'Community' Renewed by NBC for a Fourth Season

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May 10th, 2012

NBC has renewed Community for 13 episodes.  The renewal itself should come as no surprise, but I confess the episode order does surprise me a little bit.  Community needed 17 episodes to get to 88 episodes, generally considered to be the minimum acceptable for Mon-Fri stripped syndication, but perhaps like "88 is the new 100," "84 has become the new 88."

Note: unlike the renewal of 30 Rock, this renewal is not being spun as a final season, so it's possible Community can still get to 88 episodes and beyond.

  • Dan

    So annoyed that Community won the Save One Show campaign…out of all the other shows in the running, it definitely didn’t need it. I think it was always a lock for renewal.

  • Lockemonster

    Really happy to hear this but I’m not buying into the rumors that Community and Parks are getting final season orders. It would be a huge mistake for NBC to end half their comedies. NBC shouldn’t end Community and Parks until they develop new hit comedies. #sixseasonsandamovie.

  • Roswell

    Hmm community renewed by NBC… This proves that anything is possible.. Go ringer season 2!!

  • TV Gord

    Can we–once and for all–get over this syndication brass ring???

    My favorite shows these days include 30 Rock, Community and Fringe, but I certainly don’t expect any of them to ever make a killing in syndication. It’s a paper tiger, people. Face it!

    30 Rock is already stripping in syndication and it’s not doing well. I don’t expect either Community or Fringe to do any better. This isn’t the 80s or 90s anymore. Syndication is too crowded with first-run programming to allow for these cult classics to make a dent where Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory have gone before.

  • Allen

    Has any source said that it’s for a final season or….?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    @Roswell: or it proves something else. Based on ratings/syndication, we forecast Community for likely/certain renewal for a while. Whereas with Ringer…

  • Voroozo

    Cool. Cool. Cool.

  • Roswell

    @ Robert

    At the very least though the cw could renew ringer for a second season with 13 episodes because although it has some of the worst ratings on the cw it has loyal fans and deserves renewal more than the secret circle or even Nikita (which was pretty much proclaimed dead today) right?

  • Fake Me Out

    Everyone has to remember that unless the studio producing the show is part of the same corporate family as the network airing the show, the network doing the airing couldn’t give a tinkers damn about syndication numbers since they will not see one single penny of that money. In these cases, it’s up to the studio to set a price point the network is likely to accept to get a series to the promised land of 88~>100 episodes.


  • Bunny

    According to Deadline Harry’s Law is 50/50….

  • MattM

    @TV Gord

    You are 100% correct. Community already has low ratings, averaging about 3M total viewers, syndicated airings will be lucky to get even half that audience. This isn’t Seinfeld or the Office we’re talking about.

  • Saul

    @Roswell: Ringer isn’t coming back. It’s time to give up the dream.

  • Sonic Wave

    It’s a little bit of a pyrrhic victory for me. It just sounds like NBC really wants to force out it’s old guard quirky comedies with middling ratings for newer ones with broader appeal. I hope it’s lineup sinks next season and P & R and Community prosper.

  • Tom

    What? 13? What?

    Maybe Sony is keeping option B alive (originals on Comedy Central if needed – repeats won’t air on CC until the 12/13 season is over), but man, that just doesn’t make any sense with how we understand the business.

    (Yes, you are probably saying NBC will expand the order once something fails. But IIRC, the first comedy NBC yanked this season was BFF, and not until April. There won’t be any expanded orders if they follow suit next season.)

  • Mike

    NBC Isnt That Smart

  • Wes

    @Tom: Actually it was Free Agents, which bombed and was pulled in October or November.

  • forg

    Community has a passionate (and yes annoying at times) online fanbase, so I’m good for them. Stop complaining with the 13 ep “only” renewal, just glad that it’s renewed

  • Bunny

    I’m glad Community is owned by Sony..Remember when Breaking In was cancelled and then renewed? They are relentless..

  • Saul

    I honestly wish all shows were 10-13 episodes a season. Maybe it’s time for the broadcast networks to take a cue from the cable guys.

  • Bob

    A show with 3 million viewers SOMETIMES gets renewed….Wow NBC is pathetic…..Oh and the demos suck too.

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