Updated (2): 'Parenthood' Renewed; '30 Rock' Renewed for a Final Season + Picks Up Dramas 'Do No Harm' & 'Infamous'

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May 10th, 2012

As expected, Parenthood has been renewed for a fourth season of 15 episodes by NBC.  NBC also confirms that 30 Rock has been renewed for a seventh and final season of 13 episodes. These renewals join Law & Order: SVU which was renewed for a 14th season yesterday.

NBC also picked up its 3rd and fourth new dramas Do No Harm and Infamous.

  • Xavier

    The Office’s situation is more complex than most shows.

    Producer Daniels’ pilot Friday Night Dinner got canned, but had a staffing order. So those producers and writers need to segue to the Office. Kaling is mercifully gone as cast member, producer and writer, since she’s going to her soon-to-be-canceled Fox show. And other cast members need to re-sign new contracts.

    Next season is pretty certain. And if the new writers and producers can inject life into what is clearly a dying show, it might see more than one more season. Hopefully they can, 3 seasons a go it was a great show, but this season has been horrifically awful.

  • RyanCanada

    omg im going to say a prayer for WHITNEY

  • Jason

    Mockinbird Lane news (The Munsters remake) Haven’t heard anything for a while

  • Rebecca

    Could Downwardly Mobile go to ABC maybe? That’s where Roseanne’s original show aired all those years (a couple weren’t very good IMO but I loved the rest).

  • AC75


    Was that meant to be a remake of the UK show Friday Night Dinner?


    For cancellation, right?

  • RyanCanada

    @AC75 i dont want Whitney Cancelled.

  • H8R

    Happy For Parenthood
    Sad for 30 Rock tho.!

  • Anthony

    Does anyone officaly know what is going on with Roseanne Barr’s Downwardly Mobile. I heard from numerous places it was cancelled, others said that it was in deep negotiations. Yet Roseanne posted this on twitter about an hour ago:

    @TheRealRoseanne: NBC obviously felt that our pilot was not right for their network. I’m Ok with hearing ‘no’-it makes me work harder!

    So what the hell is going on with this pilot, does anyone know it is in talks with another network or still in talks with NBC or if it’s not gonna make it. I really hope it does but I have no clue with 3 different answers being reported

  • Stuart

    To The End: I find your animosity towards Harry’s Law interesting. It is fine not to like a show,just don’t watch it. HL is one of my favorite shows and I hope it gets picked up. I am past the 18-49 age level and if your vitriol against this show is because you are in that category, you will some day, if you’re lucky, be in my post 49 category. Maybe then, you won’t abhor an older-skewing series.

  • Silvio

    Mockinbird Lane news:
    Bryan Fuller is currently working at another NBC series, Hannibal. For that reason The Munsters remake is on hold, they’ll start shooting pilot in June at earliest. That project isn’t going through usual development cycle, might even be postponed for season 2013-14.

  • Taj

    @ RyanCanada I’m praying and waiting anxiously for Whitney’s renewal also. NBC is taking all week on this one.

  • Tom

    Parenthood’s episode order is weird, though it is easy to see the count being extended if it starts in Fall (or replaces something that failed in Fall).

    And again, ‘shortened’ is technically anything less than 22 (and both need less than 22). It’s also just negotiations, as I imagine something along the lines of the following is occurring this week:

    NBC: Okay, we’ll order 13 episodes of Community at $X per episode.
    Sony: That doesn’t work for us, we need 17.
    NBC: Well, let me talk with my boss.
    -Next day-
    NBC: I talked to my boss, and the most we can order is 15. Now, if you want to produce 17 with the budget of 15, we’ll air them…
    Sony: grumbling Fine.

    (Then again, that would be much less of a discount than we thought Sony would have to go for for most of this year.)

  • Roswell

    Now I just need a ringer renewal

  • supertoyslast

    Friday Night Dinner has been canned? I wanted to see what that would be like since it had a great cast and I loved the UK original.

  • Austin


  • Dana

    Excited for Parenthood´s renewal. Sad about the episodes number but 15 is better than nothing.

  • Justin121

    I’m glad they’re picking up 4 dramas. Hopefully more.

    Cut down on reality, sitcom, and Wednesday.

    Was excited for Hannibal and Midnight Sun.

    Anyone know the log line for Infamous and Do No Harm?

  • Justin121

    I like the Parenthood season order. Series order, really.

    Networks should treat serial dramas this way.

  • Sid

    Spoilertv is stating that Harry’s Law & Whitney has a 50/50 shot of coming back along with Up All Night and Community as likely?

  • Ram510

    Well hopefully Parenthood gets another season of at least 20 episodes cause that’s what it would need for syndication.

    Do No Harm sounds ok, but it will be weird to see Steven Pasquale play a genius when he played a dummy (very well i might add) on Rescue Me. Hope he can pull it off

    Infamous just sounds like NBC is once again copy (Revenge) from another network instead of taking a chance all their own. It’s nice that they have another African-American woman lead especially if Scandal doesn’t get another season

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