'Community' Renewed by NBC for a Fourth Season

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May 10th, 2012

NBC has renewed Community for 13 episodes.  The renewal itself should come as no surprise, but I confess the episode order does surprise me a little bit.  Community needed 17 episodes to get to 88 episodes, generally considered to be the minimum acceptable for Mon-Fri stripped syndication, but perhaps like "88 is the new 100," "84 has become the new 88."

Note: unlike the renewal of 30 Rock, this renewal is not being spun as a final season, so it's possible Community can still get to 88 episodes and beyond.

  • joel

    Pressuring to get a bargain on four more episodes, or to let Bravo or TBS pick up the last four.

  • Andrew

    Everyone’s overlooking the juicy scenario here:

    Community getting a season 5 to go from 84 episodes to, say, 97.

  • chrisss

    Considering it’s already got a syndication deal, I guess 88 or 84 doesn’t make much difference.

  • Dan

    I’m sure it can be extended and its not for midseason

  • bluelp85

    I’m still excited but definitely bittersweet to only get 13. But if that means a higher quality 13 than I’m all for that. As long as they get notice of “the end” so they can have some wrap up I’ll be fine.

  • Jenny

    @ Mikey “according to the other blogs reporting the renewals Parks and Rec, Community, and 30 rock all got 13 episode final season orders.”

    Thanks for the info.

    what is NBC doing?
    Many NBC shows have been renewed for 13 episodes, leaves big holes in the schedule, and loses syndication.
    NBC new shows in better all be big hits or what is left of NBC?
    I don’t understand NBC.

    What should NBC do now?

    ” NBC renewed Community for 13 episodes. Community needed 17 episodes to get to 88 episodes, generally considered to be the minimum acceptable for Mon-Fri stripped syndication, but perhaps like “88 is the new 100,” “84 has become the new 88.””

  • Wes

    P&R and Community are closer to syndication. I doubt next season will be P&R’s last, as I don’t think NBC will let all 4 of their veteran comedies go, and it’s a solid performer. Community already has a syndication deal with Comedy Central, so I’m not surprised of the 13-ep order.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)


    But WHAT??!!

    13 episodes??!!!

  • colt13

    Good move. Fans should get closure with a graduation. I didn’t check to see if the have the World Series this year, but 30 Rock normally starts so late that they conceviably could run all 13 Community first, then 30 Rock, then Parks and Rec.

  • Ken

    YAY !!! Go Greendale…

    Also Deadline is reprting that Fashion Star has been renewed as well!

  • Wes

    Can anyone else could have seen Comedy Central picking up Community had NBC cancelled it?
    Same with Parks and Recreation.

  • Rex

    Mindset of NBC Executives = We DESPERATELY need one of our new comedies next season to succeed.

  • AO

    The possibility of more Episodes will keep fans motivated. I don’t know that that will translate into higher ratings, but it might.

  • Common Anomaly

    When Abed heard Cougar Town got 15 episodes, and Community only got 13 episodes, he got so mad, he soiled his pants.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Joel, Comedy Central has the off network rights to Community

  • Will

    @Mikey Only 30 Rock has been declared final.

  • RyanCanada

    Whitney had better ratings than UAN and community wtf

  • Mike

    Robert, I would just like some clarification. Is it a 13 episode fourth season, or a 13 episode fourth and final season?

  • Greg

    Once the new comedies start to fail, Community will have its order extended. Same goes to Parenthood.

    I don’t think 30 Rock will get more than those 13, it’s just too expensive.

  • Lane

    I don’t think Community fans should cheer just yet.. But as long as Parks and Rec is renewed for TWENTY TWO episodes, I don’t care what NBC does.

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