Updated: 'Touch' Renewed for a Second Season by Fox; 'Alcatraz,' 'The Finder' Canceled

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May 9th, 2012

Fox has renewed Touch for a second season  - no word on number of episodes ordered yet. Not a surprise, both Bill and I thought renewal was more likely than cancellation.

Alcatraz is dead (no surprise)  and now Fox has canceled The Finder too (also no surprise).

Additionally Fox picked up 3 new comedies and two new dramas.

  • MattM

    Alcatraz cancellation is NOT official yet.

  • katelyn

    ABC never annouces early renewls We’ll just have to wait till may 15th.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Dan, yes.

  • The Big Toe

    Come on, Fox! Really? I mean, seriously? You should have done it the other way around! You should have canceled Touch and renewed Alcatraz! Touch sucks and Alcatraz is awesome!

  • Anthony M

    Touch is terrible but even that is better than Alcatraz. The only reason I watched Alcatraz was because the of Sarah Jones big rack lol. And they weren’t even smart enough to showcase that, they had her running around in 10 tons of clothes.

  • SJ


    ABC renewed a whole bunch of shows in January 2011.

  • Nick

    Other than Touch, I seriously doubt I’ll watch any of FOX next year. First Terra Nova and now Alcatraz. :-(
    I like Touch, but I’d much rather see it get cancelled and Alcatraz renewed.

  • Dan

    Well 1/4 aint bad for FOX. They can say “we didn’t cancel everything drama wise” by giving Touch a chance. I figured by now Finder would be dead with its move to fridays.

    So drama wise for fall FOX has Bones, Touch, Glee, and Fringe along with New Girl, Raising Hope and X Factor and the animated series. This schedule should be interesting.

  • Mike

    I knew they would renew touch to save face because letsbe honest the finder was pulling the same ratings after idol… Touch will be gone after next season.. i lost interest after the 3rd episode

  • Geraint (Wales)

    Touch sucks the show is so predictable it was only renewed so Fox could save face and also keeping Kiefer Sutherland happy so he comes back for the delayed 24 movie.

  • Mike

    @ Nick

    The only show ill watch on FOX is New Girl…

    without idol they would be in 3 place with the networks

  • Dan

    Napoleon Dynamite will soon join Alcatraz and The Finder. That just leaves Bob’s Burgers which will return.

  • Tested

    Loved Alcatraz, but not entirely surprised it was cancelled. I would bet on Napoleon Dynamite coming back.

  • were123

    I feel sorry for Alcatraz, I liked that show a lot. I never cared for The Finder, and I dropped Touch after 10 minutes of its pilot, but I’m glad for those who like Touch, they deserve another season.
    Now, what will the schedule be like? My guess:

    9PM-Touch/ The Mob doctor (mid season)

    8PM-New Girl
    9PM-It’s Messy
    9:30PM- Goodwin Games

    8PM- X Factor/Idol
    9:30PM: Ben & Kate

    8PM- X-Factor/American Idol
    9PM- Glee

    8PM- Kitchen Nightmares
    9PM: Fringe (13 episodes)/ Master Mind (mid season)

  • Kenn

    Great decision, FOX. That’s all.

  • forg

    Looks like ABC wants to have a grand press release that they renewed a bunch of shows, maybe they want to make a statement or something or have the press all by themselves. Anyway, yeah it’s really weird that they didn’t renew a single show yet!

    I wonder when will we learn about ABC pilot pick ups?

  • Johnny


    Netflix WAS in talks for awhile about possibly renewing Terra Nova. That was much more expensive than Alcatraz… so why wouldn’t they at least take a look at the possibility?

    Seems like it’d be a good fit.

  • Saren


    There’s no connection between the two. You’re reaching beyond reaching.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Johnny, or at least a good couple of “Netflix Eyes Alcatraz,” “Netflix Passes on Alcatraz’ blog posts.

  • Johnny


    I’m not “reaching”, I’m just “suggesting” that it might be a good fit for Netflix.

    Like I said, if they were thinking about Terra Nova (which is way more expensive), why not look at Alcatraz?

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