'A Gifted Man' Canceled by CBS

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May 10th, 2012

In the no surprise at all column (at least for anyone who followed its ratings even infrequently), CBS isn't bringing back freshman Friday drama A Gifted Man according to Variety.


  • AD.

    I warned my Grandma of this. She will not be happy.

  • scifi

    Ohh no!!!

  • arthur greenwood

    I am disapointed that CBS cancelled this program it was a good one I think networks are looking for ratings that aren’t out there instead the will produce all these new shows instead of making a investment in good ones

  • B

    I am very disapointd that this show has been cancelled. It was one of the best new shows on TV. What has become of us as a society that we have become obscessed with vampires, crime scenes and ‘death TV’. I guess I will go back and watch re-runs on HGTV and TLC!!!

  • Melanie

    Not surprised since it had been hanging by a thread for so long, although I really enjoyed this show. It had great stories.

  • Bringard

    “CBS, meanwhile, is said to have nixed bringing back freshman drama “A Gifted Man,” and “CSI: Miami” remains a longshot for an 11th-season renewal. Same goes for first-season drama “Unforgettable.”

    Read this in the article on variety.com

    I’m french and don’t understand everything… does ‘remains a longshot’ mean CSI Miami (and Unforgettable) will be renewed (if the text is right)?

  • Brock

    I don’t understand why they canceled it, it hovered around 1.4 – decent ratings.

  • Ben

    @Bringard: Longshot means CSI: Miami and Unforgettable have Almost No chance of being renewed. A longshot is a horse in a race that has Almost No chance of winning. It might still win, but, it’s Not very likely. Longshots do win from time to time, but, Most of the time they Lose. CSI: Miami, (or CSI: New York), and Unforgettable are Probably Going to be Cancelled.

  • Natalie

    I like A Gifted Man and am quite disappointed that it has been cancelled!

  • DJB

    When will the 18-49 demo become obsolete? I guess I shouldn’t get hooked on a show that doesn’t at least pull a 2 unless it’s on the WB. :( I really enjoyed this show!

  • David

    Well, thank God!

  • sessic

    I knew this after watching the first 2eps…I’m just surprised they let it go on for as long as it did.

  • me

    I also enjoyed this program. the characters were interesting and so were the stories.

  • Vickie

    no surprise

  • Evie

    I so enjoyed the gifted man and hate to hear it will not return.
    Also keeping Body of Proof is great …

  • steve

    not surprising at all wonder when we will get word on what there doing with the CSI’s

  • Fran zepp

    Why the best show oh way to heaven lasted why not gifted man please reconider

  • Maria K

    3 People in our household tuned in every Friday night for “A Gifted Man” they better rethink it…

  • Cath

    Too bad. Gifted Man was getting better as it progressed.

  • Audrey Burke

    I am so disappointed… I loved this show. One of the best I have seen in a long time.

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