ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' Dominates at 9PM and 'Scandal' Earns Series Highs at 10PM

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May 4th, 2012

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During the 8 o’clock hour, opposite Fox’s American Idol and CBS’ comedies (The Big Bang Theory/Rules of Engagement), ABC’s Missing drew 97% more viewers than NBC’s original comedy block (Community/30 Rock). The new ABC drama also beat out the established NBC comedies with Adults 25-54 (+7%) and Women 18-49 (+7%).


  • · Missing improved its hour year to year by 31% in Total Viewers over original programming on the same night last year.


Nearly tripling its lead-in at 9pm in Adults 18-49 (+191%), ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy finished as the highest-rated series in its hour for the 4th week in a row to once again register as Thursday’s #1 drama. Winning the 9 o’clock hour by wide margins, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy defeated CBS’ Person of Interest by 28%, Fox’s Idol-inflated Touch by 52% and NBC’s comedy block by 60% (The Office/Parks and Recreation). Additionally, Grey’s qualified as Thursday’s top-rated TV series with Women 18-49 and Women 18-34 (5th straight week).


  • · Grey’s retained 100% of its week-ago “Fast Affiliate” Adult 18-49 rating and grew with Women 18-34 (+5%) to equal its best number in nearly 3 months – since 2/9/12.


During the 10 o’clock hour, ABC freshman Scandal took second to CBS’ veteran The Mentalist in Total Viewers and key Adults (AD18-49/AD25-54). Also in the hour, ABC’s Scandal crushed its freshman drama competition, outdelivering NBC’s Awake by best-yet margins in Total Viewers (+224%), Adults 25-54 (+238%) and Adults 18-49 (+200%). In addition, Scandal paced well ahead of The Mentalist with Adults 18-34 (+27%) and ranked #1 in its slot for the 5th straight week with key Women (W18-49/W25-54).


  • · The freshman ABC drama rose 5% over the prior week in Adults 18-49, hitting a series high. Scandal also matched series-best ratings with Adults 18-34 and Adults 25-54.
  • RandyL


  • Adam

    Very bad for Scandal considering the lead in. It will be adjusted down later today even lower.

  • Lexie

    Scandal is not able to pull it’s own weight after the best lead in of all the 10 pm shows. Give Missing a chance at let it air at 10. Scandal has had enough chances.

  • zerg

    scandal every week hit series high lol

  • BL

    @Lexie I definitely agree but it may be too late for Missing since it’s certain to be canceled. I’m sure it’ll be too expensive to produce for another season because of Ashley Judd’s salary, a popular movie star.

  • Lexie

    Seriously. It is unfair the way they are pushing Scandal. Give missing a chance. Put Scandal on at 8pm and Missing on at ten. Missing will get better ratings once people watch it.

  • S.

    Are they nuts? It was the first time Scandal went under 2.0 for the second half hour. Total viewers are down, again. Series high where?

  • rob60990

    Way to go Grey’s. Poor April. :D

  • One

    Wow, they’re STILL finding ways to spin Missing. That’s almost as sad as the fact that such a poor quality show is even on the air in the first place…

  • Allison

    It would be a mistake to renew Scandal. It has had a tremendous amount of publicity both from ABC and from the shows forerunner on her twitter. The cast tweets live every episode. Even with all this is continues to lose total viewers. It went under a 2.0 at the half hour. It will be adjusted down for the first half hour. It isn’t able to sustain an audience with all the publicity it gets.

    Look at PP it gets viturally no publicity from ABC or the show forerunner. I honestly think they want PP to tank so that they can renew Scandal. They are expending a lot of energy into Scandal while none into PP and yet PP continues to perform better in the ratings with less of a lead in.

  • Melanie

    Great job Greys and Scandal.

  • EatMorePez

    I have to laugh at the way some TV fans minds work:

    I like New Show A. It gets poor ratings. Therefore it has a bad time slot.
    I don’t like New Show B. It gets good ratings. Therefore it has a great time slot.
    Conclusion: New Show A DESERVES to be in New Show B’s time slot.

  • Meliwa

    @EatMorePez–I’ll add to your rant:

    I like New Show A. Therefore it has great ratings in spite of reality.
    I don’t like New Show B. Therefore its ratings suck in spite of reality.

    Conclusion: New Show A should be renewed for the next three sesasons at least, because the only reason its ratings suck is due to the viewers being completely oblivious to quality TV. And if we don’t get our way we’ll whine and threaten boycotts and start internet harassment campaigns against the network and anyone who dares to disagree with us.

    (btw, this conclusion has been made by fans of every TV show in the past 15 years that draw crappy ratings, from ‘My So Called Life’ to ‘Arrested Development’ to ‘Chuck’ to ‘Fringe’).

  • Scandalfan

    Scandal is a great show I hope it sticks around.

  • OERM

    This season higs after the adjusted means season low. 1.9 on demo.

  • HERB

    POI, Blue Bloods, A Gifted Man, Unforgetable are my top shows. How can Poppy and or Patrick not have a series. The trailer park and inner city people just don’t know what great acting is. That’s understandable but sad.
    Of course they never heard of The Five. Two and a half men is about as high as their talent goes.

  • RJ

    I am a fan of both Scandal and Missing’s Ashley Judd. I think its silly to debate a time slot. There are a lot of people that have DVR’s and DVD recorders. If they want to see a show, they will record it. I watch Scandal because the show has rich characters and the weekly story lines keep me coming back for more.I watch Missing because I am a long time fan of Ashley Judd, however the show is similar to Lost it has nowhere to go. (Although lost was given more than one season to screw with out intelligence)
    Regarding the show Missing; everyone that was missing is now found. The writers have already revealed why they were taken and the season isn’t over. I wish Ashley all the best in the future and will continue to support her career, but the show was doomed from the beginning.

  • Paul

    Scandal does a great job, being aired in the same timeslot as the very famous and watched The Mentalist. I’m sure it was the best pick, or at worse for all picks, one of the three best ones they could make for this schedule.

  • V

    I love Scandal, I don’t watch missing so I can’t join the argument. However Scandal is a great show and it is one of my favorites. I hope it gets renewed!

  • el

    I watched Scandal on Demand to catch up with the series before actually watching the show @ its time slot. Wow, good show. Very enjoyable. Luv it! Hope it stays.

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