Updated (2): 'Parenthood' Renewed; '30 Rock' Renewed for a Final Season + Picks Up Dramas 'Do No Harm' & 'Infamous'

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May 10th, 2012

As expected, Parenthood has been renewed for a fourth season of 15 episodes by NBC.  NBC also confirms that 30 Rock has been renewed for a seventh and final season of 13 episodes. These renewals join Law & Order: SVU which was renewed for a 14th season yesterday.

NBC also picked up its 3rd and fourth new dramas Do No Harm and Infamous.

  • The Mike Factor

    They picked up Notorious as well. Now titled Infamous.

  • Kavyn

    Community and Parks PLEASE!

    And Do Not Harm sounds interesting. What is Notorious about?

  • The End

    @Concerned Citizen

    The series has never had a consistant episode count anyway, it has gone from 13 to 22 to 18, and now 15 episodes. At this rate I would expect Season 5 to be 13 episodes, or if its the final season 20 episodes. To reach the magical 88 episode count.

  • rob60990

    I’d give Notorious/Infamous a try. Hope they give it a decent timeslot.

  • Please Save Nikita

    WTF is Do No Harm?

  • Petar

    Any news about CBS post-Super Bowl slot?

    What about add a question about that in tv by the numbers?

  • Concerned Citizen


    Seemed to me that it was always a sure thing that they’d pick up either County or Do No Harm, but I don’t either was a sure thing.

  • MattM

    Not every show deserves syndication, in fact, most don’t.

  • Holly


    Any news about CBS post-Super Bowl slot?

    First, this is a post about NBC, not CBS.

    Second, it will likely be the fall before CBS announces the post-Super Bowl show.

  • chris

    Everyone has mentioned 30 Rock, Community, and Parks…but what about The Office? I’ve seen no mention of it at all this week, and its fate is more interesting to me. It’s exactly 24 episodes away from 200 episodes.

  • Please Save Nikita

    Is Whitney’s renewal next?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Petar, CBS unlikely to include its post Super Bowl plans next week. So that poll will likely wait until summer.

  • Mike

    @ Allen why would communty get only a 13 episode final season when its needs 17 for syndication??? Thats why is a roumor or unless is something you started..

    Also im still hoping Midnight Sun Gets Picked Up

  • Lexx

    @ MattM

    30 Rock doesn’t deserve syndication as its numbers have been horrid and Friends replaced it in Chicago on WGN.

  • Ally

    Hope Community gets another season! Also NBC would be smart to pick up ‘Frontier’ .. any news on that?
    And CW needs to announce something already! Im hanging by a thread for #JoeyDakota to get picked up. As well as a Nikita renewel. *Fingers Crossed*

  • Lexx

    @ Mike

    Hopefully Community gets off of NBC and goes to Comedy Central.

  • The End

    At this point it’s not even worth speaking about syndication for many shows not on their final seasons. They were renewed not because the network plans to end them next season. This is why some shows are x amount of episodes away from syndication, should they perform next season they’l get renewed again.

    Simple really.

  • Mi

    Do No Harm and Infamous sound interesting, not as interesting as Revolution, but I think I might check them and overall I think the new dramas crop this year in NBC sounds better than last year.

  • Petar

    Well i was thinking that is for al fresh news and renewed
    @Robert Seidman
    My bad. I understand that in the upfronts CBS will say. May be i was wrong cause NBC last time said for the voice in may. I guess CBS are with different policy.

  • Nick

    Delighted at more ‘Parenthood’, definitely my favourite broadcast drama – also pleased to see ’30 Rock’ getting closure, I’ve felt that the last few seasons have been a bit wishy washy so it’ll be nice to see a definite conclusion!

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