NBC Picks Up 'Save Me' Starring Anne Heche to Series

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May 7th, 2012

NBC has picked up comedy Save Me, starring Anne Heche to series with a 13 episode order, joining Matthew Perry's comedy Go On and drama Hannibal with a pickup.


  • Concerned Citizen


    Other than CBS, none of the broadcast networks have had much success with multi-cam sitcoms in recent years. So you can understand their reluctance to embrace the style.

    Plus, y’know, the format is crap. I don’t need to be told when to laugh.

  • Chuck_T

    All the sitcoms that NBC is picking up makes me think that some of the current Thursday night NBC sitcoms will not return.

  • Captain Morgan

    If NBC can’t pickup Downwardly Mobile over these stale single-cams then I feel like NBC will never recover as a network. They simply don’t learn from their lessons.

  • LOL

    @Concerned Citizen, maybe we are brain dead, because I have actually watched over 15 minutes of NBC comedies and never laughed once.

  • Boyd

    Still miss “Men In Trees”. Anne Heche, despite her own personal demons, is still one of the most talented actresses out there.

  • Rebecca

    @Concerned Citizen
    I added more pilots to my list of what to check out in the fall or mid-season (in case some are held until winter or spring), if they make it to air. I’ll see Animal Kingdom, 1600 Penn, and some others – but lately I’m more of a single cam fan than multi-cam. I got too used to that “new” format, and now laugh tracks sometimes bring on small headaches…unless it’s a show I’m used to seeing/hearing that way like TBBT, Rules, LMS, Raymond, Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers. It’s better when you can hear actual laughter (for example: You can hear Desi Arnaz laughing at some I Love Lucy scenes when he’s not in the scenes, which is fun). It’s nice that with dvds like the seasons of MASH, you can turn off the laugh tracks.

  • Concerned Citizen


    Animal Kingdom and 1600 Penn are both single camera, so no problems there. In addition, Animal Kingdom is executive produced by the Russo brothers, who are executive producers on Community and Happy Endings, as well as frequent collaborators on the late, great Arrested Development (and also the directors of the pilot). And Justin Kirk was supposedly highly sought after this season, so the fact that he went with Animal Kingdom hopefully speaks to the script’s strength.

  • Matt

    I am getting seriously worried that NBC is not going to pick up Downwardly Mobile.. everything I have read online from folks who claim to have attended the taping of the pilot indicates that it is very funny and would be worth watching–conversely, I keep reading that it is not testing well, but hasn’t nearly every great NBC sitcom tested poorly? I seem to recall hearing that Seinfeld, Friends and Cheers all tested badly and they went on to be NBC powerhouses.

    Mobility has a built in audience already, trust me NBC — people will be very eager to see Roseanne and Goodman together again, and if the show is even somewhat funny and “real”, the audience will stay.

  • ToXiX

    Downwardly Mobile would be great for NBC to have

    If they pass on it, they DESERVE the even lower ratings than they got this season that they will receive next season.

    I barely watch NBC but a sitcom with Roseanne & John Goodman back together would definitely bring some attention to the slowly dying network.

    NBC will have CW numbers by 2015.

  • Rebecca

    I’m still rooting for Downwardly Mobile, whether it’s multi-cam or single cam…I’d love to see Roseanne work with Goodman again.

    @Concerned Citizen
    I didn’t have Animal Kingdom on my list until I found out Justin Kirk was in it. Loved him in Jack&Jill (a long time ago on WB) and enjoy him on Weeds. I have to check out 1600 Penn simply for Bill Pullman (he was the Prez in Independence Day, hehe). Good to know more about it. Thanks for the info you’ve been providing here and on the other threads.

  • Networkman

    So far, I’m very interested in Hannibal. Also, I will give Animal Kingdom a try. I’m slighly interested because of the concept also I really like Bobby Lee.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Obviously NBC was just DYING to tap into that huge 100,000 viewer fanbase of the super-smash Horses Becoming Obsolete hit, “Enlightened.”

  • Riff Rafferty

    Other than CBS, none of the broadcast networks have had much success with multi-cam sitcoms in recent years. So you can understand their reluctance to embrace the style. Plus, y’know, the format is crap. I don’t need to be told when to laugh.

    Oh, no. Of course not. You pseudo-intellectual single-cam sitcom elitists have your own thing to tell you when to laugh. The critics.

  • a p garcia

    Hope it does well since I like Anne Heche.

  • NCJeff

    Hey! It looks like Matthew Perry is going to kill another show. Can we just jump straight to predicting how many episodes ’til it gets pulled?

  • Trent

    NBC better wise up and pick up Downwardly Mobile. I was lucky enough to attend the taping of the pilot and I must say it felt really goo to see Roseanne and John Goodman working together again. It was funny, the writing was great, acting was great… Especially when Roseanne messed up her lines, it was priceless, also the return of the Chicken Shirt from the original Roseanne show!!! Ryan Rynolds and Matthew Perry were both at the taping too!!

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