Still More 'Family Guy' And 'American Dad' Coming as Fox Renews Them Beyond 2012-13

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May 10th, 2012

The counting of seasons of animated series is always tricky, but Deadline reports that Family Guy (technically currently airing its 10th season) has been renewed for a 11th season. But we already had it renewed for next season, so this renewal takes it beyond the 2012-13 season. Fox has also renewed American Dad for an eighth season. "Dad" is currently airing it sixth season. Look for a press release shortly.

The Cleveland Show -- currently about to finish its third season and already renewed for a fourth  -- has not yet been picked up for a fifth season, with Fox waiting to exercise that option.

  • SoundableObject

    >how can american dad be renewed for an 8th season when the FOX website lists it as already being on it’s 8th season

    It has been renewed for an 8th production season (it is currently 2 episodes into the 7th production season) so that takes it through to 2014.

  • Ultima

    For those interested, the current ordered episode counts for the FOX animations (these are minimums assuming 22 episode orders)…

    The Simpsons – 51
    Family Guy – 46
    American Dad – 42
    Cleveland Show – 25
    Bob’s Burgers – 13

  • MattM


    Agree 100%. Bob’s Burgers actually has a lot of former King of the Hill employees working on it.

    Not a fan of Napoleon Dynamite, I don’t think it translated well to animation.

    I thought Allen Gregory had tons of potential and wicked smart writing but nobody watched it.

    This new Axe Cop show sounds awful as well. Fox is also developing another animation pilot from Adam Carrola (so he says) which I’m being cautiously optimistic about.

  • miles silverberg

    Considering Family Guy jumped the shark in season 7, you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm for this news. Seasons 1-6 still make me laugh, but beyond that, the humor became sale and they replaced jokes with scenes of graphic violence. Let the show die already, before cruddy episodes outnumber funny ones in syndication.

    American Dad is harmless for a one-joke sitcom. Not exactly high praise, but the show doesn’t anger me the way latter-day FG episodes do with their built-in mediocrity.

  • Frank



  • Anon

    I would have thought FOX would scale back on the Animation Spamination… what with all the live action sitcoms they greenlit this week.

  • r0ckmypants

    @Anon – Why? The last time they tried a live sitcom on Sunday night (Sons of Tucson) it bombed.

  • davie


    Those live action comedy pickups are really more of an experiment on FOXs part, where they know that the animation block on sundays will perform well. Especially in the fall after NFL

  • UKD

    Does FOX need to pick up Bob’s Burger’s for another season? I thought it received some sort of renewal in January…?

  • chicago_animal

    Awesome for American Dad. Seth’s best show without a doubt! Ditch Cleveland Show as that stopped being Fu.NY after the first season.

    We need a Bobs Burgers renewal!!

  • zodd

    Oh please Family Guy stop being good after it was revived. It’s best writers went to make American Dad, much better written show.

  • ToXiX

    The Cleveland Show is definitely the better of the 3 MacFarlane shows

    Bobs Burgers is the best of the Fox animation easily.

  • Ryan530

    American Dad basically has enough episodes sitting as it is for next season already! so sounds like it will easily go through 2014

  • Michael

    Please end Family Guy. Seth has not cared about that show in years, he has even said in interviews that he would end it, but people he knows flip out when he mentions it….Stop making unfunny Family Guys Seth so you can keep making unfunny other Cleveland and American Dad shows and then thoroughly destroy a relaunched Flintstones………

  • Ram510

    It’s nice I guess the American Dad is renewed. However both AD and FG especially haven’t been all that great all for a couple years now.

    Cleveland Show needs to be cancelled not renewed and move him back to FG

  • Lexx

    Time for American Dad to go I hate that show. Family Guy is cool though!

  • Rallo

    racists! The Cleveland show is just as good as the other three. You people just don’t like seeing a show with black people in it.

  • K

    If Seth’s 3 animated shows were taken off the air, what would Fox have to replace them?

  • Anthony

    I think the Simpsons is the best! 23 years and it’s still funnier then AD, FG, and Cleveland. But I’m actually a big fan of bobs burgers, I love the wife and the girl with bunny ears. Great show! The only one I don’t like is the Cleveland show, I think they overdo a lot of their jokes meanwhile bobs burgers and Simpsons don’t have to try as hard to be funny they just are, esp the Simpsons I hope the show lasts forever, it’s got endless writing

  • Ally

    Roger on American Dad! is one of the all-time great animated characters.

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