Britney Spears Officially Joins 'The X Factor' Judges' Table

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May 9th, 2012

E! News is reporting that after months of negotiations, the Britney Spears has finally signed her contract to join Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid as a judge on The X Factor. She will earn $15 Million for one season's worth of work.

  • SteveO

    Yeah, she’s not the BEST singer, but she was/is an amazing performer and she knows the business very well. Simon and LA can’t sing and they’re judges.

  • Richard

    I’m sorry guys but remenber there’s only one reason why we still have HIMYM on the air and it’s Britney Spears. She may not be the best singer in the world but has a huge “young” fanbase.

  • Polar Bear

    NO. NO. NO.

  • Sarah

    I thought The X Factor sucked, but with Britney signing on as a judge I’m willing to give it another chance.

  • Be


    are u being dumb on purpose?
    XFACTOR is about OVERALL performance. Its not a ‘live singing’ competition.

    Britney is known for her performances. The public already knows she doesn’t sing live.

  • Silas

    “Hi, we’re Fox and we are willing to burn another $15m in a hopeless attempt to turn the X Factor from a lemon into a ratings winner like AI”

  • Donnie

    I don’t know where you were last year but her music was everywhere during the 20 year 2011. I’m not even a fan of her in general, but her recent song ’till the world ends’…i know its a Britney Spears song when I hear it on the radio.

    So she must be relevant after all.

  • Marry

    That is a smart move. Britney brings in ratings in everything she does. Like when she was on How I met Your Mother and Glee, those shows had their highest rating.

    I never watch Xactor but i will tune in to see what Britney does. And that days something….they are going to make non-fans of X-Factor watch the show.

  • Danny


  • Jason

    I can’t wait. >:)

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    She looks great in that old picture, she’s looking rough nowadays, and JLO is the bigger star since she was paid 20 million, not 15.

  • Lord Seth

    @ Mike

    I think she is the only star out there who has a significant CHANCE to raise the ratings for the show. People are absolutely fascinated by her, and that is the main reason why this could potentially work. She could be terrible, and might do absolutely nothing for viewership, but I cannot think of another artist who has the potential to make a big difference.

    Adele springs to mind.

  • Julianna

    whatever, she doesn’t sing live and The X Factor is about it and that.

    I don’t think it’s cool to pay 15 million to someone for this kind of show!

  • chuckylane

    yayyyy!!!!! go Britney!

  • $

    HotLatino4GayMarriage: “JLO is the bigger star since she was paid 20 million, not 15.”

    J.Lo got $12 million for her first season which is less than what Britney will get for her first season.

  • A

    LOL both Jennifer and XTina get paid less.
    Britney will be paid more. 15 million and its only her first season.

  • Christian

    Haha I knew Britney wouldn’t sign for less than 15 million. She’s gotta show those hoes (J.Ho and Xtina) who the real Queen Bee is! You go Britney! Simon is a very smart man because I’ve been avoiding all singing shows like the plague after Pia was eliminated but this will definitely get me to tune in!

  • Ultima

    X Factor from a lemon into a ratings winner

    You have fairly high standards for what you consider a ratings winner.

    The X Factor was FOX’s highest rated freshman show, second highest rated freshman show overall, and second highest rated show on FOX.

    It didn’t pull American Idol numbers, but it was still successful (FOX was up ~17% year-to-year in the fall). There’s a reasonable chance that it will be the highest rated reality series next fall as well.

  • Bee

    this just gave x-factor new life. it won’t be getting 11.0 demos, but it might match or even do better than last season for its premiere. but like with the voice, if the talent, structure, etc is poor, the ratings will decline every week.

  • forg

    X Factor was not the blockbuster we thought it would be but given how FOX scripted shows struggles these days and the significant ratings decrease of AI, X Factor helped FOX to stay on top of the 18-49 demo this season by giving it three hours of 3-4 ratings last fall that helped their overall average.

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