ABC Wins Friday as 'Shark Tank' Emerges as the #1 TV Show in Adults 18-49

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May 5th, 2012

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ABC won Friday night among Adults 18-49, beating CBS by 7%, NBC by 25% and Fox by 67%. In fact, with Shark Tank, Primetime: What Would You Do? and 20/20, the Net ranked #1 in each hour of the evening with young adults. ABC claimed the Top 2 TV shows of the night with Shark Tank and 20/20, respectively.


  • · ABC was up week to week and paced ahead of the year-ago night in both viewers and young adults.


Friday’s #1 TV show, ABC’s Shark Tank dominated the 8 o’clock hour in Adults 18-49, defeating CBS’ Undercover Boss for the first time ever and by a definitive 21%.


  • · The ABC unscripted series surged to 7-week highs in Total Viewers and Adults 18-49 – since 3/16/12.


  • · Shark Tank, which is delivering its best-ever season, soared over its year-ago telecast in the hour by 33% in viewers and by 42% in young adults


During the 9 o’clock hour, ABC’s Primetime: What Would You Do? won its slot with Adults 18-49, leading CBS’ CSI: NY by 8%, NBC’s Grimm by 8% and Fox’s Fringe by 56%.


  • · The ABC newsmagazine’s numbers shot up by double digits week to week in viewers (+18%) and young adults (+27%).


Building on its lead-in during the 10 o’clock hour, ABC’s 20/20 took first place with young adults, outdelivering CBS’ Blue Bloods by 8%. In addition, 20/20 continued to beat out NBC’s Dateline in the time period, winning the newsmagazine race in Total Viewers, Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49. Anchored by Barbara Walters with reports from Walters, Sharon Alfonsi, John Berman and Cameron Mathison, “Extreme Parenting” on 20/20 delved into wacky, unconventional and sometimes controversial parenting methods.


  • · 20/20 was up for the 2nd week in a row, gaining 4% with viewers and 7% with young adults over the prior week.
  • FowlScat

    The woman from QVC improves the ratings for this show and she should replace Barbara. Not sure why it took so long for this show to catch on but I have always loved it, including the Dragon’s Den from the UK, Ireland, and Canada.

  • The Mike Factor


    Actually Barbara was on last night, Lori was not. Barbara made 3 offers and succeeded with 2 of them. She was on fire last night. On the other hand Daymond never offers money unless he wants to take over the company, which makes for unfun watching as well as him almost never getting a deal. Barbara proved herself last night while Daymond has yet to prove himself. Lori is a firecracker and deserves to be a full time shark, but she should take Daymond’s place, not Barbara’s.

  • Fischer

    I love Lori! She should replace on of the sharks.. Just like how Mark Cuban replaced that stiff guy from season 1 who never made any offers.

  • Kevin

    They should rotate sharks more and bring back Jeff Foxworthy.

  • Jason

    I think one of the men should go to make room for Lori. Why should there be only one female shark? Especially when you always hear the guys “not get it” when female targeted products are offered.

  • Bob

    Why not just add Laurie and keep Barbara….have 5 sharks. Not a big deal. I am sick of Damon giving snarky remarks to Barbara all the time.

  • Saul

    As long as Mr. Wonderful is there I don’t care who the rest of the sharks are.

  • Josh

    I agree with the fact that Lori should get more time on the show. However, for specific reasons, I don’t see Daymond leaving the panel anytime soon, plus he does have a laid back aggression. There is clearly no Shark Tank without Kevin and his disposition, they need to keep Robert because he’s laid back, levels out the aggression, but is still blunt, and Mark brings a more media kind of appeal to the show. Barbara had a good night in the most recent episode, but replacing her with Lori wouldn’t hurt.

    I actually liked Kevin Harrington for the fact he was highly intelligent, being someone from the informercial background. He also did make some key investments (like with CityKitty, an energy bar, a push-up device, among others), so he wasn’t TOO inactive. I highly believe the reason he didn’t return was because he didn’t stand out and showed no personality (which I agree with). Mark is the complete opposite.

    I can see the Mark, Daymond, Kevin (Mr. Wonderful), Lori, and Robert panel flowing really well.

  • Dave

    Kevin Harrington was replaced because he was too one-sided; he would only make an offer specifically for an infomercial deal, something he can mass market on TV. He made VERY few offers as a result and had very little creative criticism to offer.

    Daymond has no chance of being replaced. He is excellent. He has personality, is tremendously successful and can invest in various spaces. He offers creative criticism and does deals. Yes, he tends to offer a high % equity but he brings valuable expertise such as overseas manufacturing. His deals are not lowballs.

    Mr. Wonderful ONLY offers lowball, non-serious offers except for a couple of occasions. He often throws an offer in when he knows he’ll lose in order to make it seem like there is more shark-on-shark competition for a business, but he’s not serious. He is involved with the production of the show and cares most about the show’s success.

    Barbara is the weakest member since they correctly booted Kevin Harrington due to his one-dimentionality, and in order to test the waters, they brought Lori in. She’s clearly better than Barbara, but since her introduction, you would notice Barbara has become much more agressive in getting deals, knowing her spot is on the line. She has done very well and earned her stay (if you value tenure), even though at her best, she’s still inferior to Lori.

    I like the idea of ADDING Lori to the group; no reason not to have her.

    Mark Cuban is a HUGE addition, the best and most valuable (to entrepreneurs and the show) shark.

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