Tuesday Final Ratings: 'New Girl', 'NCIS', 'Glee', 'Dancing With the Stars', 'Biggest Loser', 'Last Man Standing' Adjusted Up

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May 2nd, 2012

New Girl, Glee, NCIS, Last Man Standing,  Dancing With the Stars,  and Biggest Loser were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 ratings versus Tuesday's preliminary ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.1/10 17.58
FOX Glee 2.5/8 6.01
NBC The Biggest Loser (finale) 2.2/7 7.20
ABC Last Man Standing 1.5/5 6.52
CW 90210 0.6/2 1.13
8:30 ABC Cougar Town 1.3/4 4.77
9:00 NBC The Voice 3.1/8 8.90
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 3.0/8 15.21
ABC Dancing With the Stars Results 2.4/6 13.87
FOX New Girl 2.2/6 4.40
CW L.A. Complex 0.3/1 0.58
9:30 FOX New Girl - R 1.4/4 2.79
10:00 ABC Private Practice 2.1/6 7.38
CBS Unforgettable 1.8/5 10.66
NBC Fashion Star 1.5/4 4.23

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Jenny

    Hart of Dixie will be renewed.

    I know this because it is my favorite show.

    The TV gods toook Firefly, Chuck and others away from me, they have to renew Hart of Dixie

  • Bunny

    I find it funny that I’ve seen several tweets getting ready to watch HE when the finale ended 4 weeks ago….


  • Networkman

    ABC has to work on a night of Multicam comedies. LMS may work following Reba. Which comedies pilots are getting positive feedback? I would love to see Kristie Alley return. I feel it may be time to move DWTS:Results to 8pm and have comedies in the 9pm hour. New Girl is no longer the threat it was at the beginning of the season.

  • Rebecca

    Is it possible HE is airing in other countries tonight? Maybe they’re behind on episodes. I know a friend in England who is still watching Alcatraz, airing the rest of its season.

  • Paul M

    I watched NCIS:LA for the 1st time only cause it was a continuation from Hawaii 5-0 and to be honest, I don’t know what is so good about it that it averages 13-15 million viewers. Maybe I have to watch every week to find out.

  • frank5869

    The overrated New Girl series. A very weak cheap series sold by marketing as it was pure gold. And so many people sheeps enough to believe the marketing and fall for it.
    New Girl is just a wasted opportunity. They could have had a strong cast if they wanted to but characters and script are just plain poor and dumb in the wrong way. The comedy is trash very low quality substandard way. Too many bad shows around. New Girl is just one among the worst.

  • Mark

    I think it’s time for NBC to sweep in on Tuesdays and make a comedy block:

    8pm – Go On
    8:30pm – Save Me
    9pm – The New Normal
    9:30pm – 1600 Penn
    10pm – Parenthood

    Start a fresh new comedy block with their buzziest pilots!

    8pm – The Biggest Loser
    9pm – County
    10pm – SVU

    8pm – Community
    8:30pm – 30 Rock
    9pm – The Office
    9:30pm – Parks and Recreation
    10pm – Do No Harm

    Leave Thursday with the classic Thursday comedies and let two of them get to syndication (Community and Parks and Rec) and let the other two get a proper send off and then only do one hour of comedy on Thursdays next in the fall of 2013.

    8pm – Downwardly Mobile
    8:30pm – Whitney
    9pm – The Celebrity Apprentice

    Introduce a multi-cam comedy block. Roseanne should draw decent numbers.

  • Teag

    Glad New Girl adjusted up.

  • Ram510

    Small meaningless victory, but it’s nice to see Cougar Town with more viewers than New Girl

  • To Paul M

    I agree, watched NCIS LA for the crossover conclusion and was very underwhelmed by the show – too much “banter” and cutesy stuff going on, I never got the NCIS shows, but to each their own. Won’t watch again, unless they do another cross over.

    BTW way to go H50 fans bumping the ratings for NCIS LA, too bad they could not return the favor and bump the H50 ratings a tad. Their loss.

  • Joseph

    I may not often watch New Girl , but the show works.
    Max Greenfield reminds me of Harry Connick Jr, when he was in Will & Grace, and is not a green actor , he actually has 25 other acting gigs going back to 1999.
    Zooey Deschanel, I love her , and again another seasoned actor with 44 other projects under her belt including the series Tin Man and 500 Days of Summer.
    The balance of the main characters Hannah Simone, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris don’t have massive resume’s but neither did they come into this series green.
    I short its a strong cast even without the addition of the story arcs that included Justin Long & Dermont Mulroney. If the show has any weakness it would be the lack of inclusion of an older demographic that would increase the number of viewers beyond the prime demo of 18-49.

  • Aeiouy

    La complex is the only show on cw worth renewing.

  • disney rocks

    Let Community get a 17 episode season- final and 30 Rock get a 17 episode final season and place them on Saturdays new season. Cancel UAN.

  • The End


    That’s a joke right? Should we add Flash Gordon to that list too?(Unsure if people here remember that show, the 2007 version).

  • Joe

    At this point it honestly makes more sense to renew Cougar Town than Last Man Standing. The ratings gap between the two shows is not all that big anymore, and ABC is going to have to ax one of them. IMO, it should be LMS.

    -Cougar Town is produced in-house, Last Man Standing is not.
    -Cougar Town is much closer to syndication.
    -Cougar Town is a good fit with two other ABC sitcoms (Happy Endings & Apartment 23). LMS is the odd duck of ABC’s comedies – with Man Up and Work It gone, it wouldn’t fit anywhere. If they moved it to the Wednesday block it would just be Better With You pt. II – the lone multi-cam in a sea of popular single-cams.

  • Jay Gee

    Out of curiosity is there a place to see the show’s average 18-49 ratings? Or if not, how about what rating it had with the 1st episode and the most current one?

  • Ultima

    LMS is the odd duck of ABC’s comedies – with Man Up and Work It gone, it wouldn’t fit anywhere. If they moved it to the Wednesday block it would just be Better With You pt. II – the lone multi-cam in a sea of popular single-cams.

    Except that one of the front running ABC pilots is the multi-cam Malibu Country, so there is a fit for LMS.

  • tv_viewer

    @Jay Gee

    Go to spotted vault(http://www.spottedratings.com/p/spotvault-index.html). It is a great site for ratings.

  • BJH

    It’s sad that Gossip Girl, 90210 & Top Model come back for an umpteenth season, yet newer shows have less than 22 episodes to prove themselves. GG & 90210 have never had stellar seasons. Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie & Nikita are better written, acted, and intriguing programs. I guess they get cancelled because they veer from the rich & beautiful focus of the CW?

    Side bar: I do watch Gossip Girl. I have since it started. Now, I watch it just to see it through. I hope Blake & Leighton go on to bigger, better things.

  • sam

    New Girl is down because it is no longer any fun to watch. The attempt to make it “edgy” drove away a lot of viewers. And NCIS is a ratings monster any way that you measure it. To say it is “down” is meaningless when the numbers are as good as they are.

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