NBC Picks Up Comedy 'Guys with Kids'

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May 9th, 2012

As widely expected NBC has picked up comedy Guys with Kids to series according to Variety. The show is from Jimmy Fallon's production company, Holiday Road.  This joins comedies Go On, Save Me, The New Normal, 1600 Penn and Animal Practice.

Earlier today NBC renewed Law & Order: SVU for a 14th season and picked up drama Chicago Fire

  • SJ


    Harry’s Law is dead, dead, dead.

  • Anthony


    Where did you find this report? I would like to keep track of Downwardly Mobile but I can’t find any good websites or any other information that keeps me updated? Also, do you think they will get a deal by the time schedules are reveled early next week?
    I think Harry’s Law is going to stay due to viewers, I remember reading something that NBC approves of the older age group since they need all the viewers they can possibly get. It averaged about 8 million viewers this year on top of playing around with its time slot so it definitely has loyal fans and I think if they can find the right partner, since it has celebrity apprentice right now which is terrible, they will hold on. I heard 50/50, there either gonna give it another shot to maintain viewers or they will test a new series out. I’m gonna go with renewal

  • Ultima

    FOX picked up Ned Fox is My Manny, The Goodwin Games and Mindy Kaling’s sitcom.

  • TMNone

    Whew. I was afraid NBC was like Concerned Citizen, loathing multi-cam sitcoms (though Whitney is by any standards better than Up All Night or even BFF). Probably they still do loathe them, but at least they’re not giving up on them completely, unlike Fox, which is sticking to the stale single-camera format.

  • Niel

    @ SJ: I don’t think its dead just yet that’s why I asked. I haven’t heard anything where it didn’t have a chance for a late renewal.

    @ Anthony: I forget exactly where I read that report from but it was from one of those rumor sites like Deadline or Variety. I just randomly Googled it last night. I don’t think it will make it to the schedules b/c their just negotiating but I would look for it to be a mid-season option. Anything is possible though since the pilot was already on tape so if ABC makes a quick decision they may have it in their upfronts. This happens all the time with pilots that don’t make it on their original network. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything and try to link where I got the information from.

    Back to Harry’s Law though, if NBC does keep it which they should they could use it to boost up Chicago Fire or County that way both of those shows have high viewership and build up their own demos. NBC should move SVU back to 9pm to boost up one of those two shows too.

    NBC has to protect their timeslots in order to succeed this season.

  • Anthony

    I think Downwardly Mobile should hopefully get picked up by CBS and they should pair it with 2 Broke Girls. I think that would be a great match, since NBC is pretty much down with D.M.

  • Niel

    @ TMNone: I’ve read some of CC’s post and he is a multi-cam hater no doubt. I think Whitney was easily especially coming down the stretch the best new comedy this past season. It’s good to see NBC keeping at it with them, eventually their going to find success with that format again they just have to stick with it. I still hate it that they passed on Mobile because that was an instant ratings success for them.

  • Niel

    @ Anthony: I was reading some comments from another site and people did bring up the idea of it being on CBS. CBS gets huge numbers out of their comedies and having Mobile would just keep them in the winning circle for a long time.

    Their last resort should be TV Land if they can’t find a broadcaster who will commit to it.

  • Anthony

    @ Niel

    Thanks Niel, much appreciated! And I agree with you about Harry’s Law, its more valuable then everyone thinks and even though its going into its possible third season, I still think it has immense potential, maybe Harry’s Law can help like you said with the new shows and maybe that will spark their viewership and get H.L a higher demo, they help each other out. I don’t think it was used to its true value. Launching a new show in its place I think would be too risky, fans would get frustrated and they would lose a high viewed show.

  • Melo 7

    I think its very possible that Downwardly Mobile got passed on by NBC because of money not quality. I forget how expensive it must be to commit to those kind of salaries.

    The fact that the showrunner is still shopping the show explains of this being a case of money.

  • Anthony

    Yes I hope CBS commits, and they might since they haven’t voiced any decisions on their thoughts with their new shows. Only if they can get it in enough time. Did you know NBC passed up Roseanne in 1987 and thats how it got to ABC? And now they do the same exact things, such b.s. Maybe roseanne wil make a comeback to ABC but I highly doubt it since I always heard she had so many problems their and they didn’t giver her a fair chance because she was a female

  • Anthony

    @ Melo 7

    Have you heard anything about other networks looking at it seriously? I’m really frustrated, thats why NBC is crap bc it doesn’t care about quality. Those salaries will payback when its a huge success which I know it can be

  • Caringtype1(Save Harry!)

    AA is great at comedy, as well as drama.

  • craig

    They passed on Downwardly Mobile? the chance to have Barr and Goodman together in a comedy again, the king and queen of 80s/90s sitcom?

    This network really is stupid

  • chrisss

    @ craig

    Or maybe the pilot is just incredibly awful?

  • Anthony

    Yes for the most part they did. I don’t understand it either, it was Hilarious when they were In the little crummy house in Lanford but to have the two back together, Barr especially being the queen of blue collar comedy, in a trailer park is just genious and would have been an instant success!! So disappointed, truly hope another network picks them up, this the only show I was looking forward to next season bc I knew it would be a bit and those two had great chemistry and I would bring back so many good memories that so many people would just be intrigued. Also the 2 or 3 other families their had great storyline and decent stars like Mary birdsong and Tricia O’Keilly.


  • Anthony

    *hit not bit

    @ chrisss

    I heard the pilot was very good and it originally got good feedback but it wasn’t as “hot” supposedly as other ones or it didn’t test that well. But a lot of shows like cheers and friends didn’t have good pilot testing and look at them. They def. should have have it a chance esp with that star power. NBC passed up on Roseanne in 1987 to ABC so I’m very surprised and I think foolish on their behalf to not give it a try, I bet it would have down better than all of the Thursday night comedies that are dreadful in ratings.

  • Alex

    It’s very possible that Mobile might be a great position right now as there’s a chance NBC might not want to lose Mobile to a rival network and have it hit over there. That would be one of the biggest pilot scars in years.

    All were hearing is rumors right now so its not like Mobile is officially dead right now.

    I thought Guys with Kids was dead and it got picked up.

  • Matt


    I have read a few reports online from folks who attended the taping of the Mobile pilot and they have all said that it was very funny, very smart, and felt very real. I read one just today from a woman who said she is not a fan of Roseanne at all, but loved the pilot. Who knows..

  • stoney

    NBC Stands for “Nothing But Crap” another lame sitcom

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