Which Friday Broadcast Genre Show Will 'The Avengers' Pummel Hardest: 'Nikita,' 'Fringe,' 'Grimm' or 'Supernatural?' (Poll)

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May 4th, 2012

Folks will no doubt have their fan excuse bingo cards out tomorrow morning.  Yes, I know, just because it's a fan excuse doesn't mean it isn't true,  but finger pointing is tricky!  When The Hunger Games came out on March 23, both Supernatural and Fringe were down, but Nikita actually saw an increase with adults 18-49 (Grimm was a repeat that night).  Further, slightly more adults 18-49 were watching TV on Friday, March 23 than Friday, March 16 despite The Hunger Games.

The focus here on the more genre-y shows isn't to say that a big movie debut can't hurt the CBS procedural shows or even unscripted like Shark Tank and Undercover Boss, it's just fans of those shows usually don't seem as interested in playing fan excuse bingo. Of course with Supernatural, Fringe and Grimm already renewed, those fans might not be as interested in playing along either.

That leaves Nikita. Based on past experience and the "when you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose" factor, I wouldn't expect Nikita to take the biggest hit, but we'll know Saturday morning.



  • psychic

    Nikita… both hopefully and factually.

  • Jo

    Nikita will be toast I reckon! Supernatural too, but less burnt.

  • Dillan

    My predictions:

    Fringe – 0.9
    Grimm – 1.2
    Supernatural – 0.6 (but, I think it will be adjusted up to a 0.7 in the finals)
    Nikita – 0.3

  • William

    I said Grimm, b/c i figured Fringe would get a 0.9 anyway.

  • Doggy

    Which shows CBS fans don’t care about their shows

  • salim


  • SarahL


    One thing as a Grimm fan, I am offended to be lumped in with the Fringe and Supernatural crazy. I rarely EVER see any Grimm fans playing fan bingo.

  • DW

    i say grimm but there all low rated shows. stay at home home people and enjoy your shows. go to a tuesday matinee. :)

  • The End

    Not sure if its worth mentioning that nothing can really hurt Fringe now, it’s renewed, it has its final season. Nothing could possibly change that.

  • joko ono

    And because of this things,Nikita has to be renewed.

  • Fringe Fan

    Honestly? All of them! Avengers is going to have a massive audience tonight, by all accounts! You just need to check out the headlines at Whedonesque to know that. All four of these shows are going to be hit tonight, quite probably by a fairly even percentage each. Could be looking at series lows for all of them.

  • Liz


    stay at home home people and enjoy your shows. go to a tuesday matinee. :)

    If only we didn’t have these things called jobs that we need to go to in order to put food on the table.

  • Fake Me Out

    @Ashley “… and that every friend I had went to see the movie that night …

    Both of them? ;-)

  • Kavyn

    @Harris, love your optimism.

    If Nikita could score a 0.5 with Hunger Games, I don’t see it dropping any lower than a 0.4.

    I’m thinking Fringe and Grimm will drop the most. SPN’s fanbase is pretty dead set, and despite Nikita’s viewers dropping this week I don’t see it getting a 0.3. If it does, well, I’ve already prepared myself for it’s possible cancellation :(

  • Jenny

    If you are going to see ‘The Avengers’ be sure to wait through the credits, there is a fun surprise at the end!

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Doggy, or perhaps it shows they merely choose to care about the shows the good old fashion way – by watching them!

  • DW

    @ liz then go tonight or save your money on food. either way enjoy. :)

  • KS

    Call me rude! But I personally want Supernatural to be down tomorrow.

    1)Its already been renewed. So, no probs!

    2)A lot of websites on the internet, yesterday, reported about Supernatural’s renewal. The worst part all of them are worried about this one boring Castiel and sadly discussed less about Winchesters in the renewal posts. And I want all of them to see the series low ratings tomorrow and I want them to report that, Castiel is not everyone’s favortie angel and Castiel does have a lot of haters across the globe.

    3)After looking at Misha’s tweet about official confirmation of Supernatural, I lost all the respect towards actor. I came to know that he is in a very pathetic unpopular state and is in want of some popularity. So, he does crappy things like fodering ‘wincest’ in public. Now I understand the “path of least resistance” he follows in order to become more famous.

    @Tessa, Mickey 1.0, Ashley and many others

    I wanna thank you once again for giving me the correct picture of Supernatural cons. Now I have got all my doubts and misunderstanding cleared. I am always a great fan of Kripke and respect both J and J, for bringing great characters of Sam and Dean to life.

  • curtisfiles

    Oh the Fringe haters are in control of this poll this website for that matter, using air hallow heads shows like Grimm and the others are their favorite. These trolls do not like to think, same idiots that can’t read a book much less watch a program the uses brain cells!

  • Tessa

    One thing as a Grimm fan, I am offended to be lumped in with the Fringe and Supernatural crazy. I rarely EVER see any Grimm fans playing fan bingo.

    Awww, she’s offended!!! *pats head*

    Well according to Robert they are playing fan bingo in this very thread. So please come down from your high ‘season-one’ horse and walk with us mere mortals, oh greatness! As a genre fan you’d soon be called one of the ‘crazies’ on this site no matter what.

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