Updated - More NBC New Show Pickups: 'The New Normal' and 'Revolution' +'1600 Penn' & 'Animal Practice'

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May 7th, 2012

NBC has picked up Ryan Murphy comedy The New Normal and the J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke drama Revolution.

Update: NBC has also picked up White House comedy 1600 Penn starring Bill Pullman to series for 13 episodes and comedy Animal Practice.

Earlier today NBC picked up comedy Save Me.

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  • Doug

    I’ve read next to nothing on Downwardly Mobile of late. You’d like that NBC would be keen on it with both Roseanne and John Goodman staring, which which pretty much guarantee it at least a good start. Pilot must have been really bad.

  • Networkman

    @Joakim, I totally agree with you. NBC must be pleased with 4th place. I can understand NBC might be trying to find the new Will & Grace but imo with the current state NBC is in The New Normal will not bring in the broad mass audience that the network needs. It is too niche and it doesn’t have a popular show such as Friends to follow. Matthew Perry as a lead actor has not been successful. His appeal has dwindled. Anne Heche is not the star to turn the networks fortunes around. Revolution sounds convoluted. Not that this is a bad thing but how many people would be willing to invest in the show? It is going to have to start out really strong and have great actors comparable to Lost to make it appointment TV. Scheduling will be key. And are audiences ready for another medical drama? I like Jason Ritter but I don’t feel he should be a leading man. I still like him more on the ensemble show Parenthood.

  • Bunny

    NBC needs to follow CBS and order young-skewing Multi-cam comedies..

    I doubt Seinfeld would have been popular today if the show didn’t attached a laugh-track….Monty Python even had one

  • Carmen

    I don’t know about the New Normal other than to say that any show that involves the introduction of a baby into the main story line is fighting an uphill battle.
    This is an old and tired plot line and it is hard to recall any show where it has met with much success.
    Bones has recently done it and has met with declining ratings (although I’m sure some of it can be attrituted to the DST phenomena – but not all)

    Revolution seems like another attempt by NBC to go after a niche audience. It will likely be one of these shows that draws a (very) small hard core audience that loves it, but there simply aren’t enough of them.
    Then, the NBC fans will bemoan the low ratings and claim
    1) Neilsen is flawed and
    2) The show is too intelligent for most people.

  • tvfreak

    @Carmen: Raising Hope?

  • Carmen

    @ TV Freak

    Yes, but Hope was a part of the original cast. It wasn’t an element added later and Hope is really a background character for the most part.

    I suppose you could point to Up All Night in the same sense.

  • Bee

    it’s starting! hooray! lots of exciting news coming this week. and can’t wait to see trailers for all these shows next week.

    the new normal sounds good. interested in seeing how ryan murphy handles a sitcom now. will also check out save me and go on. revolution sounds like a long-shot for success.

    i’m excited for CW’s pick-ups, although most seem to be set in stone now, and ABC’s drama pick-ups (bring on nashville and americana! i’m ready for connie britton and emilie de ravin to return!). comedy-wise, NBC seems to have the edge for now from these early descriptions.

  • Luke

    I’m very curious about the future ratings of The New Normal, since its two gay men are the absolute leads and not part of an ensemble. Hopefully, the show is good and it does well. But I don’t trust this Ryan Murphy brand.

  • Tom

    I’m excited for The New Normal. Seems like it has lots of potential. I’m also interested in Save Me although that’s mainly because I liked Anne Heche in Men In Trees but I’ll definately check it out.

  • Concerned Citizen


    Whatever your personal feelings on the man may be (I don’t care for his shows), he makes hits. NBC cannot ignore that.

  • Tigs

    Ryan Murphy turns whatever he touches gay. I have nothing against a person’s sexual preference I just don’t like it thrown in my face. I actually like Glee and have watched it since the beginning but as a straight guy I can only handle so much.

  • Petar

    Happy for Kripke! I always support the talent. And Kripke is so talented and good writer. But i think with no experience in big 4 networks. Abrams people will help him of course. Who will be the showrunner – Kripke or some from Abrams writers? NBC can rebuild pretty fast! Revolution will be after the voice in the fall! No other show from NBC network can’t be lead-in for such action show! CBS will be better fit for it btw. With county wich NBC will try for new fresh ER and chicago fire from law and order creator can be good job for the network! ANd they have hannibal too.
    I guess they will pair chicago fire and law and order. County may be in sunday and all other dramas in 10. Can work.

  • alffan


    That feels like a homophobic comment. Have you maybe watched “American Horror Story.” Didn’t seem gay to me. Yes, “Nip/Tuck” had some gay characters but I don’t think it leaned that way. Murphy does very good television and AHS proves that.

    I look forward to anything he has his name attached to.

  • SarahL

    I hope Revolution plays out well on the screen because the concept sounds ridiculous. All forms of life on the earth would cease to exist if there are no forms of energy. Sci Fi is difficult to sell to a wide audience when the premise is ridiculous. Even the most stupid anti-science person will roll their eyes.

  • Bunny


    Glee is an awful stereotypical show and does not represent the LGBT community..

  • One

    Hoping Revolution is better than Alcatraz…not that Alcatraz was really BAD, so much as unremarkable.

  • SVU: Fringe Division


    Apparently (from other sites I’ve read) it’s only all forms or electronic energy cease to exist. Which basically sends them back into the olden days before electricity existed, while a group of survivor search for the source and attempt to reverse it. (Sounds like a movie that I once saw, but I can’t think of the name of it.)

  • Concerned Citizen


    *sighs* They really screwed the pooch with that description. Again (this is the twentieth time I’ve explained this to someone), it does not literally mean ALL forms of energy. It means technology, fuel, crap like that.

    Goddamn it people, use your brains.

  • Petar

    Look at KS post.
    Well i agree! Kripke is great but this is no cable tv! For example supernatural will never work in big 4 networks. And Kripke will work for first time in big stage too. Its completely different match/game. And NBC can’t support this type of show with nothing. Its not CBS. Even in ABC will have better lead-in with once for example! Will be after the voice wich is good thing good lead-in but same type of show is better option. Only good thing is that all new nbc dramas class looks strong with county and chicago fire. For the first time from years.

  • SarahL

    @SVU: Fringe Division

    Okay, that makes a bit more sense. Yet the concept still seems boring and difficult to sell, then again maybe a zombie or two will eat a couple of the survivors alive or some aliens will attack the survivors. Now that I would watch.

    @Concerned Citizen

    Since you apparently have no life and have designated yourself as the show’s unofficial publicist, take the time tell NBC to describe the show properly. No one with a life has the time to investigate if the premise of a pilot that might or might be picked up is correct.

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