Starz 'Magic City': The Little Engine That Could?

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May 10th, 2012

STARZ Original series Magic City's weekend Live+SD viewership has climbed 26% since the premiere.  Sure, it's no Spartacus, and equally sure, it was renewed for a second season before the first season premiered, so it might not matter much, but up is up!

“Magic City” continued its viewership climb for the episode 5 premiere weekend, with 1.327M Live+SD viewers for May 4-6. This represents a 26.4% increase since the first season premiered the weekend of April 6th.

Episode 1: weekend Live +SD* = 1.05M
Episode 2: weekend Live+SD = 975K
Episode 3: weekend Live+SD = 1.155M
Episode 4: weekend Live+SD: = 1.279M
Episode 5: weekend Live+SD = 1.327M*

(note: not all weeks have the same exact episode counts and re-air schedules)

*trying to dig up Boss' week 5 combined weekend airings for comparison and will add them here if I do.

STARZ multiplex, extended DVR, on-demand, and online viewing is not included in the respective totals above. Multiplatform viewership for STARZ subscribers for the first three episodes are averaging more than 3 million viewers per episode to-date.

The first season of Magic City is eight episodes and will conclude Friday, June 1, 2012 at 10pm et/pt.

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  • John

    Too bad this show is a waste of time. The characters are cliche stereotypes, the writing is weak and the story rips off far better shows. I would like the idiots who watch this show to tell me whats “good” about it because its just a poor man’s Mad Men and Starz is HBO without brains.

  • Xavier

    What’s good about it?

    Well, it has all the production values of Mad Men, but is more than just a soap opera. Which is all Mad Men is. A very well made soap opera, but still very much, just a soap opera.

    Yes, the scripts could be tighter, but overall it’s a good package combining the nostalgia of Mad Men, with the drama of Boardwalk Empire. It has broader appeal than both of those shows by being more accessible, and a little bit faster than both.

    It’s very good TV for what it is.

  • greenf

    I agree with John on Magic City and Boss but i don’t think that’s true when it comes to Spartacus.

    Spartacus is a great show and manages to be everything True Blood never could. It has sex, blood, fights but it is also a high quality drama with great writing and outstanding storytelling.

  • jroche

    As I said before,DVR viewing should be considered when it comes to Premium Cable TV,not broadcast.I hate hearing people whining about great DVR figure for their favourite broadcast show because you surely cant determine who’s skipping commercials and who isn’t.When it comes to ad free subscription based programming. DVR ratings could mean life and death in terms of renewal.

    I certainly someone understands my logic on this.

  • Guardian Owl

    Indeed, I tried to get into Mad Men but couldn’t because they are mostly all horrible, unlikeable characters which I can’t connect with. Magic City on the flipside has loads of characters that though aren’t squeecky clean are at least trying to do the right thing.

  • luisl

    All the shows on Starz are garbage.

  • Magee

    IMHO this show just gets better and better – as the numbers also show. Pretty much everyone I know who has stuck with it is hooked and loving it. Ep 4 & 5 kicked it into another gear. Magic City is not as neanderthal and bloodthirsty as Spartacus and not as cerebral and slow as MadMen – It is more cinematic in it’s look and in the way the stories are told with patience. Incorporating some of the blood, and smarts of the other shows plus that great Miami Rat Pack era history and it’s VERY sexy. Mama likes.

  • oz

    Seriously Xavier, Mad Men is just a soap opera?

    It’s not depicting the era merely for nostalgia, it’s a commentary on our society and capitalism, and advertising’s role and impact on it.

    It’s a highly nuanced series with subtext in virtually every scene, as with any great literature. It explores alot of themes and doesn’t merely present drama for the sake of drama. To simply call it a soap opera does it great disservice.

    Magic City seems an interesting depiction of the role of hospitality and organized crime in the evolution of Miami. Only caught a couple of episodes though, so can’t really comment yet.

  • groove365

    I pretty much agree with John, I watched 5 episodes and still didn’t really care much about the characters or what happened to them.
    It’s missing that something that makes shows fun to watch.

  • wfalz

    Stick with it and you’ll get hooked. I like all of the shows you mentioned, but for different reasons. The fact is there isn’t a show like either Mad Men or Magic City and yes they are both period pieces, but that’s where it begins and ends.

  • Norm

    Undoubtedly, some of these comments are from people affiliated with these shows. Bottomline, if a pay TV “original series” can attract about 700,000 viewers its considered a “hit show.” Even then the numbers are “manipulated,” and then sold to internet sites. Obviously, 700,000 viewers would kill a network show, so these “hit” shows are hardly as popular as we are led to believe. Most people do not buy “movie channels” to watch “original series,” but the movies are so lousy they tune in out of boredom.

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