Britney Spears Officially Joins 'The X Factor' Judges' Table

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May 9th, 2012

E! News is reporting that after months of negotiations, the Britney Spears has finally signed her contract to join Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid as a judge on The X Factor. She will earn $15 Million for one season's worth of work.

  • Freyja

    I won’t be watching, because the only reality show I watch is The Voice but I am not sure I am going to watch past the blind auditions next year, cause it’s fixed anyhow.

  • KJ

    This is gonna be AMAZING!

  • ABC hater

    This will give it a big boost. She’s a media magnet.

  • RyanCanada

    @Nazel i agree! and she has sung live many times, so the haters can take a hike


    Simon or L.A Reid don’t sing but they are successful because they know talent. that’s what they do, sign on people and make millions. Britney Spears can’t sing. She’s not a live artist. She doesn’t even have the intelligence to complete sentences. I’ll bet she’ll wear an ear piece and someone will be telling her what to say. Simon signed her on because she’s a product and that’s all there is to it. She doesn’t even dance anymore, have you seen her in concert? She’s a brand and nothing else. Simon should of got someone with a lot more talent, that’s all.

  • RyanCanada

    @HotLatino4GayMarriage JLO got 12 million, so get your facts straight

  • forg

    Ever since her meltdown, Britney is the not same performer anymore (she doesn’t dance that well like she used to) even if she had hit albums and songs so it’s interesting how she will fare on live TV. Paula Abdul 2.0? But there’s no denying that she will boost the ratings as her previous stint with HIMYM and the Glee tribute ep showed.

  • Hugh

    Ima check out the X Factor now

  • Doug in SF

    None of these people are worth the amounts of money they are paid. We, as consumers, end up for this out of our wallets. I didn’t like the first season, I doubt if I’ll watch the second season at all.

  • ron

    She will be great as a judge , everyone is alredy talking about her!

  • USAmerica1st

    Deal me in for a couple of the shows, but might have been better if Paula and Steve had stayed on.

  • Annie

    While Britney, Christina, and JLO are watching their careers fizzle into small screen oblivion, Madonna will be touring this summer and her tours always make about 300 million dollars. There’s only one queen and that’s Madonna.

  • sam

    Let’s be realistic with ourselves here. Britney Spears has probably been one of the most uninteresting female singers since her meltdown. Whatever meds her management has her on has got her acting like robot, locked away behind closed doors and barely even able to utter a sentence or two when she is put in front of the camera. The public interest in her has dwindled down dramatically, as evident by the poor sales performance of her previous album and horrible reception of her last tour.

    Will Britney Spears be able to cause controversy and become a water-cooler topic like Christina Aguilera has been able to on “The Voice?” Absolutely not. Britney does not have the personality, boldness and edge that Aguilera has given her show. Let’s be honest with ourselves…Aguilera’s antics are what run that show. Britney is going to be playing second fiddle to Simon who will be up to his old tricks and Britney will be sitting right next to him saying sweet stuff. And her sentences will be very short.

    It’s nice that Simon is willing to blow a whole $15 million just to get a 5.5 demo premiere…but what’s going to happen after that when people realize Britney Spears is uninteresting, uninspired and just a boring old sweetheart? Turn the channel to see Xtina’s drama perhaps?

  • LJ

    gotta give it to them. This will definitely bring eyeballs to the show. She’ll have to be more JLo than Ellen if she wants them to stay though.

  • Sid

    I don’t mean to be rude but I really don’t get the purpose of these shows.

    American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor, they’re all the same crap!

  • IsraelCD

    @Chris AMEN TO THAT ! Britney Is The Perfect Example of X-FACTOR !

  • TeeVeeViewer

    This is a move of desperation on the part of Cowell. Spears is as “relevant” as yeterday’s coffee and just as bland. I won’t be watching and I’m certain most Americans over the age of 20 don’t care about her either. Still, she managed to get $15 million for her inane opinions, so either she’s not as dim as she appears or she has a very talented business manager/agent.

  • Justin121

    The X-Factor wouldn’t be able to hit a 3.0 rating this year without Brtiney.

    With Britney I expect it to at least stay in the 4s and some 5s.

    The Voice same story.

    A Fall cycle would cause its ratings to fall but now the Britney Vs. Xtina thing will help both shows.

    The Voice mostly — The X-Factor would get a boost thanks to Britney alone.

  • sdfdf

    I w0uld definitely watch..because Britney has this thing that lures me to her..I WILL WATCH IT!

  • Networkman

    You don’t have to have the strongest voice in order to judge well. Just look at who she is replacing. Paula Abdul was not the strongest singer as well. But Britney does have the “it” factor. She is the perfect example of The X-Factor. Now that they have someone like that on the judges’ panel, I would love to see an R&B singer represented. It was rumored that before her passing, Whitney Houston was in contention. So, why not put Kelly Rowland on the show. Also because of her connection with Simon Cowell, Fantasia would be a great choice to help bring in a different type of audience. X-Factor should go for every demo. I would definately watch it then.

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