Starz 'Magic City': The Little Engine That Could?

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STARZ Original series Magic City’s weekend Live+SD viewership has climbed 26% since the premiere.  Sure, it’s no Spartacus, and equally sure, it was renewed for a second season before the first season premiered, so it might not matter much, but up is up!

“Magic City” continued its viewership climb for the episode 5 premiere weekend, with 1.327M Live+SD viewers for May 4-6. This represents a 26.4% increase since the first season premiered the weekend of April 6th.

Episode 1: weekend Live +SD* = 1.05M
Episode 2: weekend Live+SD = 975K
Episode 3: weekend Live+SD = 1.155M
Episode 4: weekend Live+SD: = 1.279M
Episode 5: weekend Live+SD = 1.327M*

(note: not all weeks have the same exact episode counts and re-air schedules)

*trying to dig up Boss’ week 5 combined weekend airings for comparison and will add them here if I do.

STARZ multiplex, extended DVR, on-demand, and online viewing is not included in the respective totals above. Multiplatform viewership for STARZ subscribers for the first three episodes are averaging more than 3 million viewers per episode to-date.

The first season of Magic City is eight episodes and will conclude Friday, June 1, 2012 at 10pm et/pt.

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