'Community' Renewed by NBC for a Fourth Season

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May 10th, 2012

NBC has renewed Community for 13 episodes.  The renewal itself should come as no surprise, but I confess the episode order does surprise me a little bit.  Community needed 17 episodes to get to 88 episodes, generally considered to be the minimum acceptable for Mon-Fri stripped syndication, but perhaps like "88 is the new 100," "84 has become the new 88."

Note: unlike the renewal of 30 Rock, this renewal is not being spun as a final season, so it's possible Community can still get to 88 episodes and beyond.

  • groove365

    I hope next season starts better than this season did, they can’t afford to shed many more viewers.

  • Max Vrany

    Is there an option for a back 9?

  • Chevy Chase

    We got only thirteen episodes for a reason…no one watches this show

  • LJ

    It appears the Renewal Squirrel had room in his tree for Community. Great news.

  • Potato

    C’mon, Chevy, lighten up! 13 episodes mean you get more vacation time! (Although not more “Vacation” time.)

  • Phil

    Joel McHale must be modestly happy about this news!

  • Doug

    Deadline, I think, noted that the short orders were also about NBC freeing up some money for new series. So I would think that Community would be in contention for a few more episodes after the fall.

  • Ray

    @Dan – That Save One Show contest/campaign is pretty worthless, so I wouldn’t sweat it. It really has no impact on the mentality of a network exec who’s all about numbers.

    @Roswell – Why does Ringer deserve a renewal over The Secret Circle or Nikita if it’s ratings are worse? All three shows have loyal fans, I’m sure.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    Yet another dumb decision by the “Nothing But Crap” network. The writing for Community is awful, the acting is fair, and the plots are pointless exercises in tedium. Also, the self-aware humor of Community got old halfway through the first season. McHale and the rest of the crew should be thankful that NBC had nothing to lose by giving this dull show another season before it dies a natural death.

  • @scl2


  • Allen


    I sense some hatred…..

  • Roswell

    @ ray

    It just makes more sense professionally

  • Pat

    Yay for more Community!

    As for the 13 episode mark, I’m obviously disappointed. I was hoping for at least 17 (to get to the 88 episode syndication mark first of all) and second to just have a cohesive and well told final story. Not just some compressed and fastforwarded final bit because NBC wasn’t man enough to foot the bill for a couple extra episodes.

    I really hope NBC expand that episode order very early on in Season 4, otherwise it may be a mess if they keep trying to tack on a few episodes at a time while freshman comedies fall by the wayside.

  • chris

    I so agree with the comment on the first page:


    This show blows. The fact that it got a renewal, even a short one, is downright unbelievable. NBC needs to dump this and all the low rated crap they have on their network if they ever hope to get out of the fat hole they’ve dug themselves into.

  • Justin121

    2 Words:

    Chuck. Back 11.

    Another 2:

    Chuck. Season 5.

    ‘nough said.

  • joel

    Not a big deal. Community has as good a chance as any show to get a back 9, and even without one Comedy Central will pay to produce at least four more episodes just like TBS is doing with Cougar Town.

  • The Dude

    Fine with community 13 episode, im pretty sure most pickups will bomb, the only way i be mad is if the office get a full 22 when it already been dying

  • Justin121


    I’m glad Community is owned by Sony..Remember when Breaking In was cancelled and then renewed? They are relentless..

    Add ‘Til Death, which originated TVBTN’s Syndication Rule.

    Sony, The CancellationBear Hunter.

  • 2134

    I am surprised that it’s 13 episodes. But at the same time, I am seeing a tread at NBC. There are shows that are being renewed for 13 and then there are shows being developed to have 13 episodes per season. I think slowly they are moving towards that sort of system? And if that’s true then NBC can have twice the number of shows than it can regularly have. And since it’s just 13 episodes, unless the show does insanely bad, they will keep it through to the end of a season at least.

  • Flame

    This is really great news… for Big Bang Theory, assuming Community will keep its 20:00 slot.

    (Although I wish it could run against ratings fodder for 24 weeks instead of 13.)

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