'Community' Renewed by NBC for a Fourth Season

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May 10th, 2012

NBC has renewed Community for 13 episodes.  The renewal itself should come as no surprise, but I confess the episode order does surprise me a little bit.  Community needed 17 episodes to get to 88 episodes, generally considered to be the minimum acceptable for Mon-Fri stripped syndication, but perhaps like "88 is the new 100," "84 has become the new 88."

Note: unlike the renewal of 30 Rock, this renewal is not being spun as a final season, so it's possible Community can still get to 88 episodes and beyond.

  • AD.

    Better than zero episodes.

  • Christian

    NBC doesn’t own Community so what do they care about its syndication prospects?

  • Mike

    Im happy its renewed just figured it would be 17 episodes… and i hope it does well in it 13 episode run so it can continue for another season….

    This is the year i believe NBC will make a comback if they pick up Midnight Sun… while FOX will continue to fall.. And if the CW would quit playing it safe maby they would be able to get a jump in their ratings… i still wish they would have picked up awakaning ( The zombie series)

  • Tom

    Whoops, Wes was right, totally forgot Free Agents existed. Although I would point out that it was replaced by repeats, not originals.

    @Christian: NBC doesn’t care directly – but they should care that the producer (in this case Sony) will usually essentially give the episodes away to hit 88. What happened here is unknown – did NBC really say ‘We don’t care what kind of deal we get, 13 insurance episodes is it, period.’?

  • JohnnyRico

    I predict this show to make 100 episodes.

  • profTV

    It’ll go on passed 84…

    Great news, although only 13 for Community and 30 Rock w a final season is a bummer…seems too short…too soon…

    I see Community getting to 5 if not 6 seasons…with 30 Rock going and The Office getting tired, Parks and Rec will be the only Thursday mainstay…Community and the cult fans we are will be needed

    …although who knows w. NBC….

  • were123

    Very glad for Community fans, they deserve and extra season, even if it is a short one.
    With Fringe, Once, Revenge and The Middle all renewed, if NBC renews Up all Night I can consider this my year, all my favorite shows renewed :D

  • Misha Lauenstein

    Maybe NBC is closing in January.

  • Jared

    Thrilled that Community will be coming back. Regardless of whether it eventually gets a back 9 pickup or if ends up being 13 episodes and out, I’ll be watching until the end. Just hope that if it is going to be only 13 episodes, NBC will give the studio sufficient indication for Harmon & Co. to write a proper series finale.

  • Mr Mumble

    Community is a NBCU co-production with Sony. I can see a final 16 episode season to get to 100 episodes with the studios happy to shop it to cable/Internet (ala Cougar Town!)

  • Kenny

    Best News ALL DAY!!!….Troy and Abed in the 4th Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Now someone kill “Whitney”!!!!!!!!!

  • Teag

    Community will get the back 9. NBC are just doing 13 episodes so they don’t have to fully commit incase it fails.

  • JohnnyRico


    The show usually goes toe to toe with AI in the AM 18-34 demo

    When you consider that Nielson does not count College Dorm viewers the cost for a 30 second spot on the show is actually a bargin as compared to a 30 second spot for a show with similiar ratings.

  • Xavier

    There are comedies that do better in syndication than in 1st run. WKRP in Cincinnati, being one obvious example. There are others.

    Community strikes me as one that might just do that.

  • Bizarro

    I’m so happy Community got renewed so you guys can shut up about it being on the verge of cancelled for a little while!

  • marsinvestigations1

    88 was never “the new 100″ it’s just that plenty of shows with fewer than 100 episodes were obviously being sold into syndication. This number was ‘typically’ 88 due to the standard length of a season in recent years being 22 episodes (22×4 = 88).

    Friday Night Lights was sold with fewer than 88 episodes. As was Felicity, Once and Again, etc.

    The production companies would still PREFER a number closer to 100 because it likely means a stronger overall deal (like with Fringe’s 5th season renewal) but it’s not like 88 was ever considered this “magic” number. As though a show pulling in 80-87 would have NO chance at a deal. Please.

  • Nick

    I can’t say I watch this, but it is a nice show. Congrats to the viewers and to the cast and crew, who didn’t lose their jobs. ;-)

  • Rebecca

    Since Community already has a syndication deal in place with Comedy Central, does it hurt the show too badly if it does NOT get up to at least 88 episodes? Say, if it ends with the 13 in the fourth season? I don’t know much about that part.

  • DSH

    Makes partial sense. Ratings-wise the show shouldn’t be renewed. It had plenty of media coverage when it returned this year, but people still didn’t flock to the show. Additional episodes give it more for syndication, but if NBC want to grow as a network they can’t really keep the show around with such poor 18-49 viewership.

  • Asik

    I wanted KARMA for Whitney to get Whitney renewed and Community cancelled for these fans trying to kill Whitney. What gives?

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