'30 Rock' Closes in on Final Season Renewal

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May 7th, 2012

30 Rock is close to being renewed for an abbreviated final season of around 13 episodes according to a report from Deadline.com.

The same report gives Community a 50-50 shot at renewal and Parks & Recreation better than a 50-50 shot. In a special sneak peek of tomorrow's (May 8 ) Renew/Cancel Index "Oddsmakers" edition, we've got Community's chances at 85%-90% renewal and both Bill and I have Parks & Recreation at a 100% lock for renewal.

  • philly

    If 30 Rock was on a real network, it would have been cancelled years ago. What garbage.

  • Riff Rafferty

    @Riff Rafferty – it’s not just the ratings. Most shows (with a few noteable exceptions, like TBBT) will slowly decline in the ratings each season. Look at almost any show over time. The ultimate end goal is to get enough for syndication, usually – so just because a show has slightly higher first season ratings than a show that’s one half-season away from syndication, doesn’t mean NBC is ‘playing favorites’. It means they’re playing business.

    What on earth are you babbling about? “30 Rock” is already sold into broadcast syndication (where it currently runs in worthless crap fringe time-slots across much of the country). “Community” was just recently sold to cable. (Sony reportedly wasn’t even attempting to put that piece of junk in broadcast syn. Even they know it’s a lost cause there.) They’re not a “half season away” from anything. They’re THERE.

  • groove365

    I hope it gets some sort of renewal so we can get a good ending.
    The show is sort o stale now but they deserve to end the show right.

  • Greg

    Yay! Maybe we can get 100 more pointless reality shows! I still have too many brain cells, so more may make them all completely atrophy! Maybe something like fat housewives that occasionally meet Paris Hilton on an island to do pointless thing and embarrass each other and themselves to lose weight! It would be so meta that it couldn’t be anything but a hit. Anyone want to buy a TV?

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