Will 'Fox' Have Four Comedies on Tuesday and Move 'Glee?' (Poll)

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May 9th, 2012

Even before tonight's Fox comedy pickups were announced there was plenty of speculation about Fox having a night with four half hour comedies.  You won't have to speculate long since Fox will announce its schedule Monday.

Some folks think it's a done deal that Fox will move Glee and go with four comedies on Tuesday.  But even a Glee that is beaten down below a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating is a better lead-in  than a new comedy block that pulls below a 2.0 rating.   As bad as last season's X Factor ratings were compared to expectations, they weren't that bad -- and much better than an hour comedy block that draws less than a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating.  No moves would shock me, but I'd be a more surprised if they went with a two-hour comedy block out of the gate than leaving Tuesday night as Glee + 2 comedies and an hour comedy block behind The X Factor.

  • The_GodfatherSJP

    Yes. Natural fit for Thursday with X-factor. Same kind of audience too. They’re only picking up 2-3 dramas anyway, so it’s not like they need a lot of room for them.

  • redgarlic

    I hope they move Glee out ot Tuesdays, it would benefit more than any other show from the XF/AI lead in

  • hope

    by the way, fox just pick up another medical show, maybe replace house??

  • forg

    I say yes looks like they have the sitcoms to make it feasible. But it’s a risky move given how weak New Girl had become this spring and Raising Hope is just OK. I could see FOX delaying Glee’s premiere after baseball to see if this block will work and if it crashes there’s Glee to the rescue.

    A new drama or show should follow X Factor Thursdays

  • edward

    let this dumb show be moved so it can be cancelled cause it will go up against Grey’s Anatomy, and Person of interest!!

  • iggy.

    Move them all to a Monday block.

  • Tom

    No, I’ve never thought it made any sense.

    1) The numbers on the four comedy block were horrid. Either you send New Girl off to an early grave at 8pm or you basically write off the first two shows to die without either being an established lead-in.

    2) Yes, Glee after XF would boost Glee.
    Who cares about Glee.
    Seriously, Glee will be in its fourth year, and Fox desperately needs more dramas, with Fringe long since dead, Touch on life support at best, and Bones getting more expensive relative to ratings. So you want your only launching pad for dramas to be Monday at 9pm (MNF + the broadcast nets). Blech.

    I personally do not see Fox going 4 comedies on Thursday. It doesn’t help in the long term or the short term.

  • ABC hater

    I don’t think so. Too risky.

  • Had to change my name

    Especially seeing what hapPened to teen daughter/ Breaking in (I hat Breaking in so why am I complaining?

  • H8R

    There’s this new thing called spell check!
    I doubt You meant you hat it
    xoxo H8R

  • Niel

    I think FOX should move Glee to Thursdays but that FOX Tuesday comedy block is a massive failure.

  • were123

    I think they will have New Girl at 8:00 as it can at least pull mid 2s, then Raising Hope and two new highly promoted comedies. With House departing, I think Glee wil be moving to Mondays if Touch isn’t renewed. If Touch is renewed, then Glee would move to Thursdays, besides a singing competition show + a singing comedy (drama?) would be a pair that would make sense, and Glee would do better than Touch in that timeslot, no doubt on that

  • SJ

    No. Glee + New Girl + It’s Messy on Tuesdays, Raising Hope + Ben & Kate Fridays mid-season, Goodwin Games post-X Factor Wednesday, one of the new dramas post-X Factor Thursday. Touch for mid-season, another new drama Monday 9pm.

  • Judas The Nightmare

    Bones needs to be on thursdays! It is suffering in the monday time slot!

  • were123

    @Judas The Nightmare
    True enough, ratings are stale, but at least it’s pulling mostly 2s and FOX seems to have a trouble with Mondays, House is departig, Terra Nova was expensive, Alcatraz flopped, so I don’t think Bones would be in much danger if it stayed on Mondays, they would at least give it a final 9th season if it performed just as it did this season, unless there are internal problems with cast and writers and decide to call it the 8th season the last season, but that’s up to them

  • Liz

    You won’t have to speculate long since Fox will announce its schedule Sunday

    Do both NBC and Fox announce their schedules on Sunday?

  • Rob R

    We havent seen the pilots. If FOX thinks it has the next Modern Family, or the next New Girl, they will go with four comedies on Tuesdays. Remember what ABC did in 2009 with The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougar Town back-t0-back from 8:30 to 10 pm. All instant hits with quick back 9 orders.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Liz: Nope, fixed. Fox’s schedule will be released around 9AM ET Monday.

  • Mumbo

    X-Factor and Glee do about the same numbers, don’t they? It wouldn’t so much boost Glee as keep it steady.

    I would stick two comedies after X-Factor/American Idol instead and keep two comedies after Glee. Glee/New Girl/new show on Tuesday and X-Factor/new show/Raising Hope on Thursday.

  • Alan

    They will. Glee already lost half of its viewers in only ONE season, if it stays there it will crash and burn next season now with a lot of characters not returning for season 4.

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