Updated: 'Touch' Renewed for a Second Season by Fox; 'Alcatraz,' 'The Finder' Canceled

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May 9th, 2012

Fox has renewed Touch for a second season  - no word on number of episodes ordered yet. Not a surprise, both Bill and I thought renewal was more likely than cancellation.

Alcatraz is dead (no surprise)  and now Fox has canceled The Finder too (also no surprise).

Additionally Fox picked up 3 new comedies and two new dramas.

  • AC75

    I think we all knew Alcatraz wasn’t gonna come back. It went over like a lead balloon. Good idea but just not that interesting. The only thing the show really had going for it was the Jurassic Park guy.

  • RON

    V cancelled, terra nova cancelled, and now alcatraz cancelled. not many syfy fans around anymore. one syfy show is left, falling skies which starts in jube on tnt.

  • Alex2

    I don’t think ABC has any real surprises in store. Maybe for fans of some of the newer stuff like GCB. But really one reason why they wait so long to announce is we pretty well already know what’s going. At this point the only surprise would be for them to suddenly snap-cancel OUAT for some reason or declare a 13-episode final season pick-up for Grey’s or something like that. Even CBS has more drama going on in its pick-ups (specifically as to which CSIs will survive).

  • Alex2

    @RON You did hear that Fringe got renewed, right? Plus it looks like the new season of Doctor Who will be on the air before Labor Day.

  • SteveA

    @Anthony Why do you have to watch the show? Just turn the TV off or turn the channel.

  • Ekras

    And in other breaking news, ABC is cancelled….

  • Ekras

    Alex- do you have a source for that Dr. Who news? I watch it religiously and haven’t heard that even as a rumor – I heard the end of October…..

  • JC

    I liked The Finder…

  • fa_24

    @JC: Me Too

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @JC/fa_24: me three.

  • RidersDX

    I absolutely love Touch. And I didnt want to because there are a lot of shows to watch when it airs. But I just love the unique concept and like the vibe it has.

    Meanwhile, I wanted to love Alcatraz but it was just way too boring everywhere.

  • Ellen

    This is not really surprising, I’m glad they gave Touch another shot.

  • Tigs

    Why do so many people hate Touch on here? Someone said they watched it for 10 mins and then turned it off. Seriously? I don’t get some people. I am behind a couple episodes but I have generally liked the show so far.

  • Poweranimals

    I’m glad Touch got renewed as long as it doesn’t conflict with Arrow on the CW.

  • Danielle Ni Dhighe

    I would have rather had The Finder for another season than Touch.

  • Tigs

    Oh and another thing! If they really want to keep a show alive Fox needs to wise up and allow you to watch the episodes after they have aired. If you miss a show you have to wait a week. How in the hell are you suppose to keep up with a show once you missed an episode? You are basically forced to watch the show on the Internet after that because the new show airs on TV before they remove the lock on the older one. ABC and CBS let you see the shows practically right away after they have aired. Ok rant over. lol

  • Conni

    Of Course They Cancelled Alacatraz and The Finder. They were not big Ratings grabbers from the Start. And it’s so much cheaper to put on another Kitchen Nightmares. (Goodness the Guys got more than one show) then it is to put on Scripted Drama. With the Rare Exception of Fringe. If it doesn’t hit big right away Cancell it and find something Cheaper. Touch is getting a second season Cause they just could not cancell everything! And it’s got Keifer Sutherland who is drawing some watchers because of 24

  • Poutine

    I watch all 4 and in my opinion

    Touch: slow, but intriguing
    Alcatraz: good idea, boring characters
    The Finder: goofy and fun, but not that engaging
    Fringe: must see tv

    So i’m happy with Fox’s decisions :)

  • AO

    I can see why they did it, but I very much expect Touch to bomb next year.

  • Mike K

    My wife and I gave Terra Nova, Alcatraz, and Touch all a chance, and weren’t thrilled with any of them. Terra Nova got a little for the last 2-3 hours. Alcatraz had a decent pilot, but we soon got bored with it and never really started to care, even though it got a little more exciting at the end. We mostly gave up on Touch after the 3rd episode. We’re still DVR’ing it and will watch the season finale since it got renewed. If we like it enough, we might give it another chance. However, I’m still with everyone else who says it will not get a 3rd season.

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