Updated (2): 'Parenthood' Renewed; '30 Rock' Renewed for a Final Season + Picks Up Dramas 'Do No Harm' & 'Infamous'

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May 10th, 2012

As expected, Parenthood has been renewed for a fourth season of 15 episodes by NBC.  NBC also confirms that 30 Rock has been renewed for a seventh and final season of 13 episodes. These renewals join Law & Order: SVU which was renewed for a 14th season yesterday.

NBC also picked up its 3rd and fourth new dramas Do No Harm and Infamous.

  • Greg

    Oh no, only 15 episodes for Parenthood? That’s so sad. I hope NBC give an extra 5 episodes once most of their dramas fail.

  • rob60990

    @Dan, tvline.

  • Nick

    I can see Parenthood being extended to 18, I also think Parks will get 20 episodes (no final season announcement) and Community will get 18 (maybe a 1 hr series finale), assuming that’ll be a final season order due to the fact that college is four years long. I can’t see them making a final season announcement about Parks, too risky imo given that many of the new shows could fail this season and Parks has been a consistent performer over the last few years.

  • Lexx

    Infamous sounds like a wannabe Revenge without the soap murderous soap angle.

    Downwardly Mobile is in deep negotiations right now. Don’t listen to rumors please until something official comes out. Same thing with Nikita too.

    Hannibal is a movie not a TV show, what the hell were they thinking on that one?

  • Dan

    Its smart to order reduced seasons for a lot of shows as well as 13 for fall series and 6-8 for midseason shows. A lot of series with 13 episode midseason orders end of having too many episodes. NBC did the right thing with BFF and Bent last year by ordering 6 eps each and ABC was smart ordering 10 8, 7, and 7 for GCB, The River Missing, and Scandal. Short orders can help for midseason.

    However NBC should take into consideration that a few episodes for COmunity and Parks could mean the difference in syndication.

  • SmG

    Do No Harm is coming from the creator of The Event, lets hope its fate will be different :)

  • Jadon

    Ugh these dumb rumors are starting to make me angry. All these articles on the internet saying that it’s “official” that parks and community are getting shortened seasons are all stupid. Why would NBC end them right before the 88 episode mark? Not to mention the majority of the argument for communities renewal comes from the syndication value at 88…

  • TVDude

    It looks like NBC is going to split the season between fall shows and spring shows. That’s not a bad idea since if the fall under-performs they can say “wait, look what we having coming in the spring!” I’m happy about the renewals.

  • Dan

    @rob60990 thanks, hopefully NBC will order more. Anyway I think and hope NBC will give more eps to Parks and Community while Whitney is dead. Hopefully NBC renews Up All Night, that would be 2 seasons in a row Will Arnett had series that lasted 1 season.

  • Anthony

    @ Lexx

    Where did you hear downwardly mobile is in deep negotiations, like with NBC or another network bc Roseanne just twittered this about 45 min ago:
    @TheRealRoseanne: NBC obviously felt that our pilot was not right for their network. I’m Ok with hearing ‘no’-it makes me work harder!
    Can u give us any more info bc I would be so excited to see this show get picked up :)

  • Dan

    NBC usually has a different strategy every year but for this fall its basically order less of everything and see what happens with The Voice. CBS and FOX will have similiar schedules as well as ABC.

  • SmG

    Deadline has not reported anything like “all the rest are dead” so there is still hope for other pilots.

  • larenz

    NBC has canceled many good shows ! thats why they falling by the minute but i really think 30 rock time is up!

  • Michael

    Community can’t be back for a 13 episode order, that would keep them short of syndication, which is the only reason NBC didn’t cancel it in November…I love the show, it’s my fav on tv right now, but it needs to end after four seasons with them graduating and leaving…imagine the show without the, being at Greendale…..would they be all work at Peltons Edibles?….four seasons and a bathc of great memories of how good the show was thank you…

  • Jason

    I hope we get the Roseanne comedy show, and the Bad Girls remake, those two shows and also, Midnight Sun, Beautiful People & Next Caller Please. They were the 5 that raised my interest most.

  • Fake Me Out


    Hannibal is a movie not a TV show, what the hell were they thinking on that one?

    Ummm, it’s a series by Bryan Fuller with a 13 ep pick-up

  • KennyA

    They will never ever announce next season of Parks as a final season like it’s rumoured by some people. Like i said somewhere else before, 30 Rock end, Office probably only has 1 year left, Community probably ending, they can’t risk to end all 4 comedys on Thursday!

  • MattM

    Rock Center pulled from May sweeps schedule, replaced with SVU…it’s about time.

  • Petar

    @Fake Me Out
    I think you didn’t get his opinion right.

  • SmG

    As for reports that Community and Parks and Recreation will be receiving a shortened and…wait for it…final seasons, sources tell us that is “false and premature…That has not been finalized yet.”


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