NBC Renews 'Law & Order: SVU;' Picks Up 'Chicago Fire'

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May 9th, 2012

Not a surprise (Bill and I both gave it a 100% chance of renewal) but NBC has renewed Law & Order: SVU for a fourteenth season and also picked up Dick Wolf's new firefighter drama Chicago Fire.

  • Dennis

    Yeahhhh, SVU go on!!!!!!

  • Harris

    Headline should be ABC still hasn’t early renewed anything, freakin’ jerks!

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    wow…did not realize SVU has been on for 14 seasons.

    Chicago Fire will most likely not do well. I say that because fire fighter dramas never really work.

  • Sid

    Excited for CHICAGO FIRE :)

  • Lane

    SVU will last till Season 17.

  • Cristian

    I wish Chicago Fire was actually about the MLS team with the same name. :)

  • Liz


    I say that because fire fighter dramas never really work.

    On broadcast, you mean. Rescue Me ran for seven seasons on FX.

  • Matt

    What are the chances that NBC only orders procedurals to series? Pretty high I think.

  • SmG

    I’ll watch Chicago Fire, I hope it wont be the next “Trauma” :)

  • Petar

    Good news for NBC! I think they must pair it and may work pretty well for them!

  • Holly


    Is Revolution a procedural? *goes to find description*

  • Petar


    Their third strong drama is County wich is teen ER/teen Grey or something like it. So no only procedurals!

  • Petar

    ooops we forgot Hannibal. This may turn into best drama class from 10 years for NBC. Hope and sitcoms are good. Especially go on.

  • craigcuk


    Law and Order: Pyromaniac Edition

  • Tommy


    Didn’t “Third Watch” run for at least 6 seasons, if not more? Which was also an NBC series. I personally think the timing is right for this once, especially since it won’t have to be a blockbuster out of the gate on NBC.

  • Liz

    And Third Watch ran for six seasons from 1999 to 2005, although that included paramedics and police alongside the firefighters. But Chicago Fire will probably have that too.

  • Franko

    @ SherLOCKED – um, Third Watch on NBC? :)

    Good for Chicago Fire, whatever for L&O. I want a Parenthood renewal, come on NBC!

  • craigcuk

    On a serious note is Mariska committed for the whole season, only X episodes or only till episode Y?

  • a p garcia

    I suspect Chicago Fire is not about Mrs Mcleary’s cow!

  • Dennis

    If Richard Belzer in the 14th Season further part of the cast, are the 21 years John Munch! A new record for a role on TV.

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