The CW Renews 'The Vampire Diaries,' '90210' and 'Supernatural'

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May 3rd, 2012

Ok, it's official, The CW has renewed Supernatural, 90210 and The Vampire Diaries. Supernatural for an 8th season, The Vampire Diaries for a fourth season and 90210 for a fifth season.

here's the release:


May 3, 2012 (Burbank, California) - The CW Network has given early pickups to the network's top-rated show, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, and the world's most-famous zip code, 90210, with all three series to return for the 2012-2013 season.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will return for a fourth season of bloody good drama this fall, SUPERNATURAL will mark its eighth season with the monster-hunting Winchester brothers on The CW, and on 90210, the gang from West Beverly will return for season five.

Based on the series of books by L. J. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is from Bonanza Productions Inc., Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Kevin Williamson ("Scream," "Dawson's Creek"), Julie Plec ("Kyle XY," "Wasteland"), Leslie Morgenstein ("Gossip Girl," "Private") and Bob Levy ("Gossip Girl," "Privileged").

SUPERNATURAL is from Warner Bros. Television in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision, with executive producers McG ("Charlie's Angels," "The O.C."), Robert Singer ("Midnight Caller"), Jeremy Carver ("Being Human") and Phil Sgriccia.

90210 is produced by CBS Productions with executive producers Patti Carr ("Life Unexpected," "Private Practice") and Lara Olsen ("Life Unexpected," "Private Practice").

  • Tessa

    Hopefully, this will be SPN & 90210?s last seasons!

    If it had been their last season, they would have announced it as such to reap the benefits of a final season announcement. So unless you’re hoping the shows’ ratings tank next season and they get cancelled, this announcement says nothing about it being the last season for either show.

  • Dennis


  • MikeB

    Please please please pick up Secret Circle for another season. I’m hooked now. Thrilled about VampD and SuperN, but I need more Secret Circle too.

  • Bob

    Great job to the fans. I do like 90210 but don’t watch it until the DVDs come out and just watch it in a weekend or so. I don’t particularly like the music story part though.

  • Moe

    Woot!!! So happy they announced the renewal of Supernatural!! So excited!!!

  • Christian

    90210 is my secret guilty pleasure for the last 4 years – so I am happy to hear it!

  • KS

    Is there a chance that CW would announce that Season 8 is last for SPN after a couple of Days? Anyone has any idea how the renewals of Smallville and OTH were announced?

  • Winston

    I saw this story on another site, and saw a couple comments about 90210. some called it “shocking” others asked why? I mean honestly the show is creepy steady, cheaper than others on the network, and honestly,I knew this day would come after they renewed it last year, they were not about to quit when it’s close to 100. “syndication will pay off” is prob on their minds. Hopefully it’ll become the new OTH. The cw’s cockroach. As for SPN, I haven’t seen any of this season, was an avid fan years 1-5 caught some of six, but worked 2nd so keeping up became hard with no dvr, but am finally catching up through netflix, it’s not so bad, I just hope it doesn’t go the way of the X-Files.

  • John A

    Nikita is dead now.

  • Brandy

    Yess, Top Model, Vd, 90210 renewed.Im hoping gg, Sc, Hod get renewed too but kinda expect one of the four(nikita, ringer, sc, HoD ) to return or if they are all cancelled.I like Nikita but have expected it and Ringer to be canned for months now. GG hopefully will get a 13 epsisode(,at least) wrap up final farewell season.Dont care aboubt SPN, Ringer.

  • Kate

    @Winston – agreed about 90210.

    I think a lot of people don’t understand how the ratings actually work and believe that total viewers are incredibly important, when in reality they aren’t at all. 90210 hasn’t had an rapid declines in viewership, just the natural progression of an aging show. It is incredibly steady and cheaper to produce than a lot of shows on the network. I don’t think season 5 will be its last, either. It will probably get at least 13 episodes as a send off a la OTH and most likely GG, maybe more depending on how the new shows perform.

  • Wright

    Great news about SPN and TVD. I could care less about 90210. Hopefully there will be an announcement about TSC soon!!!

  • KS

    I don’t think there are gonna be any more announcements until upfronts.

  • Tommy

    Woohoo! None of these are surprises but it’s nice to have it settled that “90210” and “Supernatural” are both coming back (Was there ever a doubt in anyone’s mind that “Vampire Diaries” wouldn’t be back?).

    And like a lot of people are saying, I really doubt season 5 will be ‘90210’s final season. It is the second cheapest show the network produces (behind only “Hart of Dixie” and it’s DVD/Marketing deals are putting a lot of money in CBS’s pocket. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s around as long as the original…

  • John A

    What else should be renewed? Get rid of the other losers.

  • Kavyn

    Lol at the people saying X show is “for sure” dead because the obvious 3 early renewals were announced.

    Good for the SPN, TVD and 90210 fans that got their early renewals. Here’s hoping GG and TSC don’t see the light of day or a second season. If TSC does get a second season, put it in Nikita’s current spot so that I may have a good laugh at the weekly 0.3s :)

  • Sara

    GG isn’t renewed yet? I think they will, for a final season and that’s why they’re waiting

  • Fringe Fan


    I seriously doubt that there has been any definite discussion about this being the final season of Supernatural yet. The CW isn’t going to want to be giving up its second best rated show until it at least knows that it has another reasonable hit on its hands, and that certainly isn’t the case right now.

  • Freyja

    I am not shocked at all three since they are steady in the ratings… I am surprised at people going 90210 really? but I guess they don’t follow ratings that closely to understand.

    I am surprised to not see GG on the list at all, even for a 13 episode pick up.. Guess we will know more at upfronts.

    BUT YAY for TVD, SPN and 90210 let the fans celebrate!

    *Does happy dance*

  • Aakygt

    Announce GG and TSC too and my life will be complete.

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