Thursday Final Ratings:'The Big Bang Theory', 'American Idol', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Mentalist', Adjusted Up; 'Secret Circle','Scandal' Adjusted Down

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May 4th, 2012


The Big Bang Theory, American Idol, Vampire Diaries, Missing, The Mentalist and Grey's Anatomy were each adjusted up a tenth, while Touch, Secret Circle, was adjusted down a tenth and Scandal was adjusted down two tenths  among adults 18-49 versus Thursday's preliminary numbers.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, May 3, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.7/16 13.91
FOX American Idol 4.0/13 15.56
NBC Community 1.4/5 3.20
ABC Missing 1.2/4 6.32
CW Vampire Diaries 1.2/4 2.54
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement 2.7/8 8.88
NBC 30 Rock 1.4/4 3.04
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy 3.3/9 9.24
CBS Person of Interest 2.5/7 13.27
NBC The Office 2.3/7 4.44
FOX Touch 2.0/6 6.72
CW Secret Circle 0.5/2 1.23
9:30 NBC Parks and Recreation 1.7/5 3.26
10:00 CBS The Mentalist 2.5/7 12.94
ABC Scandal 1.9/5 6.69
NBC Awake 0.7/2 2.15

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Bookworm

    I put GCB last for ratings and also for the controversy. I think ABC took a gamble picking it up and its had bad news surrounding it since. People are now complaining about the location and use of a city for the last episode; its had way too many PR issues for me. BOP ratings are nothing to rant about but I do feel GCB is slightly below it.

    BOP does have far more up and downs than GCB but it also had a longer season; I would put those two at even playing field but would opt for BOP over GCB.

    I don’t mind PP as 13 episode run. If they were to end it, I would rather it end with an send off then just end aburtly. I do believe it will get a full season and they maybe a send off after. But there is also contract talks since the cast is only signed for another half season. I would hope we don’t have the same problem as we did for Brothers&Sisters where the contract talks ending all hopes for a season.

    I don’t mind Scandal as a mid season but I do opt for it as a Full Season because I believe that it will do better and has the potential to grow.
    GCB and Scandals ratings are far from Identical. GCB hit a low of like 4 million while Scandal has seen its low in the upper 6 millions, still nearing its 7 million high. GCB rating hit a low of like 1.4 while Scandal just recently hit a 1.9 after adjustments. Again, It is far more stable and way more productive than GCB. You can claim lead ins but Scandal has not feared much from Grey. Grey is on avg a 3.0 while Scandal is a 2.0 avg and Grey is 9million avg and Scandal a 7 million avg. I don’t see large differences between the two and Scandal is behind Grey as it should be but it not looking grim against them either; at least from my view.

    As for Kerry Washington, I happen to like her as an actress but I honestly don’t believe she makes weird facial expressions; she has pretty much been on point when it comes to displaying her emotions and her and Fitz are a time bomb waiting to happen. I’ve never seen two people with such great chemistry as we have with Tony and Kerry. And overacting, I’ve heard that but I think its the shows pace. If they slow things down, it won’t seem that way but everyone moves and does things quick.

    The racism is not alleged. I do only wish I could post half of the comments regarding the race of the lead and why the President had to be white with Kerry being black. It was all levels of disrespectful behavior and I do feel that Scandal get the brunt of it and of the bitter PP fans who dislike the new time slot. Either way, You made no case for Scandal cancellation.

  • Bookworm

    People have the freedom to say as they please but most of the gripe don’t state ratings for cancellation as they put GCB above Scandal and we can easily see on paper, ratings wise, Scandal tops them. Either way, I try not to bother with it because they do not make the decisions. None of us here do, we just give our opinions but I do wonder sometimes if people legitimately dislike the show for the show or because of some petty vendetta against Shonda for PP.

    I liked Off the Map. Wish it would have gotten a chance but I could see the problem; it had dropped close to 3 million from its 7 million .I think if it could have floated around the 6 million mark all season; we would have been in business. PP did well in the Grey slot but I think that it needed to come from under Grey. PP hasn’t done bad on its own but its been on the decline for a while.

    PP is strong enough for 13 episodes, I was thinking- after I posted- that PP gets the full season and maybe a send off after that. I think Scandal could do good with 13 episodes or maybe an 18 Episode season. I would prefer the Full but if we are to keep PP, I think Scandal should get the 18.

    I’m not hyped about Guided Lily’s. I like Shonda but I do believe that it will be too much of an investment in solely her. She has done great with Grey , PP and we can ever argue little Scandal but Guided Lilys will be too much. I will only work with that if PP get the 13 season finale and GL as the Spring replacement.

    Exactly but these are Hit shows that are rare. The same way Glee is a hit but Fox can’t seem to get anything else going. Its unreasonable to compare all these hit shows to the new shows of apt 2b, scandal, and etc. With that said, Many claim that Scandal has a great lead in and I use the example of Modern Family with Apt 2b. Modern Family is what over 10 million viewers with a 4.1? Apt2B is what a 2.3 with about 5million? That is almost half of Modern Family. Compared to Scandal and Grey were Scandal is 2.0 and 7 million (avg) and Grey is 3.0 and 9 million (avg). The gap is not that big. We can argue what was there in the past but when you talk about leads Grey provides a great one but Modern Family provides the ultimate one.
    I saw promotion on TV Guide and E! i think but I saw most promotion for GCB and Apt2B. I never even knew about Missing and I had not clue about the River. Scandal had promotion but as far as ABC and mainstream, I saw more of the other two.

    PP does have money issues and I believe this is contract time for most of them? I’m not sure but I would think money is a problem with PP. Scandal probably cost far less to make and you probably aren’t paying your leads any where near what they pay Kate. I would rank Scandal over GCB but tie it with BOP. I think the GCB is a really neat show but I don’t see it lasting long as a comedy. Its like a country Desperate Housewives that just doesn’t work.

    I like Revenge a lot. It was one of the best shows out in the Fall. I’m not too high on the cliché’s of the Hampton people with money but it held me for more than I think. I was upset with that hiatus it had. I think its dislike is like that of Scandal, people just don’t want to like it. Its petty but I’m glad its doing okay.

    True; some shows are just ragged on and you wonder exactly why. I couldn’t get into Castle too much but my dad likes it a lot so I was always hoping for a renewal. Its one of those shows who saw increases from it premiere in the second season.

    Either way, I don’t like Scandals 1.9 but I take it because it is the “final” , adjusted down number and honestly, Scandal hasn’t made an shifts large enough for me to begin to panic. I do think that 7 episodes is a very short time span and it is literally impossible to gain and maintain a fan base but Its held people and clearly a lot of other people since Scandal has been holding its own; I would think ABC and others would appreciate that. It has room for improvement and I truly believe with a fall spot and more advertising (outside of Twitter), the show will do wonders. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but compared to the other shows that are sinking ships, I think that Scandal has a chance, even if its small.

  • Bookworm


    I need some sort of Info on the 18-4 demo because I’m sure Scandal is doing better and if I’m correct, both Scandal and Grey are #1 for W18-49.

  • EZM

    I like PP but don’t hate Scandal at all. I haven’t seen it enough to know how I feel about it, and if it gets renewed I’ll probably watch more regularly. I just never wanted to see both shows competing for a single opening on the fall schedule. I really don’t think that’s the case now, as both shows are probably coming back in some form or fashion.

    As for what kind of orders they get, I can see both sides of the argument. I really think PP has earned a full season, thanks to its performance in a tough Tuesday timeslot with overall viewership down significantly across the board. OTOH, there may be more potential for growth with Scandal, and if the show really is that much cheaper to produce there may still be more money in it long-term for the network. I will be a bit surprised if PP gets fewer than 18 while Scandal gets a full 22, but not ungrateful. Any time to wrap things up is better than none at all.

    One last point that may affect the network’s decisions: I saw a comment WAY back on page 5 or so that PP’s recent 2.1 isn’t much better for a 10PM show than Scandal’s 1.9 this week. True as that may be, does it make a difference (in terms of ad prices) that PP has a low of 2.1 or so and a mid-2 average in that same timeslot? Or that a 2.1 is good enough to win the Tuesday 10PM slot against first-run competition, while a 1.9 is still well behind the 10PM Thursday timeslot winner? I would venture to guess that those considerations impact advertising rates as much or more than raw demo ratings, which in turn could mean that there’s a LOT more difference in a 2.1 and a 1.9 than a mere .2 in the demo.

  • Doris

    Private Practice deserves to be renewed for a new season before any of the other shows are renewed. Private Practice has proven it has earned it with better ratings. 13 episodes should not be up for discussion according to the ratings unless it is being pushed out of the way in a deal with Shonda to have her special project Scandal renewed . It would not surprise me for Shonda to throw PP under the bus to make a deal to renew the lower rated Scandal which she referred to in her own words on twitter as her special project.

  • Bookworm


    I think the word on 13 episodes is mostly about contracts.Kate is only signed for another 13 episodes after this season. That is why there is the option of a 13 episode window. I don’t think Scandal has anything to do with that since the contract has been in place since the start. ABC hasn’t put an official word out on contract renews and most assume it is because they might just give it the 13 episode run. PP is probably more expensive and I will imagine that Kate wants a raise or other cast are asking for more.

    Brothers and Sisters came around with that same problem.

  • Lexie

    PP is not an expensive show to run. It is one of ABC’s least expensive shows. They spend no money on promoting it and the cast doesn’t make near the salary’s that Greys Anatomy cast make. Did you ever watch PP? If you did you would know they spend very little on this show. The characters wear the same clothes repeatedly, they save money on wardrobe. And the scenery is terrible. They use a cheap green screen that make the beach scenes extremely fake looking, it isn’t funny. They use the same sets. The characters don’t move houses when they should because they dont want to spend money building new sets. PP is probably the least expensive show on ABC for these reasons. Scandal is much more exppensive. They have spent a huge amount in advertising fees to promote it to the extent they did. They have to build new sets, buy wardrobes for all the characters. It is a hell of a lot more expensive to produce than PP. There is no doubt about that. The only one on PP who is making any money is Kate Walsh. PP is an inexpensive show to make and still has steady ratings. If it doesn’t not get a full sixth season that would be an unfair travesty!

  • Anns

    The secret circle is gonna get canceled.
    And yay for vampire diaries! Let’s get it back up in the three millions guys!

  • SJ


    Re: Private Practice contract re-negotiations and the Brothers & Sisters comparisons: the show is not as expensive as Brothers & Sisters was and still has better ratings than B&S had last season. From what I understood in the article, Kate Walsh’s contract is ending now and she has so far committed to doing 13 more episodes.

    I admit I’m not really sure how contract negotiations work, but I’m pretty sure she can’t demand a raise in the middle of the season (i.e. get paid a certain amount of money for the first 13 episodes and then maybe $50,000 more for the remaining 5 or 9). In other words, if she wanted a raise for season 6, she must have already gotten it if her contract has been extended. I think the decision on a definitive episode order depends mainly on how ABC’s pilot screenings go. Personally I’d be surprised if ABC ordered 22 episodes right off the bat, but I wouldn’t rule out 16 or 18.

    Re: Scandal vs. GCB: I would like to remind you that total viewers don’t matter. The fact that Scandal has some 1.5 million viewers more than GCB is irrelevant and might even benefit GCB more, as more of its viewers are within the 18-49 age bracket, hence my statement about it probably having more 18-34 viewers as well (but no, I don’t have the numbers).

    Let’s compare their 18-49 ratings for a second:

    GCB – 2.2, 2.3, 2.0, 2.1, 1.9, 1.7*, 1.9*, 1.5*, 1.8 (avg. 1.93)
    Scandal – 2.0, 2.0, 2.0, 2.0, 1.9 (avg. 1.98)

    The difference between the two is 0.05 ratings points (virtual tie).

    The * episodes of GCB aired without a Desperate Housewives lead-in. Excluding those, the season’s average is a 2.05, which is higher than Scandal, which always aired after an original Grey’s Anatomy – not to mention that each Anatomy original did better than each Housewives original. Also, each time GCB fell it bounced back. Scandal has held steady, but did so while Grey’s was going up. The minute that Grey’s stops rising, Scandal falls.

    I don’t think I can make a definite case for Scandal’s cancellation, but you can’t make one for GCB’s either. The numbers don’t lie. And that’s what networks renew and cancel shows based on, not so-called “controversy”.

    Also I think it’s worth noting that mid-season shows almost never get full season renewals, so GCB and Scandal are, at best, looking at 13-episode orders with a possibility of a back 9. I was surprised to learn from the Deadline article that BoP is an international money maker. That could give the studio an incentive to renew, but it’s still difficult to put its prospects above GCB’s, which averages almost 0.2 higher in the 18-49 demo.

    As for the racism claims, yeah, I don’t doubt that some people have a problem with Washington based on that, but I haven’t seen those comments on this board. I’m pretty sure Bill and Robert would have deleted them anyway. When it comes to IMDB forums, my advice is don’t go there if you want to keep your faith in humanity! ;) I was merely commenting on the fact that people are a little too quick to play the race card these days and it kind of bothers me. Personally, I think Kerry is a beautiful woman. I’m just not wild about her as an actress. But you are right, her and Tony do have great chemistry on the show.

  • SJ

    BOP does have far more up and downs than GCB but it also had a longer season

    GCB does have far more up and downs than Scandal but it also had a longer season.

    See what I did there? ;)

    FYI, Body of Proof has averaged a 1.74 for its 20-episode second season.

  • josh

    i havent seen PoI its sci fi right?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Still fairly sure TSC will be renewed and moved to Friday. But at .5 it will probably get only a 13-episode order and will be doing .4-.5 most of its season.

  • rob60990

    @Lexie, ABC didnt give Private Practice 4 months of promotion during the summer of 2007 before it premiered? Some of you are acting like the cast of PP are a bunch of nobodies. The show has Tim Daly,Amy Brennaman, Taye Diggs, and Benjamin Bratt. There is no way a show in its 1st season is more expensive than a show in its 5th. I have a feeling it will get 18 episode order which is perfectly fine. Im more than pleased with another season no matter how many episodes it is. A few weeks ago the show looked dead. The show is aging and wont grow anymore. At least with Scandal ABC will give it a chance in the fall to see if it can grow.

  • Christy

    I don,t understand why some of you people hate The Mentalist so much and wish it were off the air. Just because it’s done 4 seasons you think it should be taken off. That is really stupid. A lot of shows have stayed on a lot longer. Friday is a really bad night to put The Mentalist on. I saw two really good shows taken off the air because of poor ratings and they were both on Friday night. If you are going to find fault with a show, find one that already had low ratings and

  • Roco

    The comments on here are ludacris, I love both PP and Scandel, and I dont hate Scandel because it knocked PP out of its time slot. From what I hear Scandel was originally going to Tuesday’s 10/9, but ABC feared it wouldn’t do well so they figured moving PP to Tuesday since they have a loyal following and put Scandel behind Grey’s.

    Scandel has the potiential to have a successful run, if ABC renews it, and race does not play an issue with me, The actress who plays Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) doesn’t do anything for me, and yet she narrates the entire show, I would prefer other actresses instead. I dont see the chemistry with Patrick Dempsey and EP,but thats just me.

  • Anon123

    Saw Nikita this morning- :D its finished 0.4 consecutive straight, ratings were like a joke 1.2 – im not justifying TSC and its woahs, but i heard about the 5 pilots cw wants to launch- so guess what HoD fans- you might have a season HIGH of 0.6, TSC had consecutive .7s and .8s live- so if it comes down to season avges and keeping 1 new show- guess who theyll keep? :D but if CW goes with a clean slate- if TSC is going down HOD and Nikita are going with it. So i take full consolation in that after your hater/snarky comments… “We’ll all burn together!” – TSC S1 E18 “SACRFICE”

  • Nadine Harris

    What a waste of good supporting actors, leave them available for better shows!

    Wow–that’s a new excuse for wanting a show canceled!! As an actor, let me assure you, the actors are just thrilled to be working a regular job with great exposure and big bucks. Don’t weep for them. And you cancel the show and those guys will just as likely be out of work as snapped up by a new show which is more worthy in your estimation.
    By the way, what’s all this “cancel this” and “cancel that” because it’s fair?? Fair?? That’s not a new one exactly, but it’s a laugh, anyway.

  • Anon123

    @Roco comments everywhere haters are concerned are ludacris- don’t worry about them… they just have their own propagandas for their favorite shows and the only way to do is to put the fear of cancellation in other people and their favorite shows so people will give up and stop watching- its age old BS in media- bc is media nowadays is bias- they try to influence networks with their “speculations” but what people don’t realize is that #s talk and BS walks networks might listen once in a while bc it becomes too hard to ignore like Chuck but in most cases networks like CW are in trouble so they go with numbers in ABC’s case its in serious competition with CBS right now- so I dont think ABC give a **** what anyone has to do say other than those demo numbers … and ratings

  • Tammy

    Well to those who don’t think the Scandal hate is race based…well that’s YOUR opinion…I think some of the hatred is racial, especially when they start talking about an actors face…and just cause some people don’t think that’s the case doesn’t mean I will change my opinion…In fact it makes me even more steeped in that belief…

    I LOVE Scandal and I hope it continues on for a second season and beyond.

  • Tony

    POI continues to post impressive ratings. A couple more weeks til the season ending episode. Glad the viewers are learning more of Reese’s background. Great show!!

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