Updated (5): Fox New Show Pick Ups: Comedy 'Ben & Kate' + 'It's Messy' + 'Goodwin Games' + Dramas 'The Mob Doctor' & 'The Following'

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May 9th, 2012

Update (5): Fox has also picked up the serial killer drama starring Kevin Bacon now titled Mastermind The Following.

Update (4): Fox has also picked up the medical drama The Mob Doctor.

Update (3): Several iterations of name changes now corrected below.

Fox is on the board picking up the  single-camera comedy Ned Ben Fox Is My Manny Ben & Kate to series for the 2012-13 season.

Update: Fox has also picked up Mindy' Kaling's comedy now titled It's Messy.  Kaling tweeted: 'I love you [Fox entertainment chief] Kevin Reilly.' Let the "does that mean she won't be on The Office" speculation begin.

Update (2): And Fox has also picked up single-camera comedy Goodwin Games.

Info on NBC pickups so far (plus a renewal) is here.

  • Mark

    @ Liz

    I never said anybody was going to get confused, I was just pointing out that they were similar. Both having the and symbol instead of the word. Take it down a notch.

  • Liz


    Yes. It apparently didn’t go over very well. Not happening.

  • Liz


    Gee, sorry I pointed out that this isn’t a new naming trope. I totally went overboard there.

  • Mike

    id rather zachari levi on an 1 hour drama…

  • alexjones

    mastermind is the only show here that sounds remotly interesting.

  • ToXiX

    Man, I’m so happy about “Mastermind”

  • Greg

    Isn’t Ben & Kate the name of the leads from Mad Love, that really crappy CBS sitcom from last season? This show could not sound more generic.

  • SVU: Fringe Division

    While Mob Doctor isn’t a particularly good title, it’s way better than CBS’s *shudder* Widow Detective **double shudder**.

  • Mark


    Your attitude is super annoying.

  • Ram510

    Ben & Kate sounds like Melissa & Joey

  • bluone

    @Liz keep rolling your eyes and enjoy your mindless sitcoms they surely won’t tax you’re “intelligence” !!!

  • EatMorePez

    Zachary Levi tweeted that “Let it Go” is dead.

  • bluone

    hate when that happens !!! *your*

  • Mike K

    Ben & Kate!?!? Wow, great name rewrite, I guess maybe I CAN make it in Hollywood as a writer!

  • Whenever

    SO EXCITED FOR “The Mob Doctor” !

  • SmG

    Great news, excited for the Kevin W. project, however it will be in midseason because Bacon signed for 15 episodes.

  • Networkman

    I’m really interested in Goodwin Games. I love Becki Newton. This was the only comedy pilot on FOX that I was hoping would make it series. This could be hilarious. I am curious to find out what are the terms of the father’s will that the family would have to carry out. Secondly, I thought Prodigy/Bully would be a great option to pair with Raising Hope. FOX needs another singlecam family comedy. And I don’t feel Raising Hope should lead off the night.

    The show from Kevin Williamson is on the top of my priority list. Only wished they would of stayed with the name Mastermind instead of going with the generic The Following. I hope they rethink the new name.

    Lastly not to concern about Mindy’s new show but I love that title, It’s Messy.

  • Mi

    Think I’ll try The Mob Doctor and The Following.
    The only Fox show I watch today is Bones.

  • KevinY

    I love Becki Newton and Mindy Kaling!! Both shows will be hits! A lot of men haven’t discovered Becki Newton yet since Ugly Betty had such a female audience.

  • Ultima

    keep rolling your eyes and enjoy your mindless sitcoms they surely won’t tax you’re “intelligence” !!!

    Some people just want to be entertained at times while watching TV, especially if they just spent all day taxing their intelligence with their professional life.

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