Monday Final Ratings: 'DWTS', 'Two and a Half Men', 'The Voice', and '2 Broke Girls' Adjusted Up; 'Castle' and 'Smash' Adjusted Down

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May 8th, 2012

Dancing With the Stars, Two and a Half Men, The Voice  and 2 Broke Girls were each adjusted up a tenth, while Castle and Smash were adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, May 7, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC The Voice (8-10 PM) 3.8 10 10.740
CBS 2 Broke Girls 3.3 10 8.990
ABC Dancing With the Stars (8-10p) 2.7 7 16.370
FOX Bones 1.9 6 7.020
CW Gossip Girl 0.4 1 0.830
9:00PM CBS Two And A Half Men 3.8 10 11.430
FOX House 2.1 5 6.090
CW Hart of Dixie 0.6 2 1.370
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly 3.1 8 10.140
10:00PM ABC Castle 2.4 6 12.360
CBS Hawaii Five-0 2.3 6 9.390
NBC Smash 1.8 5 5.720

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • B

    GG is in its 5th season. Hello? I see no logic in fans of the ‘freshmen cw shows’ getting happy over this. GG was a show pulling 3 and 2 millions before; its obviously going to slip down like it happens with all shows. But all these freshmen shows can’t even pull higher than 1.3 million. That’s sad.

  • Sophia

    “SMG4E has a point… Maybe ringer should be renewed instead of Nikita, maybe not HOD though”

    No, she doesn’t. Nikita is on FRIDAY, which is a big difference. Of course you will think differently when your “name” is the same as the character on Ringer.

  • Lauren

    Love how all the GG haters are out in force today!

    At the end of the day THE FRESHMANS are the shows that have been the most worrying!

    GG has made the CW enough money to justify a final 13 episodes and 1 dip won’t change that.

    So GET OVER IT!!!

  • A


    That is so true. I look forward to your comments each week.

    I think the problem is that these people are mad over the opportunities and chances GG has been getting for years now. Well I would be be mad too if I wasn’t a GG fan.

    GG is coming back. Deal, everyone~

  • bilborges

    does someone has the partial hours numbers from DWTS?

  • Bridget Kelly

    @ sophia..

    tell me.. why can supernatural manage to pull a 0.7 on a FRIDAY and nikita gets 0.4 also on FRIDAY and the funny part is nikita is a lead-in!! ha

    Ringer is in the worst slot on tv Tuesday at 9pm is considered the “death slot” not to mention as before ringer had NO lead-in for most of the spring, so of coarse its numbers would be slightly lower that everything (except nikita and gg)TSC has no excuse i mean come on, its the only show after VD and the dang show cant even hang on to that audience.. and like i said, this “friday factor” is BULL! SPN proves that.. i guess what im saying that ringer could have and probably would have done better not a lot better but better none the less in any other time slot… because if you havent noticed a pattern in the last few years, not one show on tuesdays at 9pm on the cw has lasted (Life unexpected, Veronica Mars, Melrose place) so honey i think you need a better argument because at least i make a point here…

  • Bridget Kelly

    @ sophia

    id also like to throw in the fact that SPN is in its 7TH SEASON, whereas niita is in its 2ND

  • forg

    While 2 Broke Girls is down, I think they are strong enough to be an 8 pm show next season. I suggest the slide it to 8 pm next and move HIMYM to Thu, 8 pm if they are going to pursue that Thursday comedy block or vice versda 2BG to Thu and HIMYM stays on Monday. Anyway, with that said, 2 Broke Girls is the only new scripted show this season that didn’t go below 3.0. Not a fan of the show but glad at least to see we have a bonafide freshman hit this season.

  • flynn

    0.6 for HoD is still extremely & shamefully low for a 1st season show, no wonder it cant get out of the list of consistently up for cancellation.
    And those who always belitlled Gossip Girl in defense of HoD is just pathetically dumb. when the former is one of the highest rated & popular show if not the most at CW gathering around 3 Million viewers on its just 1st Season.

  • whizzer

    @ HoD needs a better lead-in.

    Hod badly needs better lead “actress”, so that it wouldnt get tanking ratings.

  • Jenny

    What is NBC going to do now that The Voice kept dropping in the ratings all year?

    Tonight’s finale was Terrible!

    Way to drawn out, way too much boring filler, and the woman doing the interviews was so bad it was hard to watch.

    Plus yesterday show with last year’s final four proves the show does not have contestant’s talent to be stars.

    Today’s final four, only Juliet with the talent to be a star and she did not win.

    Also for a show called The Voice, there was a lot of lip syncing in tonight’s final.

    I predict The Voice will be The Flop next year.

  • Psycho Bob

    Bridget Kelly – you just answered your own question:

    why does Supernatural pull 0.7 on Fridays, and Nikita 0.4

    Supernatural is in its 7th season, the #2 show on the CW, it has an established fanbase for years now that are loyal to it and will watch it on whatever night it airs and that includes Fridays.

    Nikita had one season on Thursday night after TVD and then it was moved to Friday, 1 year is not enough time to establish the fanbase Supernatural has and the loyal crazy fans it has who have fan fiction websites devoted to it – the show is extremely popular since it’s been around for 7 years. Stop comparing these two shows, it’s getting annoying much like the rest of your posts about Ringer.

  • Bridget Kelly

    @ psych bob

    i wasnt comparing them i was comparing nikita and ringer bc sophia is crazy

  • Warren

    Ringer nutjobs need to give it up. It ain’t happening.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @Bridget Kelly,

    Not clear who you figured you’d fool by creating a [now deleted] comment with the name “Bill Gorman” attached to it, but as the genuine article, I do know you won’t be joining us here any longer. Take your crazy elsewhere.

    Bye now!

  • Psycho Bob

    and I’m not some Ringer hater, I watched the show also, but gave up on it midway as the writing was just too bland and cliche for my tastes. I did like the fact that it was an adult show that had actual drama that wasn’t all teen-ified like most of the CW shows.

    I would love to see Nikita renewed but I’m not sure where the story is headed, if they could get 13 episodes to close out the show I would be happy because I don’t know what kind of new story arc they could come up with for 2 more seasons. I watch The Secret Circle but it’s not that great of a show, I would expect Gossip Girl and Hart Of Dixie will get renewed even though I don’t watch either show.

    I am just getting into Supernatural right now and am watching it from the beginning on Netflix streaming.

  • Jim

    Ugh Bill. Why could it not have been (Doubtfully)HotLatino4GayMarriage?

  • WB

    @ Flynn

    The whole entire CW network is LOW-RATED including it’s veteran shows, of course the freshmen series will be low! They have been affected due to this, don’t you get it!?

  • WB

    @ Whizzer

    Rachel Bilson is fine on DIXIE, I totally disagree.

  • Revenge

    I hate when people argue because the people that read the comments have to see all the ANNOYING posts. It needs to stop.

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