'30 Rock' Closes in on Final Season Renewal

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May 7th, 2012

30 Rock is close to being renewed for an abbreviated final season of around 13 episodes according to a report from Deadline.com.

The same report gives Community a 50-50 shot at renewal and Parks & Recreation better than a 50-50 shot. In a special sneak peek of tomorrow's (May 8 ) Renew/Cancel Index "Oddsmakers" edition, we've got Community's chances at 85%-90% renewal and both Bill and I have Parks & Recreation at a 100% lock for renewal.

  • Kyle7

    Mark “the single camera method of filming doesn’t really seem to appeal to a large portion of the audience out there.”

    Modern Family? New Girl? (Granted, it fell a lot from the fall, but so did almost everything else) The Office and 30 Rock during their heyday? Even the rest of ABC’s Wednesday lineup does reasonably well in the fall. I wouldn’t place the blame on the filming format, because there are plenty of multi-cams that fail just as hard as , or harder than (Work It), the single-cam failures.

  • Alloy

    Community close to renewal. LOL! You wish buddy!

  • chrisss

    @ Kyle7

    Exactly. And what is the evidence that multi-camera sitcoms work anywhere but on CBS?

  • Riff Rafferty

    People seem to selectively forget that the reason P&R and Community are still around is because NBC has failed to launch more successful shows. Shows both can and do worse than their current lineup. They could easily cancel the lot and end up in a worse situation.

    “Whitney” finished its run with a million more viewers than both of them are currently pulling, dippy. It’s also a cheaper show, since, you know, multi-cams are.

    Not that it matters because The Peacrock is reportedly playing favorites once again. Cute if they think I’m gonna support them next season. I’m done. I’m just… done.

  • josh

    oh you haters im feel sorry for you sitting here telling everybody how much 30 ROCK suck.
    I love Tina Fey but im glad its over no one deserve such a treatment !

  • Kerry

    @Riff Rafferty – it’s not just the ratings. Most shows (with a few noteable exceptions, like TBBT) will slowly decline in the ratings each season. Look at almost any show over time. The ultimate end goal is to get enough for syndication, usually – so just because a show has slightly higher first season ratings than a show that’s one half-season away from syndication, doesn’t mean NBC is ‘playing favorites’. It means they’re playing business.

  • RyanCanada

    @Riff Rafferty i agree with you, if whitney gets cancelled im done with NBC

  • SmG

    The “30 Rock” scribe tribe is prepping for life after Liz Lemon.

    Josh Siegal and Dylan Morgan, supervising producers on the NBC laffer, are the latest from the show to ink a studio development pact. The pair have set a two-year deal with Sony Pictures TV that will allow them to remain with Universal TV’s “30 Rock” for its final 13 episodes next season. After those segs wrap, they’ll shift their focus to developing new projects for Sony.


  • LOL

    Actually I am a little surprised by this, and equally surprised with Deadline giving Community and P&R 50/50 chance, because I agreed with this site, giving those two a good chance of getting renewed. IMOO, if these shows weren’t on NBC I would have said the Thursday night line up was history with the ratings these shows have been getting, but they were better than most of what NBC as on. Still I just wonder if Comcast is saying enough is enough, because I can’t believe if they keep a lot of their line up from this year, they have to be thinking it’s only going to get worst next year for their shows.

  • Sofaslug

    It all well and good saying that that NBC needs to clear the deck, While the Thursday night comedies dont get huge ratings, what else does NBC have going for it, at least it is still producing edgy critically acclaimed comedies. Ignoring that, if they clear the deck, they could be in an even worse state of affairs if all their other shows do worse!

  • Chris

    Our long national nightmare is finally drawing to a close.

    This show was never funny, never insightful, never innovative in any way, and it got buried in Emmy awards–as many Primetime Emmys as Seinfeld got in nine seasons, and it can still pick up a few more before it ends. That’s insane.

    Tina Fey is a talented person, and I have no problem with her, but her show IS JUST NOT FUNNY. It never deserved all this acclaim. It appealed mightily to a handful of people, and not at all to most.

  • PeterFr

    Huffington Post is also reporting that 30 Rock, Community and Parks are headed for 13 episode seasons. I think Community & Parks should just be cancelled, their ratings are horrible.

  • The Watcher

    @ Chris:
    People find different things funny. I frequently laugh out loud at 30 Rock, although this season the laughs are less frequent. I guess I’m just one of the “handful” who get it.
    Of course, I would never suggest that I may simply be more intelligent than you. No way! I don’t know you. Just different tastes.

    People like me are really going to miss 30 Rock.

  • Mark

    And I think 30 Rock is LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY, Chris. Different strokes for different folks.

  • battye

    30 Rock has had a great run and it fully deserves a seventh season.
    I think it was hitting 4.5’s around the time of the 2008 election, so it (along with The Office) have the runs on the board so to speak.

    While the previous era of NBC television (mid 90’s to mid 00’s) was dominated by Friends and Seinfeld, 30 Rock is one of the defining shows of this era in my opinion (say 2006 onwards).

  • Bob Jones

    I want to go there! – 30 Rock

  • Rebecca

    I want to go to there. Missing one word, Bob. :-) I love that show. I’ll miss it.

  • Justin121

    30 Rock is what made this era definable.

    If it hadn’t joined The Office, there wouldn’t be an era to be defined.

  • Money

    No one taking in to consideration how much the actors of 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and The Office make?

    Those ratings and their salaries don’t really go together.

    Now if they had Big Bang or 2 1/2 Men ratings, then I wouldn’t see a problem…

    Maybe someone can correct me, but I assume that the movie star cast of those shows (on NBC) make more than $free per episode.

  • Oliver

    “Whitney” finished its run with a million more viewers than both of them are currently pulling, dippy. It’s also a cheaper show, since, you know, multi-cams are.

    I wasn’t talking about this season. I was talking to those who say NBC should scrap their “ratings losers” and clear slate. Those shows are NBC’s ratings winners, which is why they have survived.

    But if you want to talk about Whitney, fine.

    Whitney is a huge flop. A ratings failure, a critical failure and, most importantly, a financial failure.

    NBC poured millions and countless hours of promo time into promoting Whitney. At the end of its first season, Whitney is a show that does worse in 18-49 than P&R, a show in its fourth season and on the verge of syndication, and marginally better in 18-49 than Community, a show that’s up against TBBT and is only a single season away from syndication.

    Whitney and Up All Night are case studies as to why NBC shouldn’t start from scratch. They poured all their money into two shows that did no better than their existing “failures”. Why do people think NBC would do any better if they launched eight shows at once?

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