'30 Rock' Closes in on Final Season Renewal

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May 7th, 2012

30 Rock is close to being renewed for an abbreviated final season of around 13 episodes according to a report from Deadline.com.

The same report gives Community a 50-50 shot at renewal and Parks & Recreation better than a 50-50 shot. In a special sneak peek of tomorrow's (May 8 ) Renew/Cancel Index "Oddsmakers" edition, we've got Community's chances at 85%-90% renewal and both Bill and I have Parks & Recreation at a 100% lock for renewal.

  • DSC

    Alec has been saying he’s going to quit from season one too. Also, of these shows 30 rock is the only one with any kind of history on NBC. It deserved 1 final full lap at the track, but saddly that’s not to be. If the orders for community ends up being around 17, that’s the kind of order that can be easily extended in the spring to around 22, when everything else around it sucks a little bit more once again.

  • DSC

    all these short seasons, and end of long running comedies. I shutter to think what NBC is gonna look like come September 2013. They are making the same mistake yet again. the rating don’t compare to frasier/friends, but they are still ending their 2 highest profiled comedies in the same year. Because it worked so well for them the first time around.

  • Jeff

    After next year NBC should just cut their losses and close up shop. Cancel everything, don’t pick up any new shows, and sell the stations to independent markets.

  • disney rocks

    Final seasons on NBC next season-

    -Community (18 episodes)
    – The Office (24 episodes)
    – 30 Rock (13 episodes)
    – Law and Order: SVU (23 episodes)

    Also, Whitney really deserves the renewal over UAN. Its done way better in the spring.

  • Kavyn

    I’m a long time Community fan and have recently gotten into Parks & Rec (I just finished watching season 2 and will be starting season 3 soon). Both a really great shows and I hope they get a full season renewal. Parks seems more comedy friendly, where you could tune in on any episode and follow along. Community’s a bit more serialized, and there are a lot of jokes that happen that only people following from the beginning would understand. Community’s got a lot of wit to it, but it’s easy to see why it’s ratings aren’t good – if I tuned in for the first time I probably wouldn’t be laughing.

    It’s kind of the same way I felt about the Office. Season 1 was incredibly boring to me, but after I understood the characters it turned into one of the funniest programs for me.

    I hope Community and Parks get full season renewals, and continue to strive. But if not I’ll be happy with them getting enough for syndication. Although Community really deserves six seasons and a movie ;)

  • SJ


    Community is a show that has to have a definitive ending, with the characters graduating. Once the ending has been filmed, there’s no going back. I’m pretty sure that episode 17 of a sitcom is shot somewhere around mid-January and aired by late February, so there won’t even be time for the network to extend the order.

    But seriously, as much as I love 30 Rock and Parks and Rec, NBC needs to clear the deck, even if it means all their new shows fail and they have to start all over again in 2013. A 1.7 on a major broadcast network should not, under any circumstances, be acceptable and the fact that people are discussing the possibility of Parks getting a 6th season for 2013-2014 is a sign that NBC has hit rock bottom and they have to dig themselves out ASAP.

    And with a season average of 1.5, the shortened final season of 30 Rock is as good a victory lap as anyone could have hoped for.

  • DSC

    I hear what you’re saying, and I agree in part. 30 rock had an amazing run for something that never pulled great ratings. but are they really gonna chance end the office, 30 rock, and possibly SVU by May next year? that’s either blind faith, or blind stupidity. but I guess we’re gonna be here to find out.

  • Ryan


    Community can always add episodes in between the finale, and I’m sure they’d know long before that point.

  • SJ


    You can’t compare The Office and SVU to Friends and ER. Even though TO and SVU are the highest rated comedy and drama on the network, that doesn’t mean they’re high rated objectively speaking. You may call it blind faith, but at this point NBC quite literally has nothing to lose. Sure, their replacements could get 1.2s and 1.3s. But guess what, SVU and TO are heading there rapidly and they cost a hell of a lot more than a new show would.

    I do think SVU will have two more seasons and end with season 15 in 2014. Parenthood and Smash might also be toast by May 2013, although if NBC wants PH syndicated it will also run until 2014.

  • SJ


    Yeah, but what we’re talking about here is a reality in which Community actually gets good ratings in order to get an extended order. I mean… ;)

  • Mark

    I love 30 Rock and am glad they’ll get a chance to give the show a proper ending. I would have preferred a full 22 episodes but I understand NBC’s decision–30 Rock has been pulling lousy numbers for awhile now and it seems that the viewers are just moving on. When the live show got almost no bump at all this year after getting a huge increase last year I knew the writing was on the wall–even though the show in my opinion is as great as ever, it’s bleeding viewers. I don’t think the lost viewers are going away because they perceive any dip in quality–I just think that after six years of 30 Rock people are just not feeling any great need to see new stories. 13 episodes is enough to give these wonderful characters an appropriate send-off, and I hope Tina Fey comes up with another great comedy soon! And I hope Alec Baldwin goes on honing those comedic chops because he’s been a revelation.

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    My current fav comedies

    1. 30 Rock (short order next season)
    2. Community (Short order?)
    3. Parks (ShortER order than normal?)
    4. CT (moving to TBS?)
    5. Modern Family (But I could leave it if something better gets put against it)
    6. Happy endings (hated first season first time I saw, but caught up and loved it)
    7. Apt 23 (?)
    8. Raising Hope (watched on Netflix and instantly loved it)
    9. HIMYM (but sadly haven’s watched since Feb 6th)
    10. BBT (still love it but only on DVR so I can watch 30 Rock/Community)

    So out of my top 10 comedies only 4 WILL be coming back, 3 could have short orders and the others are ?’s. Unless the new comedies WOW me within the first 3 months or so, I may finally be able to cut my TV time down dramatically.

  • DSC

    not good, just better than most of the others? isn’t that the new yardstick?

  • Mark

    Maybe NBC’s woes are as simple as being “too sophisticated for the room” (no, I’m not insulting people’s intelligence, bear with me)–the single camera method of filming doesn’t really seem to appeal to a large portion of the audience out there. Maybe NBC needs to go back to multi-camera and laugh tracks. Plenty of great comedies have been filmed that way.

    And, playing devil’s advocate for a moment regarding 30 Rock: it is a very New York show. The humor just isn’t universal. I love it but I completely understand why lots of people don’t.

  • Potato

    Here’s my take on single-cam vs. multi cam: It’s harder to tell when a multi cam is bad since it’s all about the jokes. Even a terrible multi cam will make you laugh. But a terrible single cam falls completely flat. This to me makes more sense than one format being better or more watchable than the other- whens the last time, outside of this website, you’ve ever heard someone say “Oh, I’d watch that, but it’s a single cam”? I’ve heard people complain about laugh tracks, but never about the LACK of laugh tracks. At the end of the day, multi-cams don’t make you work as hard as single-cams- no, I’m not slamming anyone’s intelligence. There’s just a higher percentage of people who use TV to relax than to stimulate their mind.

  • Tom

    Nellie may have her sources but some of her speculations seem fuzzy bordering on ludicrous (e.g. Fox putting Alcatraz on Fridays this season).

    Case in point: Parks & Rec, owned by Universal, 20 episodes away from syndication, and the #2 comedy on the network!, is ‘in the running’ for a renewal? If it doesn’t get one, all of our assumptions about the business are wrong.

  • Wes

    Anyone who thinks that NBC will end all 4 of their major comedies in 2012-13 is out of their mind. However, at least one (30 Rock) will have a final season. I don’t think Parks will end next season, as it has better ratings than Community or 30 Rock.


    30 Rock: 13-episode final season (To 140)
    Community: 17-22-episode season (To 88-93)
    The Office: 24-episode final season (To 200)
    Parks and Rec: 20-22 episode season (To 88-90)

  • kyle

    this is very sad that the 4 best comedies on tv 30 Rock, Community, The Office, and Parks & Rec are going to probably be gone. SHAME ON YOU AMERICA. Going to let 4 great shows go away.

  • forg

    Why are we so sure that NBC will end The Office next season? Yes, the ratings are way down this season but I can’t see NBC ending it when they have no other option. Maybe if they find a breakout sitcom hit from their new shows, they could announce The Office to end by midseason next year but at the upfronts? I doubt it

  • TV Gord

    I think 13 episodes will be the norm before too long, with scripted shows alternating with those gawdawful reality shows. (The Mayans were only half-right.)

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