Will 'Fox' Have Four Comedies on Tuesday and Move 'Glee?' (Poll)

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May 9th, 2012

Even before tonight's Fox comedy pickups were announced there was plenty of speculation about Fox having a night with four half hour comedies.  You won't have to speculate long since Fox will announce its schedule Monday.

Some folks think it's a done deal that Fox will move Glee and go with four comedies on Tuesday.  But even a Glee that is beaten down below a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating is a better lead-in  than a new comedy block that pulls below a 2.0 rating.   As bad as last season's X Factor ratings were compared to expectations, they weren't that bad -- and much better than an hour comedy block that draws less than a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating.  No moves would shock me, but I'd be a more surprised if they went with a two-hour comedy block out of the gate than leaving Tuesday night as Glee + 2 comedies and an hour comedy block behind The X Factor.

  • Jon

    Fox is in trouble next season no matter what they do IMO. They desperately need a new hit drama. The post X-Factor/Idol slot isn’t the slam dunk lead-in it needs to be.

  • Common Anomaly

    Tuesday, 10/23/12 – X Factor
    Wednesday, 10/24/12 – World Series – Game 1
    Thursday, 10/25/12 – World Series – Game 2

    Tuesday, 10/30/12 – X Factor
    Wednesday, 10/31/12 – World Series – Game 6 (if necessary)
    Thursday, 11/01/12 – World Series – Game 7 (if necessary)

  • bdn223

    i know that the world series is a money maker for Fox, but unfortunately it gave a blow to its two hit shows that they were not able to recover from…Glee and New Girl so honestly if I were them I would hold off my most prized new show till after the World Series

  • Pete

    I don’t think any of their comedies are solid enough against Modern Family. The X Factor also doesn’t seem to be a strong lead-in.

    But it is possible that FOX will do the same thing like what they did with IHMTD:
    8pm – The X Factor / American Idol
    9:30pm – new sitcoms

  • Joe

    Breaking In & Teenage Daughter failed not because of the 4-hour comedy block but because they were both weak shows. If the new comedies are strong I could see a 2-hour block working. New Girl & the Mindy show in particular seem like a great fit.

  • Networkman

    With the Glee students graduating and the show tackling more adult issues, I do feel it should move to a 9pm timeslot. Touch was lucky to get a renewal. If FOX only ordered 15 episodes of Mastermind, I could see that sharing a timeslot with Touch. But I really feel Touch should be on Friday. Someone else mentioned that FOX should hold off on the 2 hour comedy block until after the World Series. I completely agree with that. Show X-Factor on Tuesday night if need be until series is over.

    8pm Bones
    9pm Mastermind/Mob Doctor

    8pm Goodwin Games
    8:30 Raising Hope
    9pm New Girl
    9:30 It’s Messy

    8pm X-Factor/American Idol

    8pm X-Factor/American Idol
    9pm Glee

    8pm Kitchen Nightmares
    9pm Fringe/Touch

  • KevinY

    I predict Glee returns in mid-season. I’d bet on it still being Tuesday, but perhaps another night. So glad Goodwin Games and the Mindy Kaling show got picked up!!!!

  • Rob R

    I see GLEE starting after the World Series and the election, around November 10 or so, and continuing to May without needing a spring break.

  • Ultima

    Some people have touched upon it, but just to make it clear – FOX’s Tuesday lineup will be preempted for four out of five weeks from late October through November. The X Factor will be on during both weeks of the World Series, election night coverage the following week, then The X Factor will be back the fifth week due to Thanksgiving.

    They can air five weeks of their Tuesday block prior to the World Series (six, if they start early). I think they’ll cut the final non-live X Factor to 90 minutes, so their top new sitcom can air an additional episode. Then they’re off for two weeks (unavoidable), then back for one, then they can cut the Thanksgiving week X Factor to 90 (or maybe 60) minutes to air sitcoms, then finish up with three or four more weeks of new episodes.

    Obviously if the World Series ends in four or five games, they can air repeats that week and move The X Factor to its normal time.

    I think they go with four sitcoms right off the bat (holding either Goodwin Games or Raising Hope; It’s Messy obviously gets the 9:30 timeslot). If it doesn’t work, they can move Glee back to Tuesdays for midseason and just have more Idol (90 or 120 minutes) in the spring.

  • Marsinvestigations1

    Who isn’t returning? Most of the main cast has been confirmed. At least the bigger draws.

  • Avery

    Glee moving to Thursday: 80%
    Fox Comedy Tuesdays: 90%

  • Jared

    They should move GLEE with the X Factor..

  • SteveO

    I would LOVEEEEEEEE if Glee started in November and ran straight into May without many breaks, except a short Christmas-time break. That is what the show needs.

  • Captain

    The New Girl died without Glee. I don’t think it would be a good move to separate them.

  • r0ckmypants

    Now that sources are saying The Following will be a midseason show (and how stupid is that considering how low viewership tends to be in the spring), I assume two new comedies will go after The X-Factor.

    If they moved Glee, where would it go? After X-Factor? With Bones on Monday? Neither move really makes sense, which means I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them happened.

  • a p garcia

    I hope Glee & NG will always be together b/c they complement each other.

  • Joseph


    I agree with your weeknight Fox schedule, ?except for Thursdays.

    I see “Glee” at 8 (ET/PT), with the “X-Factor” or “Idol” results show running at 9 ET/PT, so it leads into late local news.

    “Idol”, and to a lesser extent, “X=-Factor” are hits for Fox, and you can bet that local Fox stations want every episode of both series to directly lead into their local 10 P.M. (ET/PT) late evening newscasts.

    As it is, when “Idol” runs until 10 ET/PT, many local Fox stations’ 10 P.M. local newscasts get more viewers entertainment shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC stations.

  • DamC


    Tue 25th: Repeats*
    Wed 26th: The X Factor Auditions 1
    Thu 27th: The X Factor Auditions 2

    Tue 2nd: Repeats*
    Wed 3rd: The X Factor Auditions 3
    Thu 4th: The X Factor Auditions 4

    Tue 9th: Repeats*
    Wed 10th: The X Factor Bootcamp 1
    Thu 11th: The X Factor Bootcamp 2

    Tue 16th: The X Factor Judges’ Houses 1
    Wed 17th: The X Factor Judges’ Houses 2
    Thu 18th: The X Factor Judges’ Houses 3

    Tue 23th: The X Factor Live Show 1
    Wed 24th: World Series Game 1
    Thu 25th: World Series Game 2

    Tue 30th: The X Factor Live Show 2
    Wed 31st: 8:00 The X Factor Results 2/ 9:00 Goodwin Games 1×01 / 9:30 It’s Messy 1×01

    Thu 1st: World Series Game 6 (or repeats from the previous night premieres + a Glee repeat)

    Tue 6th: Election Night
    Wed 7th: The X Factor Live Show 3
    Thu 8th: 8:00 The X Factor Results 3/ 9:00 Glee 4×01

    Tue 13th: 8:00 Goodwin Games 1×02/ 8:30 Raising Hope 3×01/ 9:00 New Girl 2×01/ 9:30 It’s Messy 1×02
    Wed 14th: The X Factor Live Show 4
    Thu 15th: 8:00 The X Factor Results 4/ 9:00 Glee 4×02

    Tue 20th: 8:00 The X Factor Live Show 5/ 9:00 New Girl 2×02/ 9:30 It’s Messy
    Wed 21st: 8:00 The X Factor Results 5/ 9:00 Glee 4×03

    Then back to normal scheduling until the end of the fall season…

    By the end of fall:
    – Goodwin Games 6 episodes aired
    – It’s Messy 7 episodes aired
    – New Girl 6 episodes aired
    – Raising Hope 7 episode aired

    *They have 3 weeks of repeats to fill on Tuesday. Maybe they should put a New Girl marathon on one week. Two high rated Glee episodes (let’s say the MJ tribute and the season 3 finale) on the second and on the 3rd tuesday, maybe a X Factor recap with some exclusive content or two repeats from their new drama to attract new viewers

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