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May 10th, 2012

We don't normally get into rumor-mongering, but it's that time of year... So take this with a  hefty grain of salt, but a source who has provided excellent intel in the past says Nikita is all but dead.

While reliable in the past, we can't confirm the information and his track record isn't perfect (who's is?) but this source did correctly call Harry's Law renewal last year, and once upon a time got us the info on the Dollhouse cancellation miles ahead of anyone else. I don't imagine this headline will go over any better than that one did.

Perhaps subconsciously out of fear, I completely forgot to ask about Harry's Law this year. Bill and I both give it NO CHANCE of being renewed despite being the most-watched drama on NBC.

Our source did offer up that Parenthood is a lock for renewal, which won't surprise us at all if true.

Update: And now Parenthood is renewed.

  • RenewNikita

    Source: I don’t like this post!

  • JJA

    So it seems Secret Circle & Supernatural will be placed together on Friday nights next year. Not the best decision.

    They should have just renewed Nikita for a final 13 episodes. Secret Circle will do even worse than Nikita.

  • Daniel

    Sigh, haven’t fallen so hard for a show since Chuck. I wish Nikita would have S3 but I understand it’s not doing too well.

  • suzie

    @Bill / Robert

    Does your source have any info regarding HoD shot at renewal.

  • A

    Lol WTF?

    If so, then Gossip Girl and Secret Circle will come back with FULL Seasons.
    Nikita hasn’t even gotten an 0.5 demo this season has it?!….

  • A

    Sry about the above post..

    I was sure all but dead meant ‘coming back’. Lmao

  • Mark Wood


    Nikita has had several.5 (actually thats been in most consistent number for the full season), its had more .6 then its had .4’s. But they were in the fall.

    What truly truly hurts Nikita is that SPN reruns on Friday (with two exceptions have all equaled Nikita’s .4 ratings.

    Why spend for a new product that is years from hitting the chance at bringing in serious money, when you already have a show that is there and is doing that, and can just use a rerun to get roughly the same performance and at a fraction of the cost.

    And Nikita unlike HoD or GG has never done well with the adults 18-34 (of either sex).

    On a perfectly level playing field, Gossip Girl with its superior youth numbers and its higher income index would always get a renewal over Nikita. The fact that its just added to its library makes the choice a know brainer if it came between those two shows.

  • Mark Wood

    Bill & Robert

    What do you think about Deadline reporting they are hearing the possibility of a 13 episode order for Harry’s Law?

  • Michael Rae

    According to some sources, Ringer and The Secret Circle are presumably dead.

    Then, Nikita, Hart of Dixie and GG will likely to be renew but with short orders.

    Then, Harry’s Law is also likely to renew with short orders and presumably in midseason.

  • Wayne

    TVWise (who were right about the Fringe renewal before anyone else) has posted an update today (11th May) reporting that Nikita is likely to be renewed. I’m still hoping.

  • Brandy

    A insider just posted its a done deal for SC and Hart of Dixie, still working on finalizing GGs deal

  • Brandy

    Cw picked up 5 new shows:Carrie Diaries,Cult, Arrow,First Cut, Beauty & the Beast.Wonder which of Gg, Nikita, Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie rounds out the schedule.

  • Brandy

    Nikita renewed for season three

  • Michelle

    after so much criticism over nikita and one ALMOST DIED! Here we are!!! because, Nikita is the best show ever! and has nothing better than pass up over of critical! this is what drives us! prove otherwise! make it happen! We did! YEAH! #NIKITAAAAAAAAAAAA SEASON 3!!!!

  • Josh

    YEAH! Nikita was not only renewed for a third season, but given a full 22 episode order, so all the naysayers can suck it! NIKITA ROCKS!

  • Anna


  • Will

    Good to know I was right about Nikita ;) Glad to see it get a season 3. I feel vindicated for taking a more open-minded approach to various information and not succumb to the sometimes irrational negativity pushed here about Nikita and other shows, for that matter. Various signs were there and ratings weren’t totally bleak relative to other CW fare. It had a better chance obviously than many of the commenters on this site gleefully demised. Just proves, its not just about US ratings and US ad revenue for shows on the CW network.

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