Cable News Ratings for Friday, May 4, 2012

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May 7th, 2012


Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for May 4, 2012

P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
Total Day
FNC       1,079            280            473
CNN         280             80            102
MSNBC         383            127            165
CNBC         144             39             80
FBN           55             13             27
HLN         199             82            112
Primetime P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC       1,803            390            726
CNN         396            134            149
MSNBC         555            157            228
CNBC         228            105            126
FBN           30             10             14
HLN         281             75            123
Net Morning programs (6-9 AM) P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FOX & Friends         999            292            512
CNN Early Start/Starting Point         184             70             74
MSNBC Morning Joe         410            153            197
CNBC Squawk Box         155             51            103
HLN Morning Express w/ Meade         210            110            144
Net 5PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC FIVE, THE       1,611            328            663
CNN SITUATION ROOM         390             80            111
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS         564            102            178
CNBC MONEY IN MOTION         125             26             71
CNBC OPTIONS ACTION         141             30             77
HLN HLN SPECIAL REPORT         157             51             75
Net 6PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC SPECIAL RPT W/BRET BAIER       1,574            351            579
CNN JOHN KING USA         393             86            120
MSNBC POLITICS NATION         528            106            205
CNBC MAD MONEY         161             39             84
HLN PRIME NEWS         189             31             60
Net 7PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE FOX REPORT W/S.SMITH       1,570            397            704
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT         295             76             92
MSNBC HARDBALL WITH C. MATTHEWS         613            131            258
CNBC KUDLOW REPORT         159             47             73
HLN JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL         259             56            104
Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR       2,349            501            941
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360         393            152            165
MSNBC ED SHOW         634            132            236
CNBC THE APPRENTICE         160             71             99
HLN NANCY GRACE         395            100            142
Net 9PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC HANNITY       1,754            436            755
CNN PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT         511            155            173
MSNBC RACHEL MADDOW SHOW         723            209            309
CNBC THE APPRENTICE         291            142            181
HLN JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL         254             69            113
Net 10PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC ON THE RECORD W/GRETA       1,281            227            474
CNN ANDERSON COOPER 360         285             96            109
MSNBC MSNBC INVESTIGATES         308            130            139
CNBC COSTCO CRAZE, THE         231            101             98
HLN NANCY GRACE         213             62            122
Net 11PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR         887            239            401
CNN ERIN BURNETT OUTFRONT         266             71             98
MSNBC MSNBC INVESTIGATES         391            239            183
CNBC MAD MONEY         110             44             56
HLN SHOWBIZ TONIGHT         241             93            117


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Note: We post all the cable news ratings we get.

P2+ = viewers over the age of 2

(25-54) = Adults 25-54 viewing

(35-64) = Adults 35-64 viewing

Prime Time = 8-11pm

LIVE+SD: The number that watched a program either while it was broadcast OR watched via DVR on the same day [through 3AM the next day] the program was broadcast. For more information see Numbers 101.

Scratch = when a show's audience fails to meet minimum Nielsen reporting levels. For more information go here.

Nielsen Cable Network Coverage Estimates (as of July, 2011)

CNN/HLN: 101.12 million HHs

CNBC: 98.62 million HHs

FNC: 99.15 million HHs

MSNBC: 95.72 million HHs

Fox Business: 58.15 million HHs

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Ratboy

    Yea yea Oreilly is down…………..but look at Shultz, Hannity is down………….but look at Maddow. They are ALL down but as bad as FOX is down so is MSNBC

  • Nick Czar

    I heard that all the cable news outlets are in serious trouble !

    NO…not because of a dip in ratings but because of plumbing problems.

    Apparently all those Keith Olbermann resumes have blocked the pipes.

  • Mark

    I would say everybody but Hannity down from normal numbers, even for a Friday

  • Coffee Steve

    Elderly OKC Man Accused Of Talking Dirty To 911 Operators

    All I said was I’ll be a mudders uncle :-)

    Another down Friday, is it time to shut down cable news on weekends? Hehehehe


    @Ratboy. Bill was not in Friday it was laura ingraham I turned the min I saw her

  • marvin

    How much longer for Erin Burnett?

    I have asked this a few times, but it would seem quite a pertinent question.

    How much would it cost CNN to buy out/terminate her early?

  • Andies

    Wow, conservatoons can’t even go out and enjoy a friday night.. they at home glue to that stuff..

  • Coffee Steve

    they at home glue to that stuff..


  • Joan

    I see the “panic crowd” hasn’t come in yet I wonder if their heart’s can handle madcow’s numbers? roflmao

  • Coffee Steve

    The Chicago Way: Justice for Sale at Holder’s DOJ

    An explosive Newsweek article set to rock official Washington…

    Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer is set to reveal how Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are operating under a “justice for sale” strategy by forgoing criminal prosecution of Wall Street executives at big financial institutions who just so happen to be clients of the white-shoe law firms where Holder and his top DOJ lieutenants worked.


  • Andies

    @Coffee Steve

    The numbers for friday is still pretty high which means they can’t even take off a friday from the brainwashing of Fox News… to like go to a movie… Et at red lobsters or something. Go to the library. Something productive.

  • Coffee Steve


    The numbers for friday is still pretty high which means they can’t even take off a friday from the brainwashing of Fox News… to like go to a movie… Et at red lobsters or something. Go to the library. Something productive.

    Yokie Dokie, I may try that sometime :-)

  • Coffee Steve

    @Ratboy & USN

    They have a new and improved UnderWare Bomb, and this one is a serious threat, and also they have implanted explosives inside some bombers.

    Look for tighter security at Airports if you have any flying to do

  • Coffee Steve

    How many days left USN? Bet your getting excited

  • AppleStinx


    FYI, MSNBC’s highest-rated shows in the A25-54 demo on Fridays are at 11pm and 12am (8pm, 9pm West Coast).

  • Coffee Steve

    Russians are Putin again, Putin enters office for a third term, and was Putin as he entered office. All Hail President Putin

    (I don’t care how you put it or type it, that just doesn’t look right)


  • Rick

    @Marvin – How much longer for Erin Burnett?

    I think she will last atleast into September maybe October. They usually do not start a new program during the summer. They want to wait until people are trapped in their homes due to weather.

    Anderson Cooper’s numbers aren’t worthy of what they are paying him either. Their whole line up is sinking.

    I think that many times you are better off starting off with some unknown that needs to prove themselves so they work harder at delivering what an audiance will tune into.

  • Coffee Steve


    Since your here overnight, make sure you put REAL WET paint in Ratboys seat and top it with Superglue :shock:

    Night Everyone, and always remember as the story was posted today, Global Warming is caused by passing gas, so STOP IT!!!! :-)


  • Hillbilly

    When satellites were the new “this is better than sliced bread” for measuring global temps all was solved. Guess what? Now their adjusting the satellite data to fit the models. :lol: These folks never learn. You can’t keep changing the rules, adjusting the data, refusing FOIA requests, etc & expect folks to take you seriously.

    Read more here.

    The paper does not resolve all the discrepancies among the records, and researchers will continue to look at ways to reconcile those conflicts.

    “It will be interesting to see how these differences are resolved in the coming years,” Po-Chedley said.

    IE..they will need more grant money to study & adjust the data to fit their already “the science is settled out comes.” Their amazing result was +0.08 F per decade. Now thats not global, only the tropics. The tropics warmed +0.08 F in a decade..we are doomed.

    They examined 3 different sources of satellite data. University of Alabama in Huntsville, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Remote Sensing Systems. I’ll give you one guess as to who had the bad data?

    Now the real kick in the balls.

    The Remote Sensing Systems and NOAA reports continue to reflect warming of the troposphere that’s close to the surface measurements, with warming of 0.26 F per decade and 0.33 F respectively.

    NOAA & Remote Sensing Systems has a difference of 0.07 F but their OK with that. :roll: I guess 0.07 F is the cut off point. Wonder why 99% of the time these “adjustments & errors” they find are always to make the earth warmer?

  • Hillbilly

    Posted May 7, 2012 at 1:15 PM
    I was shocked to see sex-tape starlet Kim Kardashian and noted shoplifter Lindsay Lohan at the WH dinner. But it has shocked me even more to learn that they were invited by Fox News Channel. What were they thinking?


    Their trying to create a Monica Lewinsky type controversy. I’m sure Media Matters will have the story any day now. FNC edited bleeped Ted Nuggent cussing, so i wouldn’t put anything pass them evil b*sturds. :lol:

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