Updated: 'Touch' Renewed for a Second Season by Fox; 'Alcatraz,' 'The Finder' Canceled

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May 9th, 2012

Fox has renewed Touch for a second season  - no word on number of episodes ordered yet. Not a surprise, both Bill and I thought renewal was more likely than cancellation.

Alcatraz is dead (no surprise)  and now Fox has canceled The Finder too (also no surprise).

Additionally Fox picked up 3 new comedies and two new dramas.

  • Barbara Van

    Touch is the worst new show on the air. How come Fox cancels House and Terre Nova and keeps Touch? I watch very little on Fox now because I know the shows I like are always cancelled. Fox will never be able to compete with CBS. At least they keep successful shows that people watch. I think the only show I watch on Fox is Bones and that is it. If I find something better I will switch so Fox doesn’t get my business. I can’t stand that station at all. They cannot relate to the viewers and what they like.

  • JW


    What I heard, and this was also last month, is that the producers reportedly told 20th Century Fox the movie was going to cost $10-20M more to make than the studio was willing to spend. I don’t have the link, though.

  • 2134

    I was not aware of Alcatraz’s abysmal ratings. I got the show a couple of weeks after it ended it’s run and thought that it was not bad. I guess the ratings weren’t good enough. :( But if Alcatraz needed to be cancelled to get Fringe a final season, that’s more than a fair deal for me. :D I can’t hate FOX after they renewed Fringe.:D

  • psychic

    RIP The Finder. Nobody cares about Alcatraz. Touch… why? :/ Bleh.

  • BoiseMAK

    With everyone comparing why Touch was renewed and not, say, Alcatraz or Terra Nova, I wonder what factors all went into the decision. I preferred Alcatraz over both (not by much), and even Terra Nova over Touch, but when I look at all 3, Terra Nova seems like it had the best potential to be reworked and come back as a slightly different show in season 2 (maybe a few less cheesy storylines, such as teens in peril, or amnesia-causing diseases, etc.). I really doubt Touch will grow in a second season unless it gets an easy time slot or they rework it some. From all the negative Touch comments, I don’t see word of mouth being a GOOD thing for season 2 of Touch.

  • Mark Wilkins

    I hope they move Touch to Monday’s on Fox after or before Bones, there’s nothing on cable or regular tv to watch that day.

  • Simon

    I meant Terra Nova didn’t fall below 2million in the demo, not Touch. Sorry for the confusion!

    Sucks about Alcatraz, NOT surprising about The Finder though.

  • tscchope

    Another terrible decision from Reilly. A show that can’t break above 2.0 in the ratings and will likely fall further. How could it be revamped? Have Jake kidnapped and dad has 24hrs to save him, each episode being 1hr.

    @ Richard Steven Hack
    Since Fox have another Abrams pilot getting ready for the samll screen. it’s more that Fox couldn’t run three dead Abrams shows at the same time.

    Terra Nova should have been saved. As for Frudays, I think the ratings show drama sucks. Their Friday line up including Fringe is already a joke -making Friday a comedy night is just a logical extension.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    tscchope: Yes, I heard about the new Abrams show this week – it also sounds like a total loss.

  • jamandas

    I was so hoping for a miracle for Alcatraz would have liked to see how that would have played out.

  • Riff Rafferty

    I am very disappointed that “Alcatraz” was not renewed. I was really looking forward to 5 more years of its fanboys pissing and moaning about all the mouth-breathing idiots that watch “American Idol” instead of a SMART show like “Alcatraz,” while babbling in clinical detail about every single “clue” they may have uncovered to the “mythology”…. and then having a hissyfit after the series finale when it turns out the characters were all in purgatory and it dawns on the pseudo-intellectual fanboys that they wasted 6 years of their life on senseless nonsense that the writers just slopped together as they went along.

    I was really looking forward to that.

  • Rebecca

    I didn’t mean Gugu had the raspy voice…I said the woman playing her boss has one. The woman constantly watching over her and Martin (Sutherland).

  • Tai

    I really enjoyed Alcatraz AND The Finder. :( So… poo. I should really learn not to fall in love with Fox shows.

  • Montecore

    Wait, they cancel Alcatraz which was actually an interesting show and engaging to watch and keep fluffball like touch? Why?

  • Nadine Harris

    the Jurassic Park guy.
    Sam Neill.

  • Nadine Harris

    @Riff Rafferty
    All fiction is “pointless,” actually. Serialized fiction particularly so. People have been voicing your complaints since Dickens let Little Nell die.

  • Nadine Harris

    Touch‘s lead-in was quite a bit stronger than Terra Nova‘s. ….
    Gosh am I tired of hearing that feeble excuse from people. When will the sci-fi/fantasy people understand that they are a very small, insular niche and many people (me, mostly) loathe it.

  • dee

    House, Bones and Touch are the only shows I watch on Fox.
    Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  • One eye

    Touch is awful. And I usually support underdogs.

  • KG

    Well thanks for ruining our TV by ONCE AGAIN cancelling a show we enjoying watching every week.

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