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May 10th, 2012

We don't normally get into rumor-mongering, but it's that time of year... So take this with a  hefty grain of salt, but a source who has provided excellent intel in the past says Nikita is all but dead.

While reliable in the past, we can't confirm the information and his track record isn't perfect (who's is?) but this source did correctly call Harry's Law renewal last year, and once upon a time got us the info on the Dollhouse cancellation miles ahead of anyone else. I don't imagine this headline will go over any better than that one did.

Perhaps subconsciously out of fear, I completely forgot to ask about Harry's Law this year. Bill and I both give it NO CHANCE of being renewed despite being the most-watched drama on NBC.

Our source did offer up that Parenthood is a lock for renewal, which won't surprise us at all if true.

Update: And now Parenthood is renewed.

  • Brock

    They should give it a final 13 episodes.

  • Bunny

    Here comes the Nikita fans..

  • The End

    Somewhere out there, Mikey aka Bondoel is crying enough tears to make the world flood several times over.

  • Brittney

    Yay Parenthood! That show is so good. Is NBC not picking up County though or will we not know until Monday?

  • Homer99

    So what does that mean? Is Nikita gonna get another season or not?

  • The End



  • Dillan

    I’m shocked. I’m not believing anything till The CW announce it themselves next week.

  • Brittney


    It means that Nikita probably won’t get another season.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Brittney, my guess is you’ll know all of NBC’s pickups/renewals/cancellations before Monday, though perhaps not much before.

  • Victor Hugo

    Oh, Boy

  • Bobby

    So bummed for Nikita if this does ring true. I’m not in denial about its ratings so I obviously knew this could very well happen, but part of me was/is praying for a miracle.

  • Petar


    New shows DON’T get 13ep order. Only veteran shows in end of their life. I mean already into syndication or close to syndication wich mean around 100 ep. This show is even not close to that. So idea for 13 ep is crazy and stuped.

  • Alex

    I really hope you guys are right about Parenthood…but if not, the finale did wrap things up pretty nicely. I’m a little worried since they picked up so many new shows already and already renewed several dramas, but I guess we’ll have to see.

  • Brittney


    Thanks! That’s one of the pilots that I really want to see come to fruition so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

  • Hades

    Just curious how many episodes away from Syndication is Parenthood?

    While Nikita should be cancelled I wont believe it is untill the CW officially cancel it/leave it off next seasons schedule at upfronts.

  • Dillan

    Wait, the article is confusing me..LOL. is it saying Nikita is likely to get another season or not?

  • Hades

    Perhaps the article needs rewording, some people are having trouble understanding it or they’re just in denial.

  • Dillan

    right, I read the article wrong, LOL. I am definitely not shocked by this. Hope the Nikita fans will finally shut up.

  • Brittney


    It’s saying that it’s not likely. The wording can be taken as the opposite but the headline says it all.

  • Bobby

    @Dillan not likely.

    @Hades Parenthood has 53 episodes according to wikipedia, so it would take two more seasons I assume. I’ll be thrilled to see it back as it’s a great show.

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