All Stars, Drew Peterson: Untouchable, Army Wives, The Client List and new episodes of the iconic crime fighting series, America’s Most Wanted.

“Your Life. Your Time.” drives messaging through brand spots connecting emotional imagery in a conversational tone that navigates viewers through the network. Thursday is “make it work time” and captures the urgency of Project Runway. Tuesday is “mama drama time” as the Dance Moms watch their daughters take the stage and Sundays is “love time” with Jennifer Love Hewitt of The Client List. On-air messages speak directly to viewers’ experiences, laughter and emotional connection –“me time”, “girl time” and “drama time”…it’s all about “your life” and “your time.”

The conceptualization of the rebrand and new design was developed by Tim Nolan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Lifetime Networks.

“Great experiences build successful brands. Expanding on Lifetime's 28 year legacy, our vision balances the equity the network built while breathing new life into the viewers’ experience,” said Nolan. “This new logo marks the next step with a distinctive new look and attitude. Embracing everything we love about life, Lifetime strives to be as brash as it is honest and always entertaining.”

In partnership with the creative design and production firm, Leroy + Clarkson headed by Daniele Fries. As the campaign evolves, Lifetime will identify creative ways to develop brand promotions, tune-in spots for specific shows and integrate the brand into events and other consumer related activities.

  • Herb Fine

    “Your Life. Your Time.” has to be one of THE WORST tag-lines in cable history!

  • JFC

    I think they should change their name to lyfetyme

  • HT

    “Your Life. Your Time” would definitely guilt me into turning off the tv.

  • Androme

    ^I guess you guys are men?

  • Harris

    Logo is hideous, font is generic, tag-line is fairly meaningless, but aren’t most tv network taglines?

  • Nick

    Who in the world thought of this tagline? Your Life, Your Time? Won’t that make people feel bad for sitting on their sofa watching Lifetime movies all day? One of the worst television business decisions . . . right up their with Syfy. Stupid.

  • The Mike Factor

    I too think the tagline guilts people into turning of the tv, I also don’t like the theme nights. Love time for a show about hookers, really? Also as others have said the “iconic” logo is pretty ugly. I think a neon blue L would’ve been better.

  • MakeItOrBreakItFan

    Can someone please politely explain what the new logo represents?

    Is it a softened – exclamation point contained within a circle?

  • MakeItOrBreakItFan

    Lifetime is really missing the ratings boost of the original “Dance Moms” while new episodes are rapidly being produced.

    Last night, in order to get viewers to not turn off “Dance Moms Miami,” they kept promoting a heated, dramatic extended sequence from the new season of “Dance Moms,” which was cleverly shown during the last commercial break of “Miami.”

  • The Mike Factor


    I actually think it’s supposed to be a swirly L.

  • AppleStinx

    The soap-opera-ish tagline resembles the “It’s Me O’Clock” theme of Jell-o Mousse Temptations commercial where the woman sits on one of the clock’s hands savoring a decadent mousse. Images of empowerment while indulging in something that’s lip-licking good, a la ‘Client List’.

  • Tommy Mickens

    I think the logo is a melting exclamation point.

  • Ralph Hahn

    “your life. your time” is simply stolen from an old game show that exists in syndication. “your family. your feud.”

    Of course, this tagline originally came from a mid-60s ABC sitcome starring John Astin and Marty Ingalls:

    “i’m dickens. he’s fenster.”

  • MockingbirdGirl

    Whatever it is, it’s certainly appropriately yonic. (Look it up, boys.)

  • Mal

    It looks like a fertilized egg…. :/

  • rob60990

    your life your time? I see a lot of thought went into that one…

  • boris

    Does new logo means: ying killed yang?

  • brandy

    WTF? This is awful! I was actually a big fan of the current (old?) logo.

  • Doug in SF

    Someone made a lot of money creating this nonsense.

  • Dave in Erie

    I truly believe that logos on my tv screen came from the minds of teenagers who identify themselves with cans of spray paint on a wall. I hate logos of any kind. Get rid of all of them. It doesn’t matter what they represent or what color they use. It’s My TV Screen. It’s My Cable Subscription. It’s My Money. (There’s your tagline.) I vote for the clean screen approach to TV viewing. Crap displayed in HD is just that… Crap.

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