Updated: 'Shark Tank' Renewed by ABC for a 4th Season; 'Dancing with the Stars' + 'The Bachelor' Renewed Too

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May 10th, 2012

No surprise, but ABC has renewed Shark Tank for a 22 episode fourth season and renewed Dancing with the Stars as well.

Update: The Bachelor has been renewed for next season, too.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    I hate reality TV, but I adore Shark Tank! 22 more episodes? Yes please!

  • Tom

    Again: Shocking!

  • Bright


  • Bob

    Great ABC is really renewing some great shows tonight….No GCB though yet…..boo. Overall with Revenge renewed I am happy. Now for Harry’s Law and GCB, I will be satisfied….

  • Dan

    And in other news the sky is blue

  • Scandalfan

    Really? Wow I’m shocked! Not! I just want to know if PP and Scandal are renewed out with it already, the waiting is too hard.

  • rob60990

    Yay Shark Tank but I hope the show don’t burn out with a full season.

  • JED

    I agree with Bob. I also want a finale 1/2 season for “Ringer” and hope “Apt. 23″ is picked up. NBC needs to bring back “Harry’s Law”. Good work ABC – best network.

  • forg

    A little nervous for LMS and HE :(

  • forg

    Shark Tank deserves that renewal, amazing performance this season!

  • The End


    Shark Tank has also increased its viewers with each season. At the rate its going it could hit 8 million.

  • Phil

    When will reality shows go off air?

  • Tom

    22 episodes for Shark Tank? That doesn’t really make a TGIF block more likely (along with, you know, Tuesday’s comedies failing).

  • Jason

    Of course Shark Tank was renewed. Costs super cheap to make and stays competitive in the ratings. :-)

  • Jeff

    Was hoping the TGIF block would return. Never watched Shark Tank, but maybe it can find another spot other than Friday.

  • Jim

    @Phil, probably not in your lifetime.

  • Fischer


  • Scandalfan

    Love the show too i’m happy it’s renewed.

  • Puppet Doctor

    Go Shark Tank!

  • Networkman

    This is great news. Shark Tank deserves 22 episodes. It will be airing in the Fall and hopefully ABC will pair a drama with it on Friday.

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