PTC Trashes Howard Stern, Lobbies Advertisers Prior to 'America's Got Talent' Premiere

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May 7th, 2012

"Stern’s reputation for sleaze and misogyny is well known."

via PTC:
The following is an excerpt from letters sent by Parents Television Council President Tim Winter to 91 corporations that have sponsored prior episodes of “America's Got Talent” on NBC:

As a former sponsor of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the Parents Television Council urgently brings to your attention the return of this program, but with the addition of “shock-jock” Howard Stern as a judge. The season premiere is scheduled to air on Monday, May 14th.

Programs like AGT have offered millions of American families a brief respite from the otherwise-ubiquitous stream of violent, profane and sexually-explicit content on primetime broadcast television. Talent/performance competitions like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice and AGT are among the highest-rated programs on the air. A key reason is that these programs have been relatively safe for family viewing. NBC’s decision to add Mr. Stern to AGT will likely result in a sharp increase in explicit content, and we urge you to be mindful when considering a media buy.

Stern’s reputation for sleaze and misogyny is well known; and to our knowledge his only previous judging experience consisted of looking at insecure, naked young women and telling them whether or not they were hot enough to pose for Playboy. He once told a female guest, “I would like to kiss you and chop off your feet…I wanna bite off your fingers…I wanna have sex with you and throw you in a ditch…[and] chop your head off.” Does such commentary accurately reflect your corporate values?

When Stern was rumored to be headed to American Idol, he discussed a previous winner in these terms: “Hey Fantasia, you’re not getting little boys hard. Nobody’s beating off to you…Little boys want boners. They want a Britney Spears or a Rihanna.” With an abundant list of obscene and grotesque material, this is the track record Howard Stern brings to America’s Got Talent. Does his decades-long penchant for profanity, his affinity for degrading and sexualizing women, and his proclivity for vulgar and explicit dialog, accurately reflect your corporate values?

There can be, and there must be, a presumption that Mr. Stern will only continue to conduct himself in precisely the same manner as he has done for decades. Unless and until his conduct consistently reflects and respects the time, place and manner of an 8:00 p.m. broadcast television program, we would urge you and your advertising agency to consider alternate network television programming for your media dollars.

The risk of associating your hard-earned corporate brand image with such “shock” is not worth the cost involved – a cost not just in terms of wasted media dollars, but also in terms of countless millions of dollars in customer goodwill. I assure you that every advertiser on America’s Got Talent will be held publicly accountable for underwriting any of the inevitably vile antics of Howard Stern.

  • Bruce Carter

    The man commented on the sexual characteristics of dead Columbine shooting victims. What part of trashy don’t people get? He does things for shock value alone to make money, nothing more, and doesn’t belong on the air anywhere for any reason. A civilized society would pull him off of all broadcast media permanently.
    Sexual characteristics of underage female corpses? Pervert – that is all he is.

  • kyle

    WOW give the guy a chance he might surprises us all

  • Jason

    Parent Television Council knows misogyny. They’re stuck in the 1950s and it’s ideals.

  • Brian

    PTC needs to get a life, as do others that worry about what some guy on the radio says.

    There are far worse shows on network tv than what people will hear or see from Howard on AGT. Too funny.

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    But I bet they love 2 Broke Girls, and they especially love Max talking about all of her sexual organs in a manner that would make a porn star wince.

  • TVDude

    Does anyone really listen to the PTC? They’re powerless unless people do. I’m willing to bet 75% of it’s active members are outside of the 18-49 demographic too. That just screams, “TV advertisers, pay attention to us.”

  • Lane

    I’m not watching AGT this year because of Stern. Complete sleazeball.

  • DW

    stern never trashed the columbine victims. he was pondering about how all that hate and anger those shooters had towards their fellow students could of been put to better use like asking a girl out and liking a girl rather than having all that hate.

    This is how the PTC makes their money. stern is going to be great on the show.

  • carole

    I don’t watch 2BG and I won’t be watching AGT this year. I hate trash. I thow my trash away.

  • Obveeus

    A new low for the PTC. It isn’t enough for them to try and control everything that other people watch on TV. Now, they are attempting to control stuff that doesn’t even exist: Stern being offensive on a show that has yet to air.

  • SoCal

    Stern is the only reason i’m going to give AGT a shot

  • William Haney

    I am sure Howard will water it down, he is no dummy. Time and place. But he will be vocal nonetheless. Give him a chance.

  • Terry

    Stern is on radio, not the public kind, but the one where you have to pay to subscribe; and therefore only a fan of Stern would subscribe and listen to his rants. Stern is a smart business man; he will be himself, albeit a more mild and professional version. He won’t make an ass of himself on TV.

    And thanks PTC for the promotion. More people will be tuning in now because of the controversy.

  • EatMorePez

    If you really think Stern will use the same “explicit content” on a broadcast network TV show that he uses on a subscription radio service, you might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. (And I don’t listen to Stern or watch AGT, so I don’t have a horse in this race.)

  • Joe

    Those of you who trash Howard must be lunatics. Do you honestly think that he is going to be vulgar on national tv during the 8:00 hour? Anybody who has had a bad word to say about Stern are only going by what you heard on the radio. We call this “shtick”. You have a choice turn it off if you don’t like what your hearing. There are going to be pleasant surprises when Howard knocks it out of the park on AGT. I cannot wait.

  • Observer

    I unfortunately happen to agree with the PTC on this one. Stern is a vile, vile man and I wouldn’t go near anything he is associated with.

  • SalaciousCrumb

    I miss howard on free radio….naked chix rule !!!

  • commonsense

    howard stern has gone downhill since he married Mr. Ed….errrr…his wife, who looks like a horse and sounds like a hyena

  • anotherguynamedrobert

    Another example of the pot calling the kettle black. As for Howard being a judge, I think he’ll be awesome. Enough with this tyranical puritanical bunch.

  • Rob

    To the President of PTC…I’m assuming that you listen to Howard Stern, since you’re quoting him. If you don’t listen to him, why are you quoting him. By not listening to Howard that means you don’t know what he says. If you don’t know way he says, how can you dislike him on hearsay? If you are listening to him, why are you listening, if you don’t like him. Either way, what you should do is keep your mouth shut. All you did was pour fuel on a fire. By the way, no one cares what you or your council has to say. 99% of the 18-49 year old demographic, couldn’t care less about the PTC. The PTC is irrelevant. I hope AGT realizes that.

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