Dear Deadline: 'Pan Am's' Future In America Is Your Blog Post, This Blog Post, and Any Other American Blog Posts Prompted By Your Blog Post

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May 10th, 2012

The title of this blog post answers the question posed in this post by But if the encouraging buzz about Harry's Law pans out, Deadline'll have the last laugh.

  • Justin121

    New rule:

    A Harry’s Law situation = no less than “toss-up”.

  • Feedback

    They think Pan Am is getting renewed because it won a Rose d’Or? Oh please, “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” not only won best reality program, but it won best overall show of 2009! And guess what, ABC canceled it anyway. Pan Am is as good as dead.

    But Harry’s Law is a horse of a different color: I’ve been saying it in the comments section for months: it will be renewed. The big NBC mysteries are Whitney and Up All Night. Which one will be renewed? Will both of them be?

    Too bad Awake won’t ever be renewed. I’m a big fan. Get on it, NETFLIX! Lol

  • Bright

    I don’t understand the post. Is that means that Pan Am has any little chanche to survive? I’ve read now the post from deadline as well, and I don’t know about a cable channel that would pick it up, I would seriously doubt ABC picks it for summer, but I assure you no channel in Europe would waste that amount of money buying it, that’s for sure.

  • RB

    If I recall correctly, two of the “Pan Am” cast have already signed on for new shows.

  • One

    If Harry’s Law were to be renewed, I’d actually have a show to replace Til Death when it comes to Bill + everyone and their mother’s lover blowing what should be monumentally obvious calls. (seriously, that show shouldn’t have gotten a fourth season. Sony is insane…although the syndication sale makes it more like crazy like a fox)

  • Bright

    well, now after all that deadline wrote, I don’t even think now that Pan Am has any chances, but I do think you both Robert and Bill rushed too much saying it was canceled.
    It certainly is going to get canceled, but it hasn’t yet, and it deserved the same treatment as other underperforming ABC shows like Missing, The River, Body of Proof, or GCB, and be at the final guesses of ABC you made.
    After all, it was the only underperforming show on ABC that got an extra episode. Just saying, I have been thinking that all the season but now it got out on deadline I wanted to tell you myself.

  • Alex

    Shame, PanAm was pretty good. Too bad the overseas market wouldn’t entice a cable company to produce the show.

  • iggy.

    As network numbers fall and cable numbers rise, it becomes harder to predict which shows are dead and buried.

  • SG

    It took a few weeks for Pan Am to find it’s way, but once it did, it was really good with involving stories. Too bad America had already turned the channel.

  • Justin121


    Any new show not recieving a back order means automatic cancellation.

  • Elizabeth

    I sure miss this show! I thought all hope was lost to see it again, but I still keep hoping! It’s on iTunes. And I think the Europeans liked it! Just thought I’d say again that I want it back!

  • Gord

    I am very upset by the news that this show is being cancelled. It had excellent plot lines and we really enjoyed it as regular viewers.

  • lee

    First the news about ‘desperate housewives’, now to learn that neither replacement, GCB or Pan Am isbeing renewed…… I used to look forward to Sunday evening TV. Why is it all about just the ratings? Whatever happened to what America wanted?????

  • lee

    Bring it back!

  • Alpilates

    That is too bad- I was really getting into this show. It felt like the girl version of mad men! Bring it back!!!!!

  • Jose

    I loved the show and I hope they’ll bring it back dudes!!!

  • Britt

    I want this show back it was so good

  • Britt

    I want a pan am bag!

  • Robin

    I loved PamAm I hope it comes back! I think it is a great show :)

  • Lorraine

    Bring pan am back please!! We love pan am!!

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