'30 Rock' Closes in on Final Season Renewal

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May 7th, 2012

30 Rock is close to being renewed for an abbreviated final season of around 13 episodes according to a report from Deadline.com.

The same report gives Community a 50-50 shot at renewal and Parks & Recreation better than a 50-50 shot. In a special sneak peek of tomorrow's (May 8 ) Renew/Cancel Index "Oddsmakers" edition, we've got Community's chances at 85%-90% renewal and both Bill and I have Parks & Recreation at a 100% lock for renewal.

  • Oliver

    People seem to selectively forget that the reason P&R and Community are still around is because NBC has failed to launch more successful shows.

    Shows both can and do worse than their current lineup. They could easily cancel the lot and end up in a worse situation.

  • DSC

    I’m not assuming it’s ending, but, with half the cast not returning past next season, it’s almost as if it ends there anyway. they might give it another try, but that’ll be like the final season of Scrubs.

  • Danny

    @forg because they’re planning a spinoff.

  • Rebecca

    I think my top ten comedy favorites are the same as yours, but maybe with the order mixed up a bit. I’m always the most pleased with P&R, and 30R and Community keep swapping for second place (some episodes aren’t as good as others, but I watch all of them). CT comes very close to the top nearly all the time. I can’t rank them, really.

    @TV Gord
    Yeah, let’s just get through December 2012, lol. I’ll only care about my fave tv shows up until then (and the short list of new ones I’ll check out), and then we’ll see what happens.

  • MLN

    The first several episodes of this season of 30 Rock were really awful, but then, all of a sudden it started being funny again. Not as funny as the first 2 seasons, but solid. I hope it returns.

    I’m loving Parks & Rec. Office is uneven. Don’t watch Community.

  • Oliver

    NBC poured huge amounts of resources into promoting Whitney this season and they ended up with a show that did no better than their current lineup by season’s end.

    Multicamera is no magic bullet, even if it works for CBS.

  • Hugh

    As a sensible person and fan of Parks I know who’s prediction is correct :)

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    30 Rock is pure crap IMO.

    If it gets renewed and Community doesn’t I will be pissed!

  • Cory

    Happy it will get a proper sendoff. It’s still probably my favorite comedy on TV right now, despite last week’s dreadful Queen of Jordan episode (this and Raising Hope are my favorites, with Happy Endings a close third). I’ll take whatever final season I can get, whether its abbreviated or not.

  • senor chang

    “Multicamera is no magic bullet, even if it works for ONLY CBS.”
    Added some detail there ;)

  • Ram510

    Well Community could always live on through Comedy Central

  • Kev

    I’m a loyal 30 Rock fan/apologist, and I can admit that it’s time to go. The gags and plot lines are going from absurdist to desperate.

  • tvfreak

    @Rebecca: Sadly, I’ve only gotten through S1. I was hoping to grab S2 this week but the online catalog lied to me – it wasn’t on the shelf. :( Thankfully, season 2 of Chuck was available so I got that instead.

    But I just feel so sad. I mean, 30 Rock is now my fave comedy, and to think it’s probably going to leave NBC with only half a season…it deserves better. At least order a full season! Maybe they will, if any of the many sitcoms NBC’s already ordered end up flopping hard. Preferably New Normal or Animal Practice, but knowing my luck it’ll probably be 1600 Penn bombing instead.

  • RyanCanada

    What About Whitney? god i hope it gets renewed, i loved this show.

  • Rebecca

    Online shelf of what, Netflix? I haven’t checked for past seasons. I don’t know about hulu plus….maybe they’ll put all the seasons on there eventually once the word is out officially about there being a final season. And maybe more episodes will be ordered later, and put in as filler before the series finale (as someone suggested could happen with Community if/when the time comes, too). Anyway, enjoy catching up (on 30R and Chuck). The only episodes I’ve really disliked of 30R have been the two Queen of Jordan ones. I liked the first one just a little more after seeing it a second time, but I’d prefer to see more of Tina Fey yelling at people on the subway with her mouth full (that episode cracked me up this season…the Batman spoof). I’ll enjoy however much is left to see. And long live Community and Parks. I don’t care about Office any more but I’ll watch until it’s done.

  • Michael

    30 Rock and Community will get 13 episodes. Parks/Rec and the Office will get full seasons (20-22). They want the “animal” show on Thursdays and that should get a good 13 eps…so it wouldn’t surprize me for 30 Rock to be pushed back into December again :( I’ll be blunt…the ONLY show of these 4 that has a CHANCE of being renewed past this next season is Parks and Recreation…and even at this time, I give it 50-50.

    Up all Night could also be pushed back to December IF renewed.(Personally, I hope it is cancelled!!)
    Whitney WILL be renewed (Tuesdays) and as it looks right now should get a good 16-18 episodes.

  • Rebecca

    30R has five seasons streamable on Netflix. Just checked, and added to my queue. Something fun to re-watch whenever I need a break from SPN (up through part of season 3 on that one, still enjoying).

  • me

    I don’t believe the ratings….I just don’t this show should go on two more years, but major writers are leaving and have major contracts inked with other corporations, musical chairs, keep changing. Comcast and NBC merger sucks,Comcast is the bottom feeder of quality content, keep the E channel on to promote lame reality shows and short 30 Rock, it’s just wrong….Boring Comcast…you should have just stayed in the cable installation business…

  • This year’s “30 Rock” time slot was impossible. NBC should have chosen a different one.

  • Justin121

    NBC is looking at another 2004.

    30 Rock – Community – Parks – The Office

    Made a nice line-up for a while but it’s time to let it go.

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