Updated: 'Touch' Renewed for a Second Season by Fox; 'Alcatraz,' 'The Finder' Canceled

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May 9th, 2012

Fox has renewed Touch for a second season  - no word on number of episodes ordered yet. Not a surprise, both Bill and I thought renewal was more likely than cancellation.

Alcatraz is dead (no surprise)  and now Fox has canceled The Finder too (also no surprise).

Additionally Fox picked up 3 new comedies and two new dramas.

  • Tommy

    Despite my fondness for “Alcatraz” I would have been SHOCKED to have seen a renewal – especially after ‘Fringe’ was renewed and they greenlite 2 drama pilots (and maybe a third).

    It is nice to see FOX finally renewing a first-year drama though :)

  • Dan

    Knew it, Alcatraz which had kept dropping has been given the axe. And I knew FOX wouldnt axe all of its dramas and while Terra Nova and Alcatraz are gone, with Finder likely exiting, it seemed likely FOX would save Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch.

  • Sid

    Curious to know the episode order. I don’t see this show lasting too long.

  • Anthony

    Yuck, been watching Touch just to finish the season, was hoping I wouldn’t have to watch a second season of this terrible show. Guess I’ll stop watching now.

  • Dan

    Finder seems dead as well as Napoleon Dynamite. @Bill and Robert who also questioned Bob’s Burgers fate in the Final Guess post should note that Bob’s Burgers has 13 episodes left from produced season 2 which they will air as season 3, so they don;t necessarily have to make a decision for a couple of months.

  • Tom


  • Polar Bear

    Does anyone really think Touch is good? It’s absolutely terrible.
    Much rather have Alcatraz

  • Greg

    ABC is taking so long to renew things. I’m really anxious.

  • Fred

    Fox seems to cancel every show that I watch. At least Fringe is around for one more season.

  • Johnny

    I’ll repeat what I said in the other article.

    I wonder if Alcatraz has any chance with Netflix? Seems like a logical show to put there — it being a J.J. Abrams mystery/sci-fi show with a loyal fanbase. It’s a show that has a lot of potential, which if given time to flesh itself out, could end up like Fringe.

  • davie

    Even though I haven’t watched yet, but heard good things..Glad the cast and crew are still employed at Touch. and of course sucks for cast+crew of Alcatraz.
    Let’s see if Tim Kring has a plan for Touch past the 1st season or go the way of Heroes and (due to different circumstances because Heroes was way bigger than Touch during it’s first season) and see an early cancellation.

    But then again he did do something right because I’m still waiting for Season 5 of Heroes or a movie

  • Dan

    Touch will probably air after Bones on Mondays or if FOX moves Glee to Mondays perhaps Thursdays at 9 after X Factor or maybe Fridays at 8 before Fringe. All I know is

    – Sunday Animation wilkl stay the same.

    – Bones will likely air Mondays at 8 followed by either Touch, Glee or a new drama.

    – Tuesdays will be New Girl along with 3 comedies or 1 and Glee.

    – Wednesdays will be X Factor and maybe a new comedy at 9:30

    -Thursdays will be X Factor and at 9 either a new drama or Touch.

    -Fridays will be likely a new drama or Touch at 8 followed by the final season of Fringe at 9. I don’t see Kitchen Nightmares airing in the fall and it could be held til midseason.

  • SJ

    Yep, ABC are being real dicks. And in a year where they fared relatively well. What gives?

    I was wrong about Touch. Last year I was only wrong about two shows, Brothers & Sisters (predicted renewal, got canceled) and Blue Bloods (predicted cancellation, got renewed).

  • Saren



    >Loyal fanbase

    Pick one.

    To give a more serious response, no chance in hell will that happen.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Well, at least Fox wasn’t stupid enough to renew TWO dead Abrams shows… :-)

    Alcatraz was a totally inept attempt to reproduce Fringe’s (early) success, but it failed miserably. Barely a veneer of sci-fi tacked on to a perfectly ordinary and boring crime drama. The acting was minimal, the dialog poor, the pace horrible, and the premise ridiculous. Good riddance.

    I haven’t bothered with Touch – the premise doesn’t interest me.

  • Teag

    I’m half-heartedly watching Touch now. I’m okay with Alcatraz being dead.

    And yeah, what’s up with ABC? But if it means The River will be renewed (even though its unlikely haha), then let them be.

  • SarahL

    I watched 1 1/2 episodes of Alcatraz. I desperately wanted to love it, but found it absolutely awful. Yet I was still surprised that the demo did not hold.

  • SJ

    The Finder is now also dead.

  • Dan

    Well ABC renewals are obvious

    Definites – Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Modern Family, The Middle, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Shark Tank, Happy Endings, DWTS, Suburgatory, AFHV

    Very Likely – Private Practice (Final Season), Apartment 23, Last Man Standing, GCB, Scandal

    Not likely – Body of Proof, Cougar Town (Hopefully moving to TBS

    Cancelled – Pan Am, Charlie’s Angels, Work It, Man Up, The River, Missing, Extreme Makeover Home Edition

  • Dan

    @SJ – The Finder is officially cancelled now?

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