Updated: ABC Renews 'Once Upon a Time,' 'The Middle,' 'Modern Family,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' Suburgatory,' 'Revenge,' and 'Castle'

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May 10th, 2012

Update: Also no surprise: in addition to Once Upon a Time, ABC has renewed Castle, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, The Middle, and Suburgatory too.

The fates of other shows haven't been determined yet though we'll be a little surprised if Happy Endings, Private Practice, and Apt 23 aren't renewed (and more than a little surprised if Body of Proof is). Based on previous years, I'd guess most, if not all of the ABC renewals and cancellations will be out of the way by the end of the day Friday.

original post:

Once Upon a Time executive producer and co-creator Adam Horowitz just tweeted the following:

It's official -- #OnceUponATime has been picked up for season 2. Thank you all so much for watching, we're beyond thrilled to continue on!

Another one that wasn't ever in doubt. No word on the episode order yet, but it's surely a full season. Finally an ABC renewal!

  • Terry

    Great news! There is still hope for GCB, Scandal, Happy Endings, and maybe even Missing.

  • FringeFan

    Elated that ABC renewed Once Upon a Time and Revenge!

  • JennaS.

    Omg! ABC Finally got something right. Once Upon a Time renewal is the best thing they could have done. Thank God, ABC didn’t screw up again.

  • Puppet Doctor

    So glad Once Upon a Time was renewed allow it is no surprise.

  • Networkman

    Congrats to Revenge and Once Upon A Time. Both have the potential to be huge.

  • Overdamoon

    I’ll throw my congrats to Revenge as well. Hip hip hooray!!!! Great news!

  • Michael

    I’m hearing the first big show to fall from these guys will be Private Pratice. There’s been a report or two stating its been cancelled :( No word on GCB, Apt 23 or Happy Endings.

    Body of Proof is defacto-cancelled. Tell me something though I didn’t know.

  • OERM

    PP renewed pleaseeeeeee

  • iknowgoodshows

    abc is screwed renewing crap rated shows…funny people freaked out when Lost was under a 4.0 in its final season …network tv is screwed if 2.0 is the new 4.0

  • RobertC

    I know its a real small chance but the only other ABC shows that i want renewed besides Castle and Once Upon A Time which i heard have been renewed are Body Of Proof and Missing

  • Simon

    Once Upon A Time! Hardly surprising, where are those commenters to proclaimed it DOA now?

  • OMG

    I think tonight’s ratings post will be hard to look at, given how Max is going to once again say about how Scandal performs better than Revenge. What about winning the argument of GCB versus Scandal first (which I think Scandal won by a hair thanks to the Shonda effect).

    I am not sure what Revenge or Revenge fans ever did to you to warrant the constant hurt you did to us by undermining our show. Sure, it’s not a hit show like many fans like to proclaim, but that’s about it. It performs well, and better than Scandal. Why hate and rile up more hate? You do notice that Revenge fans do not hate on other shows unless being challenged(much like the Revenge main character ironically)? And you did this for 2 weeks running already.Just cool it. I wanted to like Scandal too, just have not checked it out yet.

  • Spik3

    yay for Revenge! Now please renew Happy Endings and I’ll be a very happy camper!!

  • Justin121

    Is there any doubt now that Revenge isn’t a hit?

    I hope it becomes the next Dynasty.


    remember how Revenge hit a 3.0 rating when it aired consecutive episodes?

    Please run it like NBC does Parenthood or ABC Family does Pretty Little Liars.

  • Jenny

    Renew PP plss!! Great show..

  • SmG

    Congrats to Revenge and OuAT ! On some of the tv news sites there are speculations towards they may be paired up on Sunday next season.

  • Guy

    It took time but ABC finally has something good to smile about when it comes to new dramas. Revenge and Once Upon a Time are 2 breakout hits of the season. Mind you all the renewals so far from ABC are what was expected. Now its time for something unexpected…Body of Proof renewed. I know i am dreaming but never say never.

  • Jenny

    Just read from Michael Ausiell – founder of TVLine that PP and Happy Ending are also renewed. Have you had updates about that??

  • Justin121

    [Waiting for them to “officially” cancel PAN AM is like waiting for paint to dry!]

    More like waiting for elephants to fly :D

  • Mi

    I hope ABC airs reruns of Revenge and Once Upon a Time during the summar. Sure, none of them reruns well, but even if a few newbies watch them, it could improve their ratings next year. Releasing OUAT’s DVD about a month before it premieres is also a good idea and would hopefully bring some newbies too. Both shows have potential but Revenge must be aired with a minimal amount of breaks and with a big cliffhanger between the breaks to keep people interested.

    OUAT is much stronger than Revenge and can pull 3.0s regardless of what’s aired afterwards. I hope they pair it with a show that would be good enough to create a successful fantasy block on Sundays.

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