NBC Picks Up Comedy 'Guys with Kids'

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May 9th, 2012

As widely expected NBC has picked up comedy Guys with Kids to series according to Variety. The show is from Jimmy Fallon's production company, Holiday Road.  This joins comedies Go On, Save Me, The New Normal, 1600 Penn and Animal Practice.

Earlier today NBC renewed Law & Order: SVU for a 14th season and picked up drama Chicago Fire

  • Teag

    Hoping Community gets renewed for a full season.

  • Concerned Citizen

    @SVU: Fringe Division

    They might very well either renew Whitney or pick up another multi-camera sitcom, but there’s no way they’ll do both with all of the comedies they already have on their slate.

    Not too happy about this one, considering I loathe multi-camera sitcoms. Wish they would’ve gone with Friday Night Dinner or Happy Valley instead.

  • Joe

    It seems like a lot, but NBC is at 6 new comedies, the same amount they picked up this year.

  • John A

    Why so much NBC renewel news? How come the rest of the networks arent leaking news?

  • Niel

    They finally pickup a multi-cam and from what I heard this was the best of the bunch. Anthony Anderson is in this one I believe.

    The reports all along has been that Whitney’s fate is likely determined how many multi-cams are picked up. The remaining ones in contention could replace Whitney but I think this lone pickup pretty much is an unofficial renewal for Whitney because Whitney now has a partner on the schedule.

    My question for NBC is that I still don’t get why they won’t at least have four multi-cams on their roster so they can build a two-hour multi-cam block.

  • Dan

    Thats a lot of comedies that they’ve picked up. Its likely that most will be for short orders and bubble Whitney and Chelsea will be gone. Up All Night has a chance and The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community and 30 Rock are safe. Cant wait for the schedule.

  • Bunny

    ABC should pick up Downwardly Mobile and pair up with LMS

  • Niel

    @ Bunny: I agree that could be a huge steal for ABC to have LMS, Reba, and Roseanne all in one new comedy block. NBC made a dumb decision on passing on Mobile.

  • SmG

    After picking up five single-camera new comedy series, NBC today ordered its first multi-camera show for next season, the Jimmy Fallon-produced Guys With Kids. For now, that is the only multi-camera NBC comedy series confirmed for next season, which raises the question what it will be paired with. Multi-camera sitcoms traditionally fare better in a block as evident by CBS’ success with the format. Besides Guys With Kids, the only NBC multi-camera comedy pilot still alive is Daddy’s Girls, which has not heard on its fate yet, with Ladyfriends fading fast and the rest, including Roseanne Barr’s Downwardly Mobile, over. The possible scenarios I’m hearing are: 1. NBC picks up Daddy’s Girls. 2. It pairs Guys with a single-camera comedy. And 3. The network brings back Whitney for a second season. The last scenario had been looking very unlikely but I hear the network brass have brought back the idea of possibly renewing Whitney, created by and starring Whitney Cummings, after a very low-rated first season.


  • Anthony

    @ Niel

    Do you think one of the networks will pick up Downwardly Mobile or does it seem to far-fetched? I don’t think Downwardly Mobile is completely out of it, atleast I hope not. Have you heard anything to as where Downwardly Mobile is heading?

  • Caringtype1(Save Harry!)

    None of the shows that i though they would pick up, were picked up. Some of these shows look weird, but I love NBC, so i will watch them all, except The New Normal. i can’t they picked that up and will NEVER in a million years watch that. i hope it gets canned after one episode.

  • Bunny


    According to deadline it’s shopping for other networks..

  • Sid

    Didn’t Whitney do ok(NBC standards)? I’d be shocked if it were cancelled.

  • Caringtype1(Save Harry!)

    Either Up All Night or Whitney will probably get a renewal for midseason. Both will be renewed.

  • Anthony

    @ Bunny

    Do you know where I can find the article if there is one? I am hoping it gets picked up by some one else bc its sounds like a great show and I love Barr and Goodman! Thanks!!

  • Caringtype1(Save Harry!)

    this show looks interesting….

  • Niel

    @ Anthony: The latest reports is that the showrunner is aiming to keep Mobile alive and shopping it around to other networks and one of them is ABC which is the perfect home for it. I think in my personal opinion if the showrunner is that aggressive in shopping it around especially with two names like Barr and Goodman to promote it with it will definitely find a home the only question is where?

    @ Sid: Whitney definitely did okay by NBC’s standards when it was in its Wednesday timeslot and it was the second highest rated comedy last season. In my opinion they need to find the right partner for it to grow. I think it needs to move to 9pm next season instead of 8pm since that’s too early for the type of comedy that it is.

  • Niel

    @ Caringtype1: It definitely does look interesting plus I like Jimmy Fallon’s work so it should work and Anthony Anderson is in it. Any word on Harry’s Law yet?

  • Dan S

    Too bad NBC passed on Friday Night Dinner. My guess is Whitney will likely now see a 2nd season. Unless The Voice moves to Wed they’ll likely keep there happy hour 8-9pm. I expect a new 2hr block on Tues & perhaps Sundays after football in 2013.

  • Melo 7

    Looks like Whitney will get renewed now but I wonder if there’s still plans for a two hour block for multi-cams?

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