Which Friday Broadcast Genre Show Will 'The Avengers' Pummel Hardest: 'Nikita,' 'Fringe,' 'Grimm' or 'Supernatural?' (Poll)

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May 4th, 2012

Folks will no doubt have their fan excuse bingo cards out tomorrow morning.  Yes, I know, just because it's a fan excuse doesn't mean it isn't true,  but finger pointing is tricky!  When The Hunger Games came out on March 23, both Supernatural and Fringe were down, but Nikita actually saw an increase with adults 18-49 (Grimm was a repeat that night).  Further, slightly more adults 18-49 were watching TV on Friday, March 23 than Friday, March 16 despite The Hunger Games.

The focus here on the more genre-y shows isn't to say that a big movie debut can't hurt the CBS procedural shows or even unscripted like Shark Tank and Undercover Boss, it's just fans of those shows usually don't seem as interested in playing fan excuse bingo. Of course with Supernatural, Fringe and Grimm already renewed, those fans might not be as interested in playing along either.

That leaves Nikita. Based on past experience and the "when you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose" factor, I wouldn't expect Nikita to take the biggest hit, but we'll know Saturday morning.



  • Dennis


    Why would we be?
    Ratings don’t matter anymore :)

  • Pepper

    Predicting a 0.9 for Fringe, a 0.6 for Supernatural and a 0.3 for Nikita – everyone is gonna take a hit

  • KS


    I don’t know what happened at the conventions in the past. I didn’t even know they do it for fun all the time. But was really angry to see that tweet
    Now, after a piece of info from you, I understand the tweet isn’t a big deal. Thank God its a humorous one.

    Thanks for clarification. I am sorry, my anger has over taken all my senses, when I read that weird tweet, that too from Misha. I hate when anyone talks disrespectfully about family stuff on Supernatural.

    I understand you are angry with me and my craziness for the show. But your reply was quite hurting. :( :(

  • Nick

    Why does Nikita have the second-most # of votes??
    They just want to prove Robert wrong (obviously)!!!!!!

    In all seriousness, Fringe. Its storyline is just a little closer to it than SPN or Grimm.

  • Tessa


    I’m guessing 12, right? Or I could be wrong, you might be just hitting puberty. Watch the door on your way out, and don’t forget your fake id. ;)

  • Dan S

    With Grimm, Fringe & Supernatural all renewed this poll is meaningless. Saw Avengers earlier & Hulk will definitely smash primetime tonight. Poor Nikita RIP

  • Jeff R.

    Grimm, because the Fringe fans are geeky enough to go to a matinee or a midnight showing last night.

  • The End


    Put it this way, Fringe Season 5 could pull an LA Complex and still have its entire final season aired by Fox on Friday. Fringe is so safe. It can stand ontop of the renewal ladder and laugh at the cancelled shows and shows facing cancellation.

  • Melanie

    Grimm — because the ‘fans’ don’t need to watch it live, DVR will do.

  • Observer

    I MUST watch Grimm live! I’ll DVR the others. Or catch them online later.

  • Jason50

    I hope not but I gotta go with Nikita. HULK SMASH!!!

  • John A

    I highly doubt this affects Nikita. CW must know by now what they will do with it.

  • peter

    I will go with Supernatural. The show has had plenty of Whedon-esque guest-stars and half of its fandom is composed by old Buffy & Angel fans.

  • LisaM

    I see it hurting all shows too.

  • Jenny

    All television shows will drop this weekend. It is a Super Weekend: The Avengers super heroes and the Super moon. Nothing will stand before the Super weekend. All Television Shows will fall.

    The Avengers will break all box office records.

    Super Moon this weekend. The largest and brightest full moon of the year and the moon will be at its closest distance to the earth. The internet is alive with all the effects of the moon from high tides, to the emotional effects on people. They are even predicting a baby boom in 9 months due to the Super Moon.

    So when you take the combination of the Spring Weather, the Super Moon and the movie hit “The Avengers” the super heroes. Nothing will stand before the Super weekend. All Television Shows will fall.

  • Liz

    The Avengers won’t break box office records nor will it have the biggest weekend.
    It is now being reported that it will only do about 155mill….
    And it didn’t break the record for biggest midnight opening either like it was expected to, it had the #8 best.

  • Colton

    This is funny that I found this I was going to go see the avengers tonight but I decided not to because I didn’t want to miss supernatural ha ha

  • Scot

    Everyone knows The Avengers is going to be huge….I’m predicting a .8 for Fringe, a .3 for Nikita, and a .5 for Supernatural, and just hoping that at least 2 of them will get their fairly regular adjustments up in the finals.

  • I should be a Nielsen viewer

    Stayed home and watched Avengers illegally online. :P

  • AC75

    I don’t know how much credit I give to movies impacting TV ratings… but if we’re playing that game I’d say it’ll be a tenth drop for each except Nikita. It’ll stay the same.

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