Updated (2): 'Parenthood' Renewed; '30 Rock' Renewed for a Final Season + Picks Up Dramas 'Do No Harm' & 'Infamous'

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May 10th, 2012

As expected, Parenthood has been renewed for a fourth season of 15 episodes by NBC.  NBC also confirms that 30 Rock has been renewed for a seventh and final season of 13 episodes. These renewals join Law & Order: SVU which was renewed for a 14th season yesterday.

NBC also picked up its 3rd and fourth new dramas Do No Harm and Infamous.

  • SJ

    Aww, 30 Rock! I’m so glad it gets to have its victory lap, it’s earned it!

    Parenthood is no surprise, but I thought it was to come in a package deal with the Jason Ritter medical drama.

  • Kavyn

    So apparently ABC is going to pick up a couple of comedies from NBC and Fox, including Zach Levi’s “Let it go” and “El Jefe”

    They’re also likely to renew Body of Proof and Scandal, according to Variety.


  • salim

    nbc is sooo dumb to let goo parks and rec as it is its second best show on thurs

  • salim

    i may lose it if parks and rec gets a 13ep season tbh

  • Tyler

    I never comment on here, usually just an innocent bystander, but I’m just so happy for Parenthood’s renewal! However, I’m sad that it’s for only 15 episodes. I don’t understand why. This doesn’t even make sense in my head but I guess I’ll throw it out there for you guys to tear apart, 15 episodes is the amount of Voice episodes there are, or have been in the past. Maybe it’ll be put behind The Voice in the fall, either results or performance or something? I doubt it, since it’d be a major waste (though a win for Parenthood fans for sure…)

  • Anthony

    Does anyone think according to what kavyn stated and the article at variety.com that Downwardly Mobile might is apart of those passed up pilots that ABC, NBC, or FOX might be interested in. I hope one of them is interested and attempting to pick up the Barr and Goodman show

  • guy

    Thanks NBC, I enjoy Parenthood.

  • AC75

    Still nothing on Parks & Rec.? Really?

  • marsinvestigations1

    Wish NBC would give them 22 for Parenthood. Season 2 proved they can do it without any filler or hurting the quality. Still I’ll take anything they give. So long as it keeps the show getting renewed each year. This order brings the total to 68. Which means barring a total drop in viewership it’s all but guaranteed to be renewed for another 2 seasons of 13-18 each. 88 may be considered “okay” for syndication but they still prefer 100.

  • sean

    My Guess is the reason why Parenthood is only getting a 15 episode pick up is do to the cost of producing the series with such an Ensemble cast,a sign of the times…

  • Tom

    NBC needs a complete overhaul of their Thursday night comedy blocks. Look at the ratings and you’ll see why they all have to go.

  • Ken

    Deadline is reporting that County won’t be ordered as NBC choose “Do No Harm” instead, but i think the fact they still expect a Harry’s Law renewal makes them look not so credible

  • Hi

    NBC is shortening most of their shows’ seasons to 13-15 episodes. And I know shows are picked up for 13 first and get back orders of 9+ episodes, but I know becuase on this site in one of their posts, they wrote that the channel is doing this.
    They have some kind of game plan here.

  • Hi

    So sad about 30 Rock ending, but the show had an amazing run. I love it! :’)

  • Karen

    15 episodes for Parenthood? BOOOOOO! Best hour long show that isn’t on cable

  • marsinvestigations1

    NBC has been stating for the last year or so a decision to move to a more “cable-esque” model with scheduling and ordering of shows. Timeslot sharing, etc.

    Seems they’re just continuing to go in this direction in a bigger way. Fewer repeats and originals year-round sharing time-slots. Which means more openings on the schedule for MORE shows.

  • marsinvestigations1

    It’s tied with The Good Wife (IMHO). ;)

  • Mary

    I really hoped that Parenthood would get a full season but based on the other seasons, I guess this is to be expected.

  • Mary

    That would be hilarious if Harry’s Law was renewed for a shortened season. Kathy Bates would be “in your face!” to the cancellation bear.

  • Wilks

    Source says that Hart of Dixie is renewed, Gossip Girl too (final season) and the biggest suprise – Ringer renewed for 13 episodes (early 2013). CW axed Secret Circle and Nikita.

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