Pro Football Star Terrell Owens' Daddy Drama Plays Out on Tuesday May 8 'Dr. Phil'

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May 4th, 2012

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(Hollywood, CA – May 4, 2012) – Fifteen year NFL veteran Terrell Owens will face what could be the toughest opponents he has ever encountered on or off the football field and what Dr. Phil described as possibly feeling like “facing a firing squad,” when Owens squares off against three mothers of his children Tuesday, May 8 (check local listings), on DR. PHIL. Owens is the father of four children whom he had with four different women.


Appearing on the show are Kimber, Monique and Melanie who all claim Owens’ child support payments have either decreased or stopped. Owens said at one point he was paying out a total of $45,000 a month in child support, but cites the fact he did not play in the NFL in 2011 along with bad investments and poor management of his money. The 38-year-old admitted he has little left from the reported $80 million he made over his lengthy NFL career.


Additionally, and more important than his alleged lack of financial support, is the claim by the three women who say Owens has been minimally involved in the lives of his children. Kimber claims Owens has seen their seven-year-old daughter a total of 12 times in the child’s life, Monique maintains Owens has seen his 12-year-old son an average of once a year over the last five years, and Melanie stated at one point he had not seen their daughter in a year-and-a-half. Owens says his travel schedule and the fact he does not live in the same cities as his children make it hard for him to see them.


When asked by Dr. Phil during the taping if he wants relationships with his children, Owens replied, “I would love a relationship with my kids, but…with all the circumstances it’s been difficult.”


  • xwiseguyx

    Just in time for sweeps!

  • LOL

    Okay maybe I am totally TV stupid, but who really is waiting for or jumping up and down for this stuff. Enough drama in everyones life, I couldn’t give a rat’s a..s that an arragant football player has a daddy drama to deal with. Seriously, it’s crazy viewers fault that this stuff is on TV today.

  • AppleStinx

    Sounds like a subdued version of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’, without the hair-pulling, pushing, punching, flashing or cursing – not that I ever watched Jerry Springer. :grin:

  • Columbo

    Get your popcorn ready!

  • Angelina Evans

    T.O.,Terrell Owens is catching hell with the mother of his children. These women are complaining about child’s support…Really?!!!!!!!!!! He was paying Almost 50 grand a month in child’s support on his kids and they were complaining about money. I’m a single mother also and if I was getting as much as he was giving every month, I would have made it possible for him to see our child… Who cares that he didn’t buy a plane ticket…Melanie, If you were really concerned about your Daughter seeing her father then you would have bought a ticket and took your child to see him…Kimber and her mother, which is bitter, I might say really irritated me while watching the show. She really put on the water works lol…. You had your mom on the show speaking for you like she laid down and made the baby with Terrell Owens…How juvenile is that?… You all said in the past year, T.O hasn’t seen or spoken to his children. He is going broke, lost his grandmother, and etc… Why is the major issue, money? Clearly, He has paid a substantial amount to you guys to get the children through college….. We as parents should compromise and sacrifice when it comes to our children. I’m not saying that T.O. was Completely right in this situation…. I’m saying that the women are playing victims and should take responsibility for what they are doing wrong also…

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