'A Gifted Man' Canceled by CBS

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May 10th, 2012

In the no surprise at all column (at least for anyone who followed its ratings even infrequently), CBS isn't bringing back freshman Friday drama A Gifted Man according to Variety.


  • Cindy

    A lot of good shows have been cancelled because it was on Friday Nights
    Ghost Whisper was a good show,
    So was Medium. They were both cancelled.
    Now you want The Mentalist on Friday nights, so it can be cancelled to. What is
    the matter with a lot of you people. Why do you hate the show so much. It’s a
    really good show. I feel really bad about it. You won’t even give the show a
    chance, Sunday is a really bad night for The Mentalist to.

  • tvfreak

    @Robert: Good to know.

    And thank you very much for forgetting to burst my Unforgettable bubble. ;)

  • The End

    Clearly isn’t a gifted man if he gets cancelled.

  • salim

    OH MY GOD why it had really good rating <——– sarcasm

  • Fake Me Out

    Pan Am named best series at the international Rose d’Or TV awards … so how could ABC even think of not renewing at this point? Kathy, Christina, Dana, Poppy and I are all dinning on bear next week … I’m tickled pink! :-)

  • elsie

    Too, too bad about Gifted Man. I watched it from the beginning and really liked it. I think Blue Bloods is terrible – why did it stay? There must be more than ratings that determine a show’s success.

  • Jan


  • Pat

    Its so stupid if A Gifted Man is really cancelled. It’s a really great show. And whybwouldvthey also cancel Csi Miami and NY? I think it’s a lot of false rumors and innuendos. I wish these writers would wait until they have their facts straight before posting their crappy opinions.

  • ToXiX

    You Gifted Man fans are lucky CBS let it air all of its episodes and didn’t pull it after the 3rd week.

  • alexjones

    the only thing surprising about this is that it took them this long to do it.

  • Bright

    @Robert, that sounds like a threat he’s comming back :D

  • Dave

    Very sad. Watched the show religiously. Thought it was always interesting and touching. Sorry to hear, but all the best to the great cast!!

  • Aaron

    @Carmen – cough cough Grimm cough cough

  • Cindy

    I am so saddened that “A GIFTED MAN” has been cancelled. This was a really feel good and spiritual show!!! Please rethink your decision….

  • Asik

    It’s funny though b/c A Gifted Man was getting like 8-9 million viewers most weeks doing better more than half of the shows TV but that low demo was killing them.

  • flatfoot

    The article referenced from Variety also states “CBS, meanwhile, is said to have nixed bringing back freshman drama “A Gifted Man,” and “CSI: Miami” remains a long-shot for an eleventh season renewal. There were a flurry of rumors about frosh drama “Unforgettable” getting a reprieve at the Eye, but the final call won’t be made until the new pilot picks are set.”
    Just saying.

  • Deb

    I would ditto the sentiments expressed here regarding the cancellation of A Gifted Man. That show was good!It was something whole families could watch, unlike too many other shows.

  • robby

    not a surprise i think tommorrow we may know what is going to happen with csi miami and new york

  • Linda

    I love A Gifted Man. Such a shame, so many of my favorites are on the chopping block, either cancelled or probably will be.

  • Shirley

    That sucks !!! Low ratings were due to FRIDAY NIGHT SLOT …. if had been launched on any other night, would have had high ratings !!~

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