Thursday Final Ratings:'The Big Bang Theory', 'American Idol', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Mentalist', Adjusted Up; 'Secret Circle','Scandal' Adjusted Down

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May 4th, 2012


The Big Bang Theory, American Idol, Vampire Diaries, Missing, The Mentalist and Grey's Anatomy were each adjusted up a tenth, while Touch, Secret Circle, was adjusted down a tenth and Scandal was adjusted down two tenths  among adults 18-49 versus Thursday's preliminary numbers.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, May 3, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.7/16 13.91
FOX American Idol 4.0/13 15.56
NBC Community 1.4/5 3.20
ABC Missing 1.2/4 6.32
CW Vampire Diaries 1.2/4 2.54
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.7/8 8.88
NBC 30 Rock 1.4/4 3.04
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.3/9 9.24
CBS Person of Interest 2.5/7 13.27
NBC The Office 2.3/7 4.44
FOX Touch 2.0/6 6.72
CW Secret Circle 0.5/2 1.23
9:30 NBC Parks and Recreation 1.7/5 3.26
10:00 CBS The Mentalist 2.5/7 12.94
ABC Scandal 1.9/5 6.69
NBC Awake 0.7/2 2.15

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • AO

    Lena, left the conversation? You *yawn*-ed at me. Have you forgotten that already? The drugs you must be on, at least I hope that they’re drugs, must be powerful indeed. Unless this is how your mind works all the time, in which case your existence must truly be pathetic. I’m just as important as everyone else here, except for you. Everyone’s more important than you. :)

  • miche

    I just take these ratings seriously. There must be a brilliant person somewhere who could devise a better ratings system.

  • miche

    Oops! Meant to say *I just cannot take these ratings seriously.

  • Jenny

    Is it so strange to me that The Secret Circle is performing this bad. It’s supposed to be a sister show, and viewers are seriously bailing like no other.

  • Kavyn

    TSC and TVD should have done cross overs… somehow. Like ABC did with Grey’s and PP. Bonnie heading over to TSC or one of the adults over to TVD…

    …On second though, I don’t think that would have helped out.

  • Jenny

    Scandal went down! Yeah! I knew it. It can never beat Private Practice no matter how Shonda and ABC try to promote it. Yay for PP full final season and scandal cancellation!

  • Jenny

    “Private Practice has been on five years and has ongoing storylines that can’t be wrapped up in a bow in 13 episodes. The show deserves a full season. PP has already been pushed out of it’s time slot to give Scandal the advantage yet Private Practice still performs better in the ratings. There shouldn’t even be a discussion of cutting it to 13 episodes if it is doing better than Scandal. Why should PP have to be sacrificed for Scanadal?
    ABC and Shonda promote Scandal like crazy yet neglect to promote PP. PP may get one promo shown the night before it airs while Scandal has multiple promos just about every night. AND given this lack of promotion Private Practice still performs better in the ratings. This show is a fighter with little support from Shonda or ABC. Shonda tweets and retweets about Scandal constantly but neglects PP. ABC didn’t promote PP on it’s Facebook page or twitter like it did for Scandal this week. So maybe now you’ll understand why fans don’t like Scandal. We want at least another full season of Private Practice and it is only fair considering it gets better ratings with no promotion and a smaller lead in. Scandal has the biggest lead with Greys Anatomy and it rated a 1.9 How is it fair to renew this show over Private Practice. It’s not! Private Practice has a big fan base which ABC is likely to lose if they cut PP’s season.”

    I completely agree with you. Exactly what i wanna say. PP’s fans don’t hate Scandal for any reason (of course it’s not about the race) but it’s really not fair if Scandal get a full new season and PP only get a shortened one. Yay for Private!

  • OERM


    You are the best PP fans on this site.
    I also love PP, is a great show, but I hate people don’t give the credit. Specially Shonda.

  • Paula

    I completely agree with the comments of some of you saying that Scandal’s ratings now is UNACCEPTABLE.
    Scandal is probably the most promoted show by both Shonda Rhimes and ABC. Lots of promos, best lead-in of the networks, all the magazines, left alone Shonda’s twitter accounts full of Scandal, and cast’s live-tweeting during every episodes. Perfect support and condition for a show. And look how it’s doing. 1.9?
    Some of the Scandal’s fans think that the reason there’re some haters is because of the lead character is Black. I don’t think that is the reason. ABC is just not being FAIR. Private Practice has been on aired for 5 years, it has a strong fanbase and even international fanbase. And yet it hardly gets a promo from ABC, has been neglected, its ratings is still doing steadily and well. At least it is doing better than any of the Scandal episodes aired so far with the worst timeslot and lower-rated lead in.
    And look what’s happended? They are tending to give PP a shortended final season and Scandal a new season? It would be fine if both show are renewed, but PP totally deserved a full final season. It has been on aired for almost 100 episodes so 13 is not enough to wrap everything up.

  • OMG

    I think it is more about costs than anything when Private Practice might be shortened for a final season. The truth is, the wages are going up, and the shows are not gaining as much money as before.

    Anyway, Scandal might be back in the hot seat. Forget Revenge versus Scandal. Scandal versus GCB is still pretty much on, with GCB getting a 1.8 after a 2.5 in its ninth episode and Scandal getting a 1.9 after a 3.3, in its fifth episode. If I were ABC I will either cancel them both, or renew both for 13-episode season, and subject them to the fall testing along with the other pilots.

  • Melissa

    Some hod fans I leave them nameless are so rude I will no longer watch hod because of its rude fan I leave them nameless,they now turned me off.

    Go TSC .

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    YAY! I was getting tired of PoI fans calling it a beast, the real beast is The Mentalist, same demo and at 10 pm WOW!

  • Neil

    Demo may only have been average, but 13+ million viewers saw the best episode of the season, from the best show on Thursdays in last nights POI.

  • GG

    I think the biggest problem is that VD is such an INTENSE show with intense cliffhangers each episode….after it ends…Secret Circle starts right away and it kinda takes time to get into Secret Circle because vampire diaries endings affects you so much.
    I think alot of people tune out because of this. imo.

  • Californiadgd

    Touch is also down :(

  • Bookworm

    Correction for @OMG

    Scandal never got a 3.3. I think you mean a 2.3 and that would mean a -0.4 (which is due to downgrades) and GCB went from 2.5 to a low of like 1.5 (forgot which ep that was), -1.0 for them and include ratings, they dropped somewhere around 2 million at one point from the start. Scandal hasn’t dropped anywhere near a million. Its steady and I think most people can admit that.

    As for promotion, its only logical that Shonda does promote Scandal more than PP. Why shouldn’t she? PP is a vet show with an established fan base, why promo that over a new show that has to make fans and be introduced to us.

    Common Sense people.

    PP vs Scandal is not the case; Scandal vs GCB vs MIssing vs River is more like it. Lets even add BOI.

    I don’t think Scandals hate/push for cancellation should be because you are bitter about PP; sounds like a very Pre-Kish.

    @Lena- Sure! Nice to see other fans on here :)

  • Person of Interest

    i dont watch TSC but if it comes to TSC and HOD i would choose TSC, because HOD is so boring its unwatchable im surprised there are 1 million viewers watching it.

  • 47th

    Saying that PP is more expensive than Scandal is a nonsense, and even more to imply that cost is what will make ABC order a short season.

    First of all, a show doesn’t get magically more expensive with time. There are reasons for that, and most them comes to the contracts renewal of the cast.

    Scandal is a new show. They’ve got to build all new sets and had to pay a big promotional campaign to launch it (as any new show). PP is on its fifth year. There are a couple of new sets this season, but most of them are the same they’ve been using the past years, so they’ve got that cost more than covered.

    Secondly, PP’s cast is not expensive as none of them have a high standing, and I’m pretty sure all of them signed for six/seven seasons. If Deadline says Kate Walsh only signed for five seasons and a half I’ll believe it, but with the series current numbers she can’t ask for a lot of money, so she’ll probably end up with a similar payment.

    If we are talking of seasonal bonuses, six out of the nine regular characters have been in the series since season 1, which sounds like the regular balance in these cases.

    Finally, I think after five years people must watch it because they like it as what it is, not only because it has the character that appeared on Grey’s five/six years ago. If things were as simple as that in television Joey would’ve lasted a lot more.

  • SJ


    How is GCB “dead last” among the trio of it, Scandal and Body of Proof? Have you not been paying attention to BoP’s ratings between December and mid-March? If it comes back, it will be either as schedule spackle or Friday night.

    GCB and Scandal are both real contenders for fall and if PP gets pushed to mid-season, they could both get renewed. But why push PP to mid-season? Why mess with the first show that has worked on Tuesdays 10pm in years (OK, Body of Proof did fairly good there last year, but it had a ton of promotion)? And since it doesn’t really make sense to renew GCB and Scandal and keep them for mid-season again, my guess is, one of those will be canceled.

    Scandal has the better lead-in and nearly identical ratings as GCB. GCB has aired out of its regular time slot, doubled up on episodes, followed a low-rated Titanic special, took two weeks off and STILL does about the same as Scandal. Plus, it skews younger so I’m sure its 18-34 ratings are higher than Scandal’s.

    As for Kerry Washington, yes, she overacts and has weird facial expressions. Actors, believe it or not, are judged on that, among other things. That’s why you don’t see someone like Lara Flynn Boyle, who is pretty much unable to smile at this point, get roles. But it’s so much easier to allege racism whenever you dare not to like a black person, isn’t it? Welcome to 21st century America!


    The article on Deadline Hollywood stated that an 18- or 22-episode season isn’t out of the question yet. And I doubt that Kate Walsh would be unwilling to commit to 9 more episodes if need be.

  • Jane

    MF was funnier

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