Updated - More NBC New Show Pickups: 'The New Normal' and 'Revolution' +'1600 Penn' & 'Animal Practice'

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May 7th, 2012

NBC has picked up Ryan Murphy comedy The New Normal and the J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke drama Revolution.

Update: NBC has also picked up White House comedy 1600 Penn starring Bill Pullman to series for 13 episodes and comedy Animal Practice.

Earlier today NBC picked up comedy Save Me.

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  • SarahL (not Simone)

    The negativity about NBC’s comedies is just typically piling on as far as I can tell.

    The comments that Kripke is a genius are soo typically over the top. RME. I have no idea how Revolution will do, but if it is true that Favreau is directing the pilot then he must think that it is solid.

    I think that NBC will turn things around over the next couple of years.

  • Chris L

    I can’t watch Bill Pullman in anything ever again after “Torchwood: Miracle Day.”

  • Jay

    I’m predicting ‘The New Normal’ is the only one which does ok. However, like most Ryan Murphy productions the show will go completely over the top and/or overly preachy by the second season before self-imploding…

  • Matto

    All the NBC drama pilots seem very interesting… I really do hope they pick up both County and Do No Harm. both medical dramas seem awesome and very dynamic and complex :)

    I have to say NBC is copying ABC with Notorious It has about the same revenge-esque premise Revenge has. No one can ever beat Revenge though ;)

    The comedy pilots at NBC also sound very interesting. 1600 Penn and Go On seem the top 2. The New Normal seems cool, same with Animal Practice, even though this means Animal Kingdom wont get picked up, because NBC wont have 2 coms. with Animal in it. :(

    The only comedies that’ll get renewed at NBC are Parks and Rec. and Communtiy and 30Rock, and MAYBE a final season for The Office

  • KevinSW


    Animal Practice IS Animal Kingdom, they changed it’s name.

  • RyanCanada

    i hope The New Normal does well… and i hope Nene Leakes role is a regular and not just a recuring role.

  • Mi

    @Petar this is the review I read, thanks. I disagree about serialized shows, because they are the shows I like the most, but I agree there should be some procedural elements to it, like the monster of the week in SPN vs the mythodology. I hope Kripke is the show runner of Revolution.

  • Rebecca

    I didn’t know Tyler Labine was in Animal Kingdom – that’s great. I loved him in Reaper and in Mad Love. Now I really hope the show is good (love Justin Kirk too). Too bad about Downwardly Mobile…maybe it can still be picked up somewhere.

  • Dan S

    Hope springs eternal if Harry’s Law shows up on the fake NBC schedule. I honestly don’t think a final decision has been made on a 3rd season yet. Same goes for the prospects of Parenthood coming back.

  • Petar

    We can say that this year NBC is much much better than last year and next season looks like even better! I think this is best nbc dramas class since at least 5-6 years with three really looks strong dramas – revolution, county and chicago fire! And they have hannibal with 13ep.

    Its interesting to see this season compare to last season in each network primetime. I think TV by the numbers can make this cause they have the numbers!
    I think nbc will be up with best % for the season, cbs next in up, abc may be steady fox may be steady and cw will be 10-15% down.

  • JFC

    S.L. Stirling wrote a whole series of books about the entire planet loosing all forms of electricity and generated power. The first was called “Dies The Fire”. The concept was that almost overnight we revert to a medieval type society, Revolution sounds like it may be based on these books.

  • Petar

    Well CBS right now are the best with dramas and they all are procedurals! In last 3-4 years where dramas are in decline only CBS create hits wich go into syndication after one season – NCIS LA, H5O, POI! I think Kripke earned the right to be showrunner in the big stage.

  • Justin121 all at 10 pm, no less

    NBC only has 3 slots for dramas on their entire schedule?


  • Chuck_T

    I have to think that NBC is not picking up Rosanne Barr sitcom (so far) because she must have a low Q score. I know so many people who just dislike/hate her. I used to like her when she did stand up and for the first few years of her sitcom but as the years have gone by I’ve found myself not hating her but surely not liking her that much.

  • JJJ

    Anything with Kripke is worth a look–he has talent and more importantly vision. I think he give Revolution a fighting chance.

  • JJJ


  • AC75

    Serialized can work for any network, it just has to be good and know where it’s going. LOST, 24, and… possibly The-X-Files all pretty much knew what they were doing, while shows like FlashForward, The Event, and Fringe all failed from the from opening scenes.

    It’s it’s good they will watch.

  • AC75

    *If* it’s good…

  • steve Aylward

    Another one JJ the man must have no free time will deffo watch Revolution i think community will finish soon if the stories are true of the rift could be curtains.all the stuff i watch comes from the states bad tv in the uk.
    NYC 22 shaping up to be good .But will your networks give them a chance ?
    Good shows get cancelled bad ones kept on but keep up the good work.Anyone know when Burn Notice will be back on ?

  • rehabber

    Eric Kripke & J.J. Abrams together, I am so looking forward to Revolution.

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